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Sheena School

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/10/13

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Sheena School

Evil Angel

Genre: Lesbian, Anal, Sheena Shaw

Director: John “Buttman” Stagliano


Cast: Mischa Brooks, Sheena Shaw, Mazzeratie Monica, Jada Stevens, Brooklyn Lee

Length: 395:04 minutes (197:03 minutes & 198:01 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013


Extras: There were a series of photogalleries, some filmographies, trailers, websites, and a cast list.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sheena School was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director John “Buttman” Stagliano for Evil Angel. This title is the latest spinoff from the various Stretch Class titles, the idea being that Sheena Shaw took over the proceeding and everything got out of hand. Of course this is the portrayed fantasy and it was scripted to a small degree, John wielding the camera as the ladies all had a great time together pushing limits and going much further than John ever did in the related series. The flesh tones were accurate, the camera work typically fluid, and the editing showing a great deal of care, all while the incredible length allowed for huge amounts of tease footage beyond what you will find in modern porn. The bitrate varied a lot here but the lighting helped keep the production looking professional and but for the company watermark, this could have been awesome home movies shot for the benefit of perhaps the biggest industry leader shooting porn today. The aural components were in stereo English with the vocals easily heard in most cases. The background noises were generally kept to a minimum and there was no score to speak of, unlike John’s multi-award winning features.



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Body of Review: John “Buttman” Stagliano is one of the most renowned pornographers in the world today, his works for Evil Angel often considered some of the best available for anyone into female asses in all their glory. Over the years John has helped promote likeminded people and assisted them in learning how to direct their own ass related gonzo porn, the result being that fans are the winners. The latest project by the famed director is called Sheena School, a showcase project for now retired Sheena Shaw to go wild with a select group of high end ladies including Brooklyn Lee, Jada Stevens, Mischa Brooks, and thick Texan bombshell Mazzeratie Monica. The premise was that John started one of his Detention Class spinoffs of the Stretch Class series when Sheena Shaw took over to make it her own educational experience, the ladies surpassing John by far in what they did to one another. John stayed on to record and occasionally assist with the toy use but all of the probing, munching, and other sexual acts were between the ladies, his running commentary helping keep everything in perspective.


The company website described the movie like this: “Alluring XXX provocateur Sheena Shaw, an athletic graduate of director John Stagliano's "Stretch Class," takes over as instructor, and the filmmaker's mind- and orifice-expanding series evolves into the rough, girl-girl education of "Sheena School." Irrepressible Sheena trains four flexible sexual adventurers in the marathon (6 hours 35 minutes) movie, implementing her own gape and gag program for advanced pupils. Sheena's class is packed with comely, pliable ass; the scenes are long, free form sessions. Limber brunette beauty Mischa Brooks pries the new professor's elastic anus wide open with both hands and gets her pussy pounded by Sheena's pink strap-on; Sheena blasts Brooks with a sensational outdoor enema. Tasty Brooklyn Lee studies foot sucking, rim jobs, big anal toys and gaping; she and her teacher deep-throat opposite ends of a double-dildo. Bubbly brat Jada Stevens enjoys tutelage in butt plugs, foot fetish and hot, flowing spit. Voluptuous, blonde BBW Mazzaratie Monica smothers Sheena's face in floppy tits and big, bodacious butt. The ladies get off on double-toy-penetration and a vibrator. Ms. Shaw subjects her pussy to a graphic, wicked suction device and, throughout, shows off her talented, trained butthole. John loves the exercise of learning and pushing sexual limits. He says, "Shot in Buttman-style, this movie allows me to get beautiful shots and intimate interaction from the girls, but without my chatter. What a relief!" Extreme toys, lesbian body worship/contortion and orgasmic exhibitionism make "Sheena School" a playground of kinky fun from a female perv's perspective. The student has become the master.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Mischa Brooks, the attractive brunette whose sparkling eyes can be seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up first with sexy Sheena Shaw, once John was pushed back into a secondary role. The show was clearly designed to emulate, and then move away from, the basic “Stretch Class” method of doing things, Sheena taking charge to put the performers through their paces much like John had been doing (just more and deeper while actively participating). Mischa wore tight white stretch pants and they rode up her sweet ass, her nipples poking through her light green shirt as John’s ass sniffing antics were interrupted by Sheena. Sheena wore a pair of blue pants and a maroon sort of crop top, the ladies doing squats and proving most flexible as Mischa became so turned on that she left a growing wet spot on her crotch. This attracted Sheena and a lot of poking, prodding, and tongue play ensued as gashes were gobbled, fake dicks sucked, and various toys used to stretch asses wide for more rimming. Messy head took place and Sheena took charge of the situation, Mischa loving every minute of it as a result. Mischa gave as well as she got too, the lack of genetic juice, spunk, splooge, and population pudding on screen not limiting how much the viewer would provide on their own at home, the milk enema antics at the end kind of gross.

[Watch a clip from Scene One with Mischa Brooks]


Scene Two: Mazzeratie Monica, a BBW from Texas, was up next in a blue outfit with neon pink leggings, Sheena Shaw having been sent upstairs in her tight white shorts and matching top beforehand. As Monica walked over to Sheena, her intent was clear to lounge in a 69 position, their attire still on their bodies initially but a lot of face stuffing and clothes ripping granting them greater access to one another. Sheena started by jamming her head between Monica’s wondrous ass cheeks, the blond appreciating the leaner gal’s efforts to excite her via physical stimulation. Sheena rimmed her and gobbled gash, both ladies outfitted with nipple suckers which they seemed to adore, more such devices used on Sheena’s clitoris as a large anal plug stretched her widely. A lot of dildo use on asses (mostly) came after that, additional oral included as the ladies became freaky with each other to get off a few times each. From the looks of the tryst, the ladies might well have continued their romp after the camera stopped too.

[Watch a clip from Sheena School with Mazzeratie Monica]



Scene Three: Sheena Shaw, wearing silver high heels and her previous outfit, was up next in a solo endeavor next, the scene starting on the first disc but carrying over to the next disc as she followed the general premise of the series. This one began with a lot of foot fetish material, John massaging her feet, Sheena trying on additional outfits as anal plugs readied her for more fun. Of interest was the inclusion of some clamps used on her meaty labia, the devices including nipple clamps before weights were attached to really stretch her out. John helped her with the glass anal plug as she held her ass cheeks apart, her anal gape hang time sufficient to show she could take a massive pecker as he encouraged her to “win” favor with some unseen judges by her endurance with the plug. John took great effort to show the spots where the clamps dug into her flesh too, Sheena looking increasingly wanton as she crawled about the room and onto a bed. Sheena masturbated on the bed as they discussed showing the latest toy inside of her, the footage picking back up at the beginning of the second disc to find her with toys in her bodily orifices (pussy and ass). The fetish gear use continued for another ten minutes or so before the scene ended, Sheena Shaw perfect for the role of the slutty educator taking over a session of the detention class series.

[Watch a clip from Sheena School Scene with Sheena Shaw]



Scene Four: Jada Stevens, a sexy babe with a bodacious ass, was up next as the first full scene of the second disc began. Both she and Sheena Shaw wore skimpy and tight artistic shirts from the company store, the painted on images invoking sensuality via animated paintings. Jada’s was a long shirt that barely covered her generous ass and Sheena wore white stretch pants as well as the arty shirt, the ladies savoring each other orally with a lot of tease even as John took a whiff of ass along the way. As much as I adore Sheena, Jada’s ass was amazing, the playful manner in which the ladies played together helping generate ample stroke value, Jada wearing matching panties that made it look like two women were kissing with each step she took. The ladies used clothes pins, did squats, and felt each other up at great length here, some dildo blowing and foot fetish action helping to round the scene out too. They got messy with saliva in the upstairs bed too, a massive anal plug keeping Sheena’s full attention as Jada worked her dear friend over a bit. It ended with messy kissing as the chemistry-filled duo looked at each other in heated fashion.

[Watch a clip from Sheena School with Jada Stevens]



Scene Five: Brooklyn Lee, the award winning redhead seen on the center of the front cover, was up last with Sheena Shaw as the ladies modeled more of the prototype art clothing. John took a moment to explain the difference between a thong and a G-string, Brooklyn’s juicy ass allowing the difference to be shown since a picture is worth a thousand words. The ladies slowly disrobed and pawed each other from there, Brooklyn getting into smacking Sheena’s ass before shoving her tongue in to rim her newfound friend. I had no doubt the ladies liked each other, their mutual admiration society growing as they went out of their way to taste and get each other off. Sheena soon gave as well as she got too, the playful enthusiasm provided extra strokability and replay value for me as they showed that they really were not going to follow a formula so much as just enjoy each other to the fullest. Their love of thick ass helped motivate them to play with a variety of toys, the two ladies coming across as size queens given the size and shape of the toys they deployed on each other’s asses. The gals then engaged in a blowjob contest of sorts, one dildo on each side of a platform to show them throating toys with ease, even big toys. A wand vibrator helped get Brooklyn off faster too, one of my favorite parts being when they sat in front of each other with their pussies up close (sliding up to get their rugs munched by the other in the lounging chair). In all, a wonderful way to end the show, each scene giving me inspiration for future hand to gland combat sessions.

[Watch a clip from Sheena School with Brooklyn Lee]

Summary: Sheena School by director John “Buttman” Stagliano for Evil Angel was full of the kind of fuck for the buck that is becoming as rare as intelligent commentary in the industry, the double disc movie clocking in at over six and a half hours of all new material to enjoy. Suffice it to say that the ladies stretched each other’s limits to the max and had an awesome time, their personal chemistry and enthusiasm making the lengthy tease sequences as strokable as could be. The look on Brooklyn Lee’s face as she orgasmed repeatedly or Jada Stevens as she embraced the use of her ass so powerfully or even the pure fun factor offered by Mischa Brooks and Mazzeratie Monica all paled when compared to how wild Sheena Shaw became when suitable turned on. I know this kind of thing won’t be for everyone but it was a classic in so many ways that I had to pull out all stops and rate it as that rare XCritic Pick others hand out so much more freely. To say the movie is a complete “must have” for fans of Sheena Shaw is an understatement too, her manner of getting the most out of her peers made me wish she came back to help direct more flicks given the intensity of the result. In short, Sheena School relied heavily on lengthy tease sequences and hardcore lesbian antics that one generally associates with a very select group of extreme queens like Belladonna’s wilder works, but even jaded fans like me will want to sample this in moderation rather than a single sitting, the dedication to detail and covering so many popular fetishes a major step above the generic pack out there.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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