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Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femmes

Studio: TROUBLE Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 8/28/13

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Girl/Girl, BDSM

Director: Courtney Trouble

Cast: Courtney Trouble, April Flores, Kelly Shibari, Betty Blac, Kitty Stryker, Sadie Lune, Ava Solanas, Kathleen Diamond

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 95 minutes

Release Date: 7/23/13

Extras: Bonus suspension bondage scene of Courtney Troubleby Dave Naz

Condoms: No


Overview: I looked forward to Lesbian Curves 2 since right after seeing the first volume, before there was even a thought about making a sequel. Lesbian Curves has yet to be topped as the best film I’ve seen in 2013 . . . until now. Let’s just say I was beyond excited, beyond impressed with part 2. Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femmes quite possibly exceeds every porn film released this year!


Scene 1 Betty Blac, Kitty Stryker

Betty and Kitty begin the scene already in the middle of making out, no set up or foreplay, just the two of them tongueing until Kitty demands for Betty to take her tits out so she can suck on them. Both ladies engage in pretty rough tit play but also don’t forget to sample each other’s milkbags. There’s plenty of roughhousing beforehand that takes place such as hair pulling, face and butt slapping but then Betty buries her face in kitty’s milky white ass. As they’re fucking they slowly undress each other, and the camera pans up and down and all around their fabulous, gorgeous round bodies. Kitty then slaps Betty around, slapping her butt, tits, even punching her ass, and stuffs Betty’s stockings in her mouth. She then rips her panties and exposes her berry, sticking her tongue in her wet throbbing hole causing Betty’s legs to squirm uncontrollably. Kitty then teases Betty’s pussy, holding Betty down by her neck as Kitty attempts a mini fisting inserting several fingers in Betty’s already overworked snatch. The tables are then turned as a fully nude Kitty is chained up and gagged, her legs are shackled securely as Betty begins fucking her with a strap-on cock. Betty grabs holds of Kitty’s shapely tits and bangs her hard in mish, causing Kitty to spill her pussy juices all over Betty’s cock. Just to make sure she’s depleted of all her juices, Betty uses a vibrator on Kitty’s clit and finger bangs her pussy, Kitty just lays there as the camera continues to capture all the action but also getting in tight to show her hairy vag and shapely body. With her legs totally spread, her pussy is wide open and exposed while her big belly is also in view, which will get anyone with a penchant for fatties to blast to this outstanding opening scene. The scene ends with a satisfied Betty kissing and worshipping her friends body.


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Scene 2 Courtney Trouble, April Flores

Courtney and April are in bed making out, and squeezing each other’s big soft tits before they begin sucking down hard on them. They then get fully nude and explore each other’s heavenly bodies with Courtney taking on the dominant role. She gets on top of April and the first thing April does is admire her friends body, especially her belly. Both ladies look gorgeous and the chemistry is clearly evident as they just can’t get enough of each other. With April on top the two share some laughs but then April starts to worship Courtney’s body, almost to the point of actually making out with Courtney’s tummy. Courtney returns the favor and starts worshipping April’s curvaceous body, then spreading her legs and starts pushing her pussy up against Aprils in mish style. The two are constantly all over each other, simultaneously sucking on each other’s tits and slapping them. April then literally eats Courtney’s ass, and I’m talking licking Courtney’s butthole but biting gently on Courtney’s ass cheeks. For her reward Courtney has April suck on her big strap-on cock which April sucks on masterfully, getting Courtney off as she imagines what it must feel like. Courtney grabs April’s hair and pushes her face in, skull fucking April like she means business. Not done in the slightest bit, Courtney then finger bangs her red-headed fuck toy as April spreads her legs wide for Courtney’s hands of gold. April cannot stop jizzing as Courtney juices up April’s throbbing pussy. After letting her tits play with April’s pussy, Courtney then fucks April in mish. The camerawork her again is absolutely stellar, with the editing also deserving of recognition as we get great shot after great shot of their jiggling bodies from several angles all nicely woven together. This is what makes a great porn scene; it is shot absolutely flawlessly, perhaps the single best sex scene of the year! Before the scene closes we’re treated to a great shot of a completely nude Courtney standing on top of April getting fingered, her curves, stretch marks and folds on her belly all captured very nicely.


Scene 3 Amory, Kathleen Diamond

Gawd, I love hipster girls. Why the fuck is no one in mainstream porn shooting hipster girls in porn? Courtney recruits two sexy chubby hipster babes in a teacher/student scenario. Amory pretends not to be happy with the slutty way Kathleen is dressed but secretly her twat is drenching as she points out how much of Kathleen’s tits are exposed. In order to teach Kathleen a lesson, she orders Kathleen to bend down, pull up her skirt, and take her panties off she Kathleen can spank her with her leopard skinned yard stick. After ten lashes, Amory whips out her strap-on and has Kathleen suck on it. Amory grabs Kathleen’s curly fro and pushes her face forward into her cock, which gets mistress really wet. After several sizzling minutes of Kathleen throating Amory’s cock, Amory sucks down on Kathleen’s big soft tits. Amory also makes good use of her bull whip, slapping Kathleen’s tits and turning her cocoa skin red. Her body is exposed, her bush nicely trimmed, and when Armory sits Kathleen down she inserts four fingers inside Kathleen’s soaking wet pie hole. Kathleen begins to moan loudly and convincingly as she starts juicing up more. You can clearly hear the squishing noises as Amory fits her entire fist in Kathleen, fist fucking her as Kathleen’s moaning grows louder with each passing second. Amory then admires Kathleen’s body, sampling it before bending Kathleen over and fucking her with her strap-on. Holding onto Kathleen’s hair and grabbing a handful of ass, Amory thrusts her body hard into Kathleen’s pussy, the camera getting great low shots of Kathleen’s pussy getting banged. Kathleen begs to come but Amory doesn’t let her, instead she just continues to fuck Kathleen with her plastic cock. Finally Amory relents and we hear Kathleen let out a loud moan and her body trembling as the sweet juices begin pouring out of her pussy. Amory then wants Kathleen to make her cum and as her milky white body is captured nicely by the cameraperson, Kathleen fists her mistress causing Amory to beg Kathleen to give it to her harder. Amory lets out a loud moan herself, congratulating her little fuck toy for a job well done making her mistress cum.


Scene 4 Kelly Shibari, Devlyn Red

Dominant Asian wonder Kelly Shibari is playing with her sub Devlyn, undressing her and admiring her curves, especially her big soft natural tits. Kelly slaps Devlyn’s tits gently, clearly making her excited. Although fully clothed Kelly exudes sexually but by the next segment, with Devlyn strapped to a table, Kelly’s top is off and gently plays with Devlyn’s exposed pink hole. Kelly then attaches clothes pins to Devlyn’s pussy lips causing Devlyn pleasure as she is completely helpless. With her tits now clamped as well, Kelly places a cold glass dildo inside Devlyn which makes her cum even more. As she tries to get loose, we see Devlyn’s body shake it like jelly as she just lies on the table nude as Kelly works her over. Kelly takes out her hitachi and letting Devlyn’s hands free Kelly works Devlyn’s pussy until she cums hard, her face saying it all as she moans loudly and lets out an instant glow.


Scene 5 Ava Solanas, Sadie Lunge

Sadie innocently asks what Ava is making and out of nowhere, Sadie gets right behind Ava, covers her mouth and slaps her ass. She then pulls Ava’s panties down and begins to totally dominate her girlfriend. Sadie slaps Ava’s tongue, belly and tits with a kitchen utensil which causes Ava’s body to turn red but she clearly enjoys the punishment. Sadie then sweet talks Ava but it’s just to put her at ease as Sadie further punishes Ava, humiliating her by having her bend over in front of a stove and more slapping. After Sadie uses Ava’s tits as a punching bag, she sucks on them gently appearing to calm down again. Sadie places several small clothes pins on her tits which doesn’t seem to cause pain only pleasure for Ava. Ava appears to cry as Sadie slaps her tits with a spatula but then lovingly kisses her girlfriend as she slaps off the pins. Sadie inserts a thick hard plastic cock which she uses to fuck Ava. When a Hitachi is introduced, Sadie gets Ava wet enough to enable herself to stick four fingers inside Ava which after a few thrusts, Ava squirts her juices all over Sadie and a loud moan is released. Sadie continues to humiliate her little friend, smearing her face all over the floor where Ava made a mess. Sadie puts on a thigh strap on to fuck her friend, getting herself worked up enough for Ava to finger her bush. With Ava controlling the Hitachi, Sadie then squirts out a puddle of pussy juice which we see Ava clean up immediately before the scene fades to black.


Summary: Very rarely do sequels surpass the original in mainstream. In porn it’s unheard of. Lesbian Curves Hard Femme far, far exceeds the original. This BBW-themed flick even surpasses anything the BBW studios are releasing. Courtney Trouble is the Queen of BBW porn, with no other filmmaker even coming close to really capturing what all us BBW lovers want to see—gorgeous fat girls who carry their weight well, exude and love sex, using known and unknown girls especially girls with an indie look, carefully pairing performers with perfect chemistry, focusing on their bodies (particularly their bellies), and not giving a damn about, and throwing out the rulebook when it comes to shooting BBW porn. Most studios, not just BBW studios, worry about pairing girls that look similar in looks and body while Courtney proves that girls of different sizes, shapes, races can work together and produce erotic results. And there’s no overly long teases or setups. The performers are basically going at it once the scene begins. At 90 minutes long the film uses that time to just give us what we want—hot girls having amazing, stroke worthy sex—and that’s all you’ll get. From established girls such as April Flores and Kelly Shibari, to complete unknowns such as Kathleen Diamond and Sadie Lange, these girls deliver some of the best sex scenes of the year. From behind the and in front of the camera, everything is captured virtually flawlessly. I am not one of those jaded voices that believes there’s nothing unique in porn. Courtney Trouble keeps delivering her unique vision with excellent results each time that in time her films will be imitated. Lesbian Curves Hard Femme is the best adult film I’ve watched in 2013 and if any film deserves an XCritic Pick, it is Courtney’s masterfully crafted piece of work.

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