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Gia Darling's Italian Transsexual Job #11

Studio: Third World Media » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 1/8/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Transsexual

Director: Gia Darling

Cast: Gabriella, Sharon, Paola Botero, Claudia Jo, Marcella, Rafaella

Length: 155 minutes

Dates of Production: ?

Extras: There is a good looking photo gallery, several trailers, cumshot recap, and website information.  

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Gia Darling's Italian Transsexual Job 11 is a film by director Gia Darling and her production company Gia Darling Entertainment. This sexy star has been making her own films since 2000. Some of her best sellilng titles are Tranny Overload, Gialicious 2, Gia Darling Salutes America, and Transsexual Heartbreakers 19. Her films are not boring and always filled with hot sex. 

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Scene One: Leggy Sharon is staring into the camera while standing. The director is talking to her. She is wearing a bra and a very short white skirt with panties underneath. The tranny turns around and lifts the skirt to show off her rump. Some tight close-ups of her face and red lips follow. Then, she is stroking her dick pretty hard briefly before we see her kissing a guy. The man puts his attention on her titties and sucks them while stroking her cock. Their kissing activity looks good as both performers are rubbing one another's dicks. The camera moves around a lot to capture the duo in different angles. Some dick on dick play occurs and their fast rubbing actions make the scene exciting. Next, the guy is sucking Sharon's hard on. He goes down on it well, but I wanted to see him deep throat it. Then, Sharon sucks his manhood while laying on her side. Her sucking motion shows good effort as the constant oral massage builds up effective turn-on stimuli. Meanwhile, as the woman continues her sucking delivery, her partner strokes the lady's dick quite with much determination. Sharon's butt and body looks hot as she is curled up on the sofa while her fella is sucking her cock. I like seeing him suck it while at the same time stroking his own dick with a very rapid pace. Afterwards, the fucking activity really heats up the screen with Sharon mishing the guy with a very rapid screwing motion while stroking him quickly too. The pace of the doggie and cowgirl sessions slow down a bit, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed watching Sharon hump him. Her guy fucks her with a lot of desire afterwards that ends with Sharon cumming on herself and the guy unloading his goo on her too. 


Scene Two: A very playful and teasing Marcella smiles at the camera and sticks her tongue at it while playing with herself on a red couch. She stands up and plays with her tits momentarily before a guy enters the scene to make out with her. Some nice cocksucking action occurs when his girlfriend enters the room and joins in on the fun. Her blow job activity looks hot as she puts a lot of effort into pleasuring Marcella. I really enjoyed the tag team action by her and the guy on Marcella's dick. Later, Marcella fucks the dude while his sweetie orally devours his manhood. I love the body positioning of the trio throughout their performance. It's never boring and always hot. Then, Marcella is riding the guy while laying back on his chest and the girlfriend has her dick in her mouth. This three-way session is a must-see moment. Then, his gal gal gets fucked doggystyle by the fella while she sucks Marcella's tasty cock. I loved watching the sexy girlfriend get fucked. Some cockriding by Marcella occurs as she is on the man. Meanwhile, the woman is sitting on her boyfriend's face while getting her dick sucked. Eventually, Marcella jacks off on him. Then, the man mishes his sweetie with a solid delivery. His faster paced motion makes him creates good excitement. Then, he jacks off on her tits and body.                    

Scene Three: Claudia Jo is standing in her yellow robe. She slowly opens it to show off her bustier and covered breasts. I enjoyed watching her slowly take out her dick and rub it gently at the camera. Her penis looks so appealing that you will want to lean forward towards the screen to suck it. The close-up shots of her face are hot. Suddenly, a naked man enters the room and the pair kiss. The woman looks very attractive and the viewer will definitely want to be with her. He sucks her breast with much effort and passion. Their kissing activity becomes more heated. The penis stroking action is also quite passionate. However, the pace slows down when he sucks her dick, but only briefly since he really heats up the pace moments later. Claudia looks very sexy as she lays back on the couch and takes in the man's pleasuring activity on her body. I could not take my eyes off of her face or her tits. In the meantime, the guy's constant oral sucking is a huge turn-on. I became more excited watching Claudia's blow job antics as she kept staring at the camera. Later, the woman is fucking her partner missionary style which picks up good pace mid-way. Next, he rides her dick nicely while Claudia is actively stroking his meaty plaything. During the fuck from behind action where Claudia Jo is on the couch, I love how she looks back at him and stares into his eyes. It's a very telling moment. The back and forth screwing action by both performers continue to look hot. Claudia looks even hotter and more sexier. Eventually, she cums on herself while sucking his pecker. Then, he cums on her breasts.

Scene Four: Pretty Gabriella is showing off her hot tits at the camera. This seductive siren is totally hot. She also have a very nice looking dick. Moments later, this beauty lays back on the couch and removes her panties to tease the viewers. It's too bad that it was not long enough. Then, a guy enters and immediately sucks her breasts and under arm. He then, does a good job licking her gold heel and providing solid foot and leg worship. I got so turned on by watching him suck her toes. His actions make Gabriella smile and moan softly. Then, he shoves his mouth into her asshole to taste her aroma. The woman gets more turned on by it. His driven behavior is placed on his cock sucking methods pretty well. Gabriella mouth fucks him well too. All of a sudden, Paola Botero enters the scene and the man places his attention on sucking her cock with full effort and desire. Their three-way session is totally hot. This man is so lucky to get to suck two hot dicks. He has also hit the jackpot since his dick gets to be pleasured so well by the sexy Paola and pretty Gabriella. An energetic cock ride by Gabriella occurs as she sucks Paola's penis. Next, the guy applies a driven doggie fuck on woman before he gets to ride Paola while having a dick in his mouth. Afterwards, Gabriella really doggies him with good humping action as he sucks Paola's yummy meaty plaything. As the doggie lingered on, Gabriella applies a more energetic rhythm. Later, Paola strokes off on Gabriella's chest. Then, the man cums on himself.  

Scene Five: Rafaella is a dominatrix who gets her cock sucked pretty heatedly by a guy and a girl slave. As the scene progresses, the man kisses his way up the tranny's body. Meanwhile, the young lady's constant cock sucking behavior is a hot turn-on. Later, the cocksucking fest is joined in by Rafaella. This scene is a smorgasbord of hot blow job activity. The screwing action starts with the man fucking the slave tranny while she was laying on the table. The scene becomes stuffy as soon as Rafaella and the girl share the guy's cock. The young lady uses her mouth to put a condom on his dick so that Rafealla can climb on it and ride it reverse cowgirl style. There is some good cocksucking action by the girl. Once Rafaella gets off of the cock, the girl sucks both dicks with solid passion. Afterwards, the girl rides his dick vaginally. Then, some heated cock sucking follows by everyone. Then, the man gets fucked by the dominatrix with a lot of gusto as he and the young lady are in 69 mode. The desire between Rafaella and the girl is very high and it creates a very heated makeout session. Eventually, she fucks the girl doggie style and the girl moans with much emotion. This hot scene ends with pretty good cumshots. Rafaella cums on his chest and the guy jacks off in the woman's mouth.                 

Final Thoughts: I was very pleased with this film and quite surprised at how good it turned out to be. I enjoyed the three-way performances the most. Some of these threesomes could be nominated for Best Sex Scene. Gia Darling did a great job in directing this highly recommended film that is filled with hot sex and amazing blow job action. 

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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