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Rocco's World Feet Fetish

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/22/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 44 minutes

Date of Production: July 1, 2013?

Genre: foot fetish, gonzo, anal, rough sex, toys

Condoms: None

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Scene 1: Sophie Lynx, Irina Bruni, Rocco Siffredi; Scene 2: Tarra White, Jessie Volt, Alexis Crystal, Ian Scott; Scene 3: Angela Rivas, Blue Angel, Teena, Kid Jamaica

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Motion chapter index, multiple chapters per scene, photo galleries, cast list, cumshot recap, trailers, website promos


I am a hardcore, rough sex porn lover and watching a Rocco Siffredi movie satisfies that side of me. Even before watching it, I know the movie is going to be chock full of European babes who love to get hard fucked up the ass, but when Rocco adds a foot fetish to the mix, the heat meter could go off the charts. Although Rocco’s World Feet Fetish only has three scenes, each scene has multiple girls and these girls carry their weight, sucking feet and toes, licking pussy and even spewing champagne out of their asses. Each scene runs its own theme, but foot worship is the glue keeping the scenes connected. The dick punishment is serious and these girls’ assholes aren’t spared as Rocco, Ian Scott and Kid Jamaica show us why they’re all international fuck studs. I highly recommend this one. There are some unforgettable even acrobatic fuck moments and the chemistry these girls have with each other and with the guys is palpable. You’ll definitely be re-watching some of these scenes and undoubtedly will be turned on again and again.  

Scene 1: Sophie Lynx, Irina Bruni, Rocco Siffredi

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The first scene opens with Rocco and Irina having some sporting fun, practicing their volleyball   plays and serves and running a little track with a 100 meter dash. Irina’s slender toned body is dressed in tight, red hip-hugging gym shorts and a red and white sports bra. At the end of their dash, they meet up with Sophie who arrives in a pink golf cart wearing a tight white lace top and a fluffy black tutu. The girls plan to leave for the club, but Rocco promises them a surprise if they meet him later. That they do. Cut to Irina and Sophie dominating Rocco on a red bench. Irina is straddling Rocco while his hand is up her as. Sophie’s busy planting kisses on Rocco’s face. Rocco puts both of them on all fours on the bench with their asses propped up. He buries his face between their cheeks, going from one ass to the other kissing and licking. The girls go into a 69 position, eating each other’s pussy and ass with Rocco joining in sticking his tongue in Sophie’s ass, then her pussy, then down Irina’s throat. Sophie’s in ecstasy. Rocco works a ribbed, glass dildo up Irina’s ass, but it’s too small for her. She wants the larger one. Rocco obliges, sticking the dildo up Irina’s ass then in Sophie’s mouth, eventually upgrading to large, black anal plugs up Irina’s ass with Sophie’s tongue simultaneously buried in Irina’s pussy. The anal play continues while Rocco whips out his dick, which Irina makes quick work of, swallowing it and a dildo at the same time. Rocco’s force feeding Irina and she’s slobbering all over his cock with Sophie’s tongue still penetrating Irina’s pussy. The slob is dripping off Rocco’s balls now and he’s ready to fuck, starting with a little ATM, moving his dick from Irina’s ass to Sophie’s mouth and back again. Irina’s ass hosts Rocco’s cock and her four fingers at once. She’s stuffed. Rocco picks up the pace in doggy position, plowing Irina’s ass balls deep, and she loves it, pushed up against the back of the chair. Rocco sucks up her ass juice then starts eating her and Sophie’s toes. It’s a foot fetish and even a little toe fucking as Rocco gulps down each toe, 3 and 4 at a time, driving the girls crazy. But Rocco goes back to taming Irina’s ass with his prick, employing consistent, long strokes then flipping her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl seated position where she can’t escape. Rocco sits on Sophie’s face and she licks his ass and balls while Rocco eats more of Irina’s toes. It’s time for Sophie to take dick and she cowgirl’s Rocco, showing him who’s boss. She rides him hard while chocking him around his neck. Rocco slips his cock up Sophie’s ass and she bounces up and down on it, making it disappear up her crack. Rocco continues the anal assault on Sophie from the side while Irina fingers herself. After some throat gagging and face slapping, Rocco sticks the spout of a bottle of champagne up Sophie’s ass hole, forcing the bubbly in. It all comes spewing out and Irina greedily laps it up, eventually sticking her toes up Sophie’s ass as the champagne pours out. Rocco sucks the liquor off of Irina’s feet, but it’s her turn to take the bubbly up her hole. Rocco opens a new bottle, forcing the champagne up Irina’s ass, rubbing Sophie’s feet in it and licking it off. All this makes Rocco cum, and he aims for Sophie’s open mouth. She swallows most of it and Irina’s licks up the rest off of Sophie’s face. Rocco ends the scene licking both girls’ feet. 


Scene 2: Tarra White, Jessie Volt, Alexis Crystal, Ian Scott


Scene 2 opens with Ian Scott working on his ATV as Tarra, Jessie and Alexis arrive in theirs. Tarra and Jessie jump out to chat with Ian and Alexis stays back standing up in the ATV. Tarra and Jessie decide to leave racing in their ATVs, jumping slopes, doing wheelies. Ian keeps Alexis behind, holding on to her but Alexis is coy. That doesn’t stop Ian as he leans her up against the ATV, pulls up her shirt and sucks on her tits while flipping up her plaid pleated skirt, feverishly rubbing her pussy. It doesn’t take long to get Alexis hot. Ian slips off her white panties and plows his tongue in her ass. But Alexis wants dick. She flips Ian around, yanking off his pants, grabs his hard dick and starts sucking. She knows what she’s doing too, deep throating Ian’s monster cock and leaving his shaft slippery wet. She’s into ball licking as Ian commands her to look up at him and to keep sucking his cock while he fucks her mouth. She obeys. Alexis puts one foot up on the ATV, opening up her snatch for Ian to pierce. He power fucks her, standing up, and we’ve got a view from underneath with Ian’s balls slapping Alexis’ clit. She stops him, unable to take it anymore, saying his dick is too big. Ian sits in t`he ATV and Alexis climbs on top of him, riding in reverse cowgirl then in cowgirl, kissing Ian while throwing her pussy back on his cock. Ian tries to fuck her in the ass but Alexis is having none of it, running away across the grassy field.


Cut to Tarra and Jessie in black lace popping a bottle of champagne in the outdoor lounge next to the pond. They’re celebrating; they’re feet that is.


Jessie pours champagne down her legs and Tarra sucks up the bubbly off of Jessie toes, crouched beneath her. It’s Jessie’s turn for some foot worship. Tarra takes off her high, spiked heels, leaving her black fishnet stockings on. Jessie gets to work, licking Tarra’s toes. The two move to the white lounge chair, ravishing each other, kissing, tonguing and spanking. Tarra shoves her foot up Jessie’s ass then sticks her toes in Jessie’s mouth. They’re busy licking the soles of each other’s feet and using their feet to rub each other’s pussy. Tarra sits on Jessie’s face, but not before Jessie pries her pussy open with her hands and gives her pussy a serious tongue lashing. Tarra’s not one to be left out, pulling Jessie on top of her, grabbing her ass and consuming her pink cat then shoving a glass dildo in it. Ian walks up on all this. The girls pull him down onto the lounge chair and devour his dick, kissing, sucking and rubbing their toes and feet all over it. He’s getting a foot job and a blow job at the same time with his pole standing at attention between Tarra’s feet. They’re sucking it like a lollipop, but Ian’s ready to plow. Jessie reverse cowgirls him, breathing heavily as she slowly takes it up her ass. Ian’s patient as Tarra work’s his cock in Jessie’s crack, but Ian soon picks up speed, pumping her from underneath. Tarra licks Jessie’s ass juice off of the dick, and then goes right to the source, Jessie’s ass hole. Ian plows Jessie’s ass some more with Jessie sitting sideways on his prick, and he’s determined to make her take every inch. It’s Tarra’s turn as she takes it up her ass cowgirl style, bouncing her jiggly ass up and down. Ian makes them both suck it, ass to mouth, before Tarra gets on all fours with Ian squatting over top of her, prying her ass open with his pipe. Jessie licks Ian’s ass at the same time as Alexis looks on, fingering her pussy. Ian finally invites Alexis over telling her to look and learn about ass fucking. Alexis jumps right in, sucking Tarra’s toes. Jessie puts herself in perfect ATM position, waiting for Ian to pull his dick out of Tarra’s ass. Alexis is still worshipping Tarra’s feet and Ian is deep in Tarra’s ass now as she fingers her own pussy, trembling. Alexis and Jessie double suck Ian’s cock while Tarra rubs her foot up and down his shaft. These girls are insatiable when it comes to Ian’s dick and there’s no stopping the action as Jessie hosts Ian’s dick up her ass hole again doggy style. Alexis is busy consuming Tarra’s pussy but she finally gets a second chance on Ian’s pipe. She rides him cowgirl while sucking the other girls’ toes and feet. Both girls rub their feet all over Alexis as Ian power pumps her, pushing her down on his meat, faster and faster until he’s ready to pop. He stands up and blows his load all over Jessie and Tarra’s feet. Alexis licks up the cum and cleans off Ian’s cock too, slurping up any remaining drops. This scene was just about an hour long but it is full of action from start to finish.  


Scene 3: Angela Rivas, Blue Angel, Teena, Kid Jamaica


We meet Angela, Blue and Teena in scene three. Rocco and Angela are walking around the pond as Blue and Teena ride up on their bicycle. Blue and Teena go off ahead of Angela and walk up on Kid Jamaica who’s behind bars asking for the key to escape. Instead, Blue feeds Kid fresh cherries from between her toes. He’s ravishing her feet and the cherries and is begging for more as Teena positions the cherries in between Blue’s toes so Kid can eat them. Blue’s feet are red with Cherries when she asks Kid if he wants to taste pussy. She pushes cherries up her cherry and squats over Kid’s face, propping her ass up between the bars so Kid can suck the cherries out of her pussy. She’s knows what she’s doing too, pushing the cherries out and bombing Kid’s face with them. He starts jacking his dick with Blue still squatting over his face. Kid is holding himself upside down against the bars and props his dick out through the bars encouraging the girls to suck his banana. They suck his upside down cock through the bars and Blue sits on the upside down dick bent over against the bars. Kid’s an acrobat, fucking Blue this way. He gets right side up to suck Teena’s tits, but Angel’s ready for more fucking. Standing on one leg, she props her other leg up against the bars in an almost 180 degree angle to take Kid’s pipe through the bars. Teena sucks Angel’s pussy juice off of Kid’s cock with Angel’s face up her ass. Kid’s dick is dripping wet now from the throat fucking he’s doing to Teena, and she’s keeping up. Blue gets back into the action, bending over backward to deep throat the cock. She’s an acrobat too. This pair was made for each other as Blue pushes her head through the bars to get up under Kid and lick his balls and ass before propping her open legs up against the bars to get fucked. The heat gets to this couple and finally Blue opens the bars and barges into the cell where Kid Jamaica promptly grabs her and pulls her down on top of him for some reverse cowgirl on the red leather chair. They switch to a passionate 69 with Blue dominating Kid’s dick and balls as Teena looks on, fingering her pussy. Blue foot fucks Kid’s dick while sitting on his face and later sucks her own toes. There’s definitely on screen heat between these two as Kid tongues her ass and slams her back on top of him to ride, demanding that she shake her fucking ass. That gets him going into overdrive, pummeling her cunt and making her cum. Blue shows us more of her acrobatic ability, hanging herself from high up on the bars, pulling her legs back behind her head so Kid has full access to eat her pussy. She gets underneath a standing Kid so she can lick his ass while Teena sucks his dick.

Angela walks up and grabs Blue by the hair. She commands Kid to come out of the cell to fuck.


Angela picks up with the cock sucking as Blue and Teena look on. Angela calls Teena over, making her suck Kid’s dick while she sits on his face, grinding her ass away. Teena finally claims some dick, riding Kid reverse cowgirl, dominating him before Angela runs her off so she can ride, taking it straight up and down the ass. She begs to be fucked like an animal and Kid flips her over doggy style, squatting over her and plowing her ass with his pole. Angela buries her face in Teena’s pussy while Kid stuffs her asshole and then stuffs Teena’s throat with it, ass to mouth.  The ball-slapping fucking continues doggy style with Angela taking every inch up her ass and begging for more. Kid’s filling her up, making her scream as Blue looks on from behind bars, sucking her own toes. Kid plows his dick into Teena’s ass now, making short work of her hole and pinning her neck down to the armrest as he calls for Blue to come over. He pulls his dick out of Teena’s ass and buries it down Blue’s throat then puts it back in Teena’s ass. Angela is waiting on all fours and he feeds her asshole again with his cock before digging his dick back in Teena’s hole. She’s in ecstasy as Kid works her ass over before pulling out and popping in each girl’s mouth. 

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Rocco’s World Feet Fetish. It’s the perfect storm of vivacious, uninhibited European girls who aren’t shy about fucking, being fucked and pushing the envelope, taking every scene to the very edge. From the deep anal drilling to the foot play and toe sucking, there’s something to see in every scene and these girls sustain the heat all the way through, making it hotter and hotter as the fucking continues. There are no dry spells in this movie and the scenes all build on each other, offering a slightly different version of hardcore foot worship as it progresses. Get the movie. Enjoy the movie.  Rocco doesn’t disappoint.  

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