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Facial Violation

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 5/6/13

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Category: Blowjobs/Facials/Gonzo



Cast: Sheena Shaw/Remy LaCroix/Katie Summers/Liv Aguilera/Alexis Monroe/Zoey Monroe/Naomi West/Mark Wood/Francesca Le

Director: LeWood

Extras: BTS/Photo Galleries/Trailers/Web

Release Date: 4/12/2013

Runtime: 157 Mins


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Scene 1:

Sheena Shaw/Mark Wood/Francesca Le

Tease/Petplay/Face Spitting/Blowjob/Facefucking/Spanking/Ass Eating/Heavy Deepthroating/Face Fisting/Facial (High Volume)

The premiere scene in Le Wood's 'Facial Violation' begins as we see the amazingly gorgeous Sheena Shaw, dressed in leopard print leggings and a tight blue top Sheena is stunning here to say the very least. Mark Wood begins with a little conversation from behind the camera as Sheena teases, and his partner in crime, Miss Francesca Le, steps onto set soon after. Once Francesca joins the fun things get more depraved and Sheena is soon playing the part of a cock starved puppy dog as Francesca spits in her face and coaxes her on. Once the bj starts Sheena is already a filthy mess being made to gulp down Mark's wood by her strict master Francesca. This scene gets even better in a hurry when Francesca paints Sheena's already spit riddled face with even more cock slop in the middle stages of it. The facial is shot perfectly with Sheena lying underneath Mark as he busts his ball batter all over her hungry face and mouth. This scene was spectacular, it got to the point quickly, and even though it was only around 20 minutes long, it contained everything that bj fans love. It left the viewer wanting more, but in a very good way. Sheena was awesome here, as was Francesca. Loved it.





Scene 2:

Katie Summers/Francesca Le/Mark Wood

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Blowjob/Face Fisting/Heavy Deepthroating/Spanking/Rimming/Face Spitting/Facefucking/Facial (Medium Volume)

Next up is Katie Summers. The scene begins as Katie knocks on the door of chateau Le Wood in her Halloween costume, as she's dressed as an alien wearing a gas mask and a little green outfit with black high heels. Francesca and Mark let her in the house and an eventual throat reaming looks to be in order for this little trick or treater. The bj starts hard with Francesca coaching Katie through her version of tough love, smacking and spitting over Katie's confused looking face. The blowjob here is again fantastic, with loads of sloppy deepthroat fun and eventually ends with Katie being the recipient of a nice facial before saying "thank you" and moving on to the next house. Another awesome scene here, loving Francesca's addition to these scenes. Her bossy demeanor is crucial to what is making these scenes so fantastic.





Scene 3:

Liv Aguilera/Mark Wood/Francesca Le

Ass Eating/Face Fisting/Spit in Mouth/Choking/Facefucking/Facial (High Volume)

Next, Francesca is playing the part of a fitness instructor to Liv Aguilera. Both girls are dressed in workout attire and the blowjob begins after Francesca explains that Liv has to exercise her mouth muscles to become a better cocksucker. Finally, a fitness instructor who gets it! Anyways, Francesca wets Liv's mouth by spitting into it prior to the blowjob as well as shoving Liv's face into her asshole roughly. The action in this scene is again awesome with Liv playing the submissive role perfectly as Mark jams his meatsword down her throat and Francesca rewards her with comments like, "That's a good little cockwhore!!" Perhaps the messiest scene thus far, it ends with a facial given to Liv's already filthy face. Awesome.





Scene 4:

Alexis Monroe/Mark Wood/Francesca Le

Face Spitting/Blowjob/Face Fisting/Deepthroating/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene opens as Alexis Monroe is sleeping in the guest room at the Le Wood house after a rough night of partying. Francesca and Mark decide to go in and have some fun with her while she sleeps and when she eventually wakes the festivities begin. The bj fun here starts a little slower than the previous scenes but eventually gets pretty sloppy and contains a nice segment with Francesca hand gagging Alexis while slopping up her face with dickspit. A nice scene here, probably my least favorite of the bunch, but still not bad at all.




Scene 4:

Mischa Brooks/Francesca Le/Mark Wood

Blowjob/Face Fisting/Heavy Deepthroating/Face Spitting/Ass Eating/Smothering/Facial (Medium Volume)

The fourth scene starts as Francesca is giving Mischa Brooks some motherly advice on how to keep a man happy, the most important piece to the puzzle being to always keep their cock happy. The blowjob in this scene is again fantastic and contains a lot more participation from Francesca than the previous scenes, as both girls receive a thorough throat fucking from sir Mark. Sloppiness is also pretty good in the scene, keeping the movie's theme true to itself. It also contains an abrupt tease sequence in the middle of it, where the camera breaks away from the scene and Mischa is dancing and teasing around a pool. This was definitely peculiar, and a bit off-putting, but the tease was nice. A good scene here, even with the very random tease sequence in the middle of it. Mischa is always fantastic to watch.




Scene 5:

Zoey Monroe/Mark Wood/Francesca Le

Blowjob/Face Spitting/Heavy Deepthroating/Facefucking/Face Smacking/Smothering/Ass Eating/Face Fisting/Facial (Medium Volume)

Next up for a facial violation is new girl Zoey Monroe. This girl is fucking adorable. The action in this scene is magnificent with Francesca teaching Zoey the proper ways of porn valley, and helping Mark ream out this little hottie's face hard. Zoey is an obvious newbie, but seems to thoroughly enjoy the rough facefucking given to her. The scene also contains an epic segment where Zoey is eating Francesca's asshole while Francesca throats Mark's porksword hard. Great energy in this scene, probably a close second here to Sheena's scene as far as my favorites go.




Scene 6:

Remy LaCroix/Francesca Le/Mark Wood

Blowjob/Facefucking/Deepthroating/Spit in Face/Facefisting/Face Smacking/Facial (Medium Volume)

In the next scene, we begin as Francesca Le is in the process of gift wrapping a present for her hubby Mark. The present that she is wrapping is Remy LaCroix, she places gift wrap over her head, and two bows over her nipples, making Remy looking like the best Christmas present in history. The action begins after Mark finds his gift and begins fondling and prodding is before making a mouth hole where Remy's head is. The bj starts to follow, and is outstanding from the very beginning. Once Remy's gift-wrapped head comes unwrapped Francesca steps in to help in matters. Francesca again steps it up a notch once she gets involved, and Remy's genuine subservient behaviors are the absolute perfect mixture with Francesca's 'femdom-esque' attitude. From beginning to end this scene is top-notch blowjob cinema with everything from hard mouth stretching to heavy deepthroats and spit filled facefucking goodness. The scene ends with a load dropping facial provided by Mark, and Remy's smiling face in Francesca's cradling arms to close out. Wonderful scene again. I hope I get a Remy LaCroix next year. *Crossing fingers*




Scene 7:

Naomi West/Francesca Le/Mark Wood

Face Spitting/Blowjob/Facefucking/Ass Eating/Facefisting/Facial (Medium Volume)

For the final scene in 'Facial Violation' we have supercutie Naomi West. The scene starts with Naomi playing on her phone as Mark talks to her from behind the camera. Francesca steps in to show her off a little bit in the following moments, before spitting in her mouth as they unleash Mark's Wood from his pants. Naomi gets sloppy in a hurry here, as Francesca gives her some kind words of encouragement throughout while Mark continuously facefucks her. Naomi's constant smiles and overall enjoyment here are cock-stiffening to say the very least, and Francesca's provided guidance works wonders again in this scene. It ends with Naomi being the recipient of another great facial, as Francesca gives a couple final facefists before the screen fades to black.



The simplicity of these scenes was so perfect to me, and Francesca's appearances in each scene throughout the film are essential to how well this movie is carried out. The little setups in each scene gave the film a very fun vibe, and added some life to an already very vibrant and energetic bj flick, and the film undoubtedly had some amazing scenes scattered throughout many other great ones. Francesca's addition to this film pushed it over the edge for me, and for that reason I'm going to give this one the coveted XCritic pick, there's just no denying the greatness of the film. If you're a fan of super sloppy, energy filled bj's you're going to absolutely love this one, trust me.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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