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Remy 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/15/13

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Remy 2
Elegant Angel
Directed by William H
Date of Production: 02/12/13
Running Time: 2:43:56


Remy Lacroix
Riley Reid
Allie Haze
Skin Diamond
Maddy O Reilly
Manuel Ferrara
Mick Blue
Erik Everhard
Ramon Nomar
Tony Ribas
Jon Jon

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Behind the Scenes: 27:30
Cumshot Recap: 4:13
Trailers: 5
Photo Gallery
Web Info
More Adult Fun: Ads

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Well our prayers were answered and Remy is back and after a great first outing with Elegant Angel, given our highest rating, we are back with Remy 2 and I can’t wait to see this one. My fellow reviewer Don has given this one a highly recommended rating and it’s my turn to see how this one stacks up. Same girl, but this time we have someone else behind the camera, William H, who is leaving Elegant and moving onto to Jules, but that’s a whole other story. We are here to sit back and watch about 3 hours of Remy goodness, sounds rough I know.

Remy’s the girl next door, you know that girl next door with the booty for days, that just so happens to love gang bangs and hula hooping in her spare time.

After watching this, I do have one question, I wonder why this doesn’t get released with the Superstar September movies, cause this movie just solidifies her being a superstar in the industry. We may have a different director this time around, but that doesn’t matter one bit, as we once again get a great showcase of Remy, in a way that only Elegant Angel can do, with some great teases, great music and of course a great cast and some great pairings. And when I have to really think to pick out a spotlight scene, cause there were definetely a few that deserve it, just another reason this one is such a solid title. And unlike most of the other focus titles, we get a decent amount of special features, which is partly why some of the titles loose some points in my book. She won Best New Starlet last year and that is only the first of many awards I see in this young lady’s future. Congrats Remy, as you are officially 2 for 2, and score another XCRITIC PICK from me. Now I just have to hope and pray we get a Blu-ray release of this one too, cause I could easily wear this one out from watching it over and over and over again.


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Well fresh off a movie that had these two paired up, we get to see them in action once again, but this time there is a cock involved, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s that lucky bastard Manuel. The girls and their neon filled panties, shake and tease for the camera, dancing and exploring each other with their hands. And we get plenty of screen filled shots of their booty, and then a brief make out session on the couch. And much like the last time, these two can’t keep their hands off each other and who would blame them. Riley lays on top of Remy as the heated kisses continue, along with some dry humping from Riley. Riley heads south and teases her pussy through her panties, followed by some finger play in her mouth, as Remy wraps her legs around her. Riley seems to have an oral fixation as she swallows Remy’s fingers, then Manuel comes in and is magically drawn to Riley’s ass, and gives it a nice licking. Some playful spit play from the girls, and Manuel moves on and gives Remy’s pussy some love too, such a gentleman. Manuel slides off his pants and the girls double team his cock, licking and sucking, and share the lovely cock they are going to enjoy in this scene. Plenty of deep throating and gagging from the girls. Manuel even works those magic fingers on Riley, who is enjoying watching Remy swallow his cock. The purrs and moans start to up nicely with Riley as she sits on Manuel’s face. Remy gets her turn riding his face, while Riley is back to showing her oral appreciation and even gives his ass and Remy’s ass some love as she slowly slides on his cock for some cowgirl. The word booty is going to show up lots of times in this review, cause neither girl is lacking in this area. And if you don’t hate him enough, he now gets Remy on his cock and Riley on his face, poor guy must hate his job sometimes. Riley slides his cock in her pussy for some cowgirl and Manuel turns up the pace and lets her grind on his cock, as he begs her not to stop. Remy moves around and let’s both of them enjoy her ass, it’s all about teamwork and sharing folks. Riley flips around and slides back on for some reverse cowgirl, as Remy adds a helping hand, and we get  some squirting which should be no surprise in this position. Remy sucks the juice off his cock and then bends over as he slides into her pussy. Manuel pushes Riley’s face near her ass, and let’s her taste Remy’s pussy off his cock every once in awhile. They come together for some tongue wrestling and then Remy lays back and he is once again face deep in her pussy, while Riley adds in some foot appreciation to the mix. Definitely some playfulness and chemistry between these performers, and Manuel leaves the picture and the girls get some 69 action going as they are both face deep in pussy and ass. But Manuel is back and slides in from behind in Riley’s pussy, as she continues to enjoy Remy’s pussy. And just as Riley is about to cum again, he pulls out and let’s Remy get face deep in her pussy again. She flips over and Manuel is back to some doggy, which is so intense she can hardly concentrate on Riley’s pussy in front of her. And Manuel works his magic fingers as they give Riley a squirt bath and Riley is all over her licking and sucking up all the juice. The girls end up on their knees and share a few kisses, while he jerks off and plants his love on both girls, and they give his cock a little more love before we are done with this one.


See I knew this is what happens at sleepovers. Girls are in their underwear and shirts and are having a pillow fight, which of course leads to a tickle fight. Yeah I knew I was dreaming it correctly. One of the pillows rips and we have feathers everywhere and after that the real fun begins. Remy and Maddy are all over Allie, kissing and giving some foot love, followed by the girls helping each other out of their clothes. Remy dives in and gives Maddy’s ass and pussy some love, then Remy lays down and makes her way under Allie to show her pussy some love. As Remy and Allie share a few kisses, Maddy is working over Remy’s pussy and then the girls come together for some playful tongue wrestling. Allie begs for someone to sit on her face and Remy is willing to help her out, as the Hitachi makes and appearance as Maddy slides it between her and Allie’s pussy. Allie gets some face time with Maddy’s pussy and then Remy shares the Hitachi with Allie. And I can say that Allie is really into it, as she grabs on tight to Maddy and won’t let go or cum up for air until she is satisfied. Maddy holds Allie’s legs and gives her feet some kisses, while Remy is working her pussy over with a nice tongue and finger combo, then shares the taste of her pussy with Maddy. The Hitachi is back and Allie is playing a game of ETA, while Remy fingers her pussy, as it wraps tightly around her fingers. Maddy goes in and continues to show her love to Allie’s pussy, while Remy goes around and takes in her ass, while fingering her pussy. And to make sure Remy isn’t left out, Allie reaches over and shoves a few fingers in her ass, then fires up the Hitachi over her pussy and ass. And as Allie gets her to cum, you can see the enjoyment and Allie goes in and licks some of it up. But it’s time for Maddy to have some Hitachi fun, as Remy places it over her pussy and Allie chokes her to help her cum faster. And as Remy adds in a few fingers, Maddy can barely sit still, toes curled and finally cums to the power of the Hitachi. Remy doves in and gives her pussy even more attention and then it’s back to some heated kisses as the screen fades to black.

Remy vs. the Gangbang (5 guys) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

All I really need to say about this tease: Remy and a light up hulu hoop, enjoy!! She smiles and gives you a look with those eyes and then we go to an interview with Remy about the upcoming gangbang. The interview is short and suddenly she is surround by five guys who can’t wait to have some fun with this lady. Ramon goes for her ass, showing it off to the camera, while Remy goes up and down the line of cocks waiting for her attention. Ramon slides in and goes in for some doggy, and then is tagged out as Mick has some fun. These guys toss her around making sure she gets time with each of them and Toni slides in her ass and opens it up, getting it ready for Ramon and some DP action. Toni tells her to flip around and slides back in her ass, while Erik strums her pussy with his fingers and then slides in for some DP fun, as she begs for a cock in her mouth. The rotation of cocks in her ass, pussy and mouth continues as she handles these guys nicely no matter what they give her. Some rough stuff as they choke her and smother her mouth, and then tease her ass and pussy, diving in and out and then she gets the big black cock she was begging for and after some time in her pussy, ends up in her ass. Some nice playfulness from Remy, just proves she is having a fun time and enjoying every moment of this, that makes two of us. Need more, how about watching Remy shove two cock in her mouth. And as the fun continues she doesn’t seem to slow down one bit and that is greatly appreciated. You can tell that the cumming and cock drunk is starting to kick in and she is breathing heavy, but she doesn’t want them to stop. She continues to get DPd and is begging for more cocks in her mouth and they are more than willing to help her out, as the shove their cocks deep in her throat. And Toni slides his cock in her leg warmers and also on her foot, so I guess that is for you leg warmer fetish people. She bends over the side of the couch and lets the guys take their turn in her ass, making her way through the rotation of cocks, begging for more, and that includes the big black cock in her ass once again. Ramon picks her up and it’s not long before the Remy sandwich is one as her holes are getting filled. And the rotation of cock continues and she even gets Toni to almost cum. She ends up on her knees and makes her way around getting plenty of cum in her mouth and face. Wow, may need to take a  quick breather before we continue watching this one.


Next up we have a nice pairing with the exotic Skin Diamond. Remy is wearing a black knitted outfit, leaving little to the imagination and skis is wearing a silver swimsuit that fits her body perfectly. They dance and tease their way into our hearts, getting hot and heavy as we continue. They end up on the couch as Skin slides down her top and plays with one of her boobs, giving the nipple plenty of attention, while the girls exchange some heated kisses. Remy makes her way down her neck and back to her mouth as she gives her pussy a little tease with her fingers. She lays her back and spends some time licking and sucking on her tits, then heads south and kisses her inner thigh making her way slowly to her pussy. And when her suit is out of the way, dives in and gives her pussy a nice licking, really getting Skin’s motor running. Skin pulls her closer and slides her out of her outfit, and then Remy smiles as she spreads her pussy and gives it some spit before moving in with her tongue. She follows with some nice finger action, getting both hands involved. Remy takes a seat on her face, as she spreads her pussy and continues to give it a tongue lashing. And Remy leans back and offers some finger love to Skin’s pussy to return the favor. They kiss and share the taste of her pussy, and then Skin bends over in front of Remy as she continues to kiss all over her body, making her way to her pussy with her hands, and her tongue in her ass. From the moans and purrs coming from Skin I would say that Remy seems to know to work that tongue of hers. More kissing and fondling as the girl can’t get enough of each other, and that folks is what you call some chemistry. Remy leans back and Skin drops some spit on her pussy and then slides in her finger, getting her pussy nice and wet. And to make her even more excited, she goes in and is back to sucking and licking her pussy, really giving it some nice love with her mouth.  They both give her pussy some finger love as she cums for her and it seems her pussy is wrapping around her fingers tightly. They come together for more kissing, and then Skin lays back and Remy is back to sucking and licking her pussy, followed by a few louder moans as the fingers go in her pussy. And after getting her to cum, they kiss and we fade to black.


She is wearing a blue and sparkly bra and panties, and of course it does a nice job of showcasing the curves for the camera, which gives us plenty of screen fulls of her booty. She is on all fours staring us down with those piercing eyes, followed by more love for her booty and tits. And because of the hula hooping skills, she knows how to shake those hips for the camera, putting you under her spell even more. And after a hard day of teasing, it’s off to the shower to clean off that body, while also enjoying a little one on one time with herself. But Mick and his rock hard cock walk in and want to join the fun. They exchange some kisses, while both are giving each other some attention with their hands. He pushes her up against the wall, and then she slowly falls to her knees and begins to suck and swallow his cock. I have a feeling if there were windows around here, they would be steaming up rather quickly from these two. She stands up and Mick turns her around and is face deep in her ass, really getting in there with his whole face, and then follows with his cock for some doggy as she is pressed up against the wall. She looks back and he comes closer for some heated kisses and then goes to down on her pussy during some hard pounding. They kiss some more and then I am sad to say that they make their way to the couch as she is on top and he is right back to giving her pussy a nice workout with his cock. And yes folks, William H makes sure and gives us a great view from behind. He reaches back and gives her ass a little finger tease while she continues to hop that booty on his cock. Remy lays back and he slides slowly in her ass, while she continues to strum her pussy with her fingers. But that slow pace is not for long, as Mick one again shifts into high gear giving her ass a nice pounding. They may be out of the shower but the windows will be fogging up out here too. Mick lays back as Remy sucks the taste off his cock and then giggles as she ends up bent over and he slides back into her ass, and she moans with delight as she gets a case of the goose bumps from a job well done. He lays back and she continues to get her ass plowed in some reverse cowgirl followed by cumming a few times for him. She ends up on her back for some missionary, but the anal play continues as she plays with her pussy, and Mick doesn’t seem to be slowing down a bit, until he quickly pulls out and drops a load in her mouth, followed by a few more licks and sucks from Remy, and of course one last flash of her smile.

A few more minutes of her hula hooping during the credits for you to enjoy.

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