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She Looks Like Me

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/2/13

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She Looks Like Me
Digital Playground
Directed and Written by Robby D
Running Time: 1:39:13
Date of Production: 3/13/12


Riley Steele
Selena Rose
April O Neil
Maddy O Reilly
Marco Banderas
Ramon Nomar
Marcus London
Mick Blue

Special Features:

Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes: 8:14
Shot in HD

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: AVC at around 13-22 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Selena and her boyfriend Marco like to spice up their sex life by watching porn. After a viewing session leads to a horny banging, they come across a hardcore video that features their friend, Carrie, as porn star Riley. When confronted, she denies she would be the popular hardcore adult actress, but that doesn’t stop Selena from spreading the gossip. While her friends debate whether she looks like the girl fucking on screen, she pleases her boyfriend Ramon with her porn star like moves. April gets so over heated watching the naughty movies that she invites Marcus to sample her dripping wet pussy. When confronted with the online video evidence, Ramon reacts by dumping the blonde beauty. Her friend Maddy and her guy Mick also get turned on watching the erotic videos and decide to indulge with some pornographic playtime of their own. Now single, she hook up with Marcus, who may be in for a surprise.

I’m starting to think that maybe I need to take a little break from the Digital Playground movies, cause it seems that they have been disappointing to me lately. Don’t get me wrong, they have a lovely cast of ladies in their movies and I never felt like I was wasting my time. This was just nothing that is worth anything better than a RENT IT rating from me. It’s still Digital Playground, so you know they go the extra mile at some aspects, but still have some issues that I am starting to think are never going to get resolved, which is too bad.

Selena and Marco

He’s enjoying some porn, and then she comes in the room and he seems to be conflicted on what he should pay attention to. She starts to shed a few clothes to garner his attention, as the bra comes off and he is teasing her pussy through her pants. She gains all of his attention, as his pants come off and she introduces his cock to her mouth and then shoves her ass in his face for some 69 action, as she licks and sucks him off. Some decent oral skills from Selena, and then after his cock is ready, she takes a seat on it for some reverse cowgirl fun, in which she shows off some energy and enthusiasm I haven’t seen from her in awhile. She climbs off and cleans off his cock, licking and sucking as he thrusts his cock in her mouth. He lays her down and she spreads her legs as he slides back into her pussy, with some brief tongue work and then slides in for some spoon. She climbs back on his cock and is back to working that booty nicely as she rides his cock. She gets his cock wet in her mouth and then bends over and once again works that booty as he slips in from behind. It seems she is doing such a good job, he has to pull out so that he doesn’t cum too early. But she gives his cock more oral love before she jerks him off and finally lets him cum, but he is back to the porn already.

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Riley and Ramon

They are already in bed and in the midst of some heated kisses and her panties are off the side and his cock is giving her pussy a workout. Definitely some heat between these two and the fun has just begun. He reaches down and strums her pussy with his fingers, while his cock continues to work it’s magic. He pulls out and gives her pussy a nice licking with his tongue, then finally slides off her panties, as the lick and suck fest on her pussy continues. He grabs onto her leg and slides back inside her pussy and gives it a nice pounding with his cock in some missionary. She returns the oral love as she covers his cock in spit as she sucks and gags on his man meat. She takes a seat on his cock and rides him as he keeps the pace going with some hard and fast thrusts into her pussy. Some decent energy from both as they continue with some spoon action and then onto some doggy. He pulls out and his cock turn into a sprinkler as he spreads cum on her ass and leg.

April and Marcus

Getting turned on by the porn, April turns on the charm with Marcus and the next time we see them, her shirt is off and she is laying on the counter sucking his cock, before some kisses are shared as they get her out of her pants and shoes. She reaches down and makes sure his cock is still getting some attention through this whole process. But before the pants come off, she falls to her knees and is back to softly sucking and swallowing him, while throwing in some love with her hands. And speaking of hands, her free one has found it’s way down the front of her jeans. This is one girl I really wish I got to see more of during the year. But I guess it makes it more exciting when it’s only a few time. The pants come off and he dives into her pussy, which has a nice path of hair growing above it, for those that enjoy the bush. She climbs down from the counter and bends over it, as he slides in from behind, making her tits bounce and dance with every thrust. She flips around and takes a seat on the counter and spreads her legs, as he slides back into her pussy for some ok missionary. Not a standout scene for her, but still always enjoying looking over that lovely body of hers. He pulls out and spreads his love on her bush.

Maddy and Mick (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

It seems that friends can’t seem to keep their eyes off the porn. And it should be no surprise that they get turned on by it and some kissing and hand exploring from both as they watch the action on the laptop. He runs his hands over her tits and pussy, teasing her along the way, while she reaches for his crotch through his pants. These two are both playful and seems to giving off some heat and chemistry during the foreplay. Her bra comes off and then she turns around and slides off her shorts, showcasing her ass for him, as he goes in and gives her ass a lick while fingering and teasing her pussy. Maddy knows how to position her body nicely, showing it off for the camera and her partner. Her facial expressions  and that sexy stare just ooze sexuality as he slowly slides in from behind for some doggy action. She thrusts her body back and forth on his cock before she lets him take control, continuing to fuck her from behind. She climbs on and rides him and he continues to deliver some deep and hard thrusts when she is not grinding her hips and pussy on his cock. She turns around and just grinds on his cock like an animal who just wants more and more from him. He gives her pussy some more oral love, driving her wild, before she falls on her knees and applies some spit as she returns the favor on his cock. That hungry attitude continues as she shows his cock lots of love, as the spit begins to build up. He jerks off and plasters her face nicely with some cum, as she gives him a few more licks and sucks as the smile on her face is priceless.

Riley and Marcus

Now that she is single, Marcus uses this chance as he tries to make his move, being the nice guy and shows some support, even when the big secret is revealed. And to reward him, she’s going to show him some of her porn star moves, after they get done trying to inhale each other with kisses. She wraps her legs around his crotch and he unzips her top, getting a nice look at her tits. And when they are unleashed from her bra, he goes in and sucks and licks them, while getting a handful of her ass. She stands up and he slowly slides her pants down, letting the camera fill up the screen with her ass, as he dives his face into her pussy, driving her wild. She turns around as he face ends up in her ass, giving her ass and pussy some licks and teases. So it seems that we are going to at least end this one and two good scenes. She takes a seat on his crotch and grinds on him, while he continues to show his love for her tits and pussy. She lays back on the couch as the pussy licking continues, along with some finger action, making sure to keep her motor running. He slides in two finger and works over her pussy as it seems to be getting wetter and wetter inside, surprised we aren’t seeing a little squirting from her. But now that her pussy is nice and wet, it’s time for her to return the favor on his cock. We lose a little of the heat and momentum at this point, some decent oral, but nothing as intense as when he was working her over. Well we move back into the positive as she climbs on bounces on his cock, grinding her hips, as he gets a hand full of her ass. She slips around and he seems to take control during the reverse cowgirl, setting the pace. He slides in from behind for some doggy and it seems that once again we have gotten into a lull again. He picks up the pace a little during the doggy and then it’s not long before he pulls out and gives her his money shot in her mouth and a nice shot across the face.

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