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Sloppy Head 5

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/13/13

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Category: Gonzo/Blowjobs/Cumshots



 Cast: Allie Haze/Bonnie Rotten/Jessica Bangkok/Eden Alexander/Romi Rain/Valentina Nappi/Karmen Karma/Sheena Shaw/Lily Labeau/Vicki Chase/Jayden Lee/Gaia/Jonni Darkko/Jovan Jordan

Director: Jonni Darkko


Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 10/14/2013

Runtime: 372 Mins

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*Scene 1:

Allie Haze/Jonni Darkko

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The utterly gorgeous Allie Haze encapsulates our view in the premiere scene of Jonni Darkko's Sloppy Head 5, giving an effortless tease that is likely to send any able-bodied person into a masturbation frenzy within the first 10 seconds of it. The bj sets in after Allie works up her throat in beautifully depraved fashion, slobbering into her spit bowl before Darkko steps in for the head slopping. Some outstandingly eye-watering deepthroats initiate this sloppified suck sesh and Allie's face is already a mess only minutes into the scene. Action progresses wonderfully, with a very playful Allie keeping a watchful eye on the camera as she continues gagging and throating Jonni's jizzwhistle through the course of it. The scene caps off as he milks a massive heap of dicksauce over Allie's gorgeously wrecked face, and after she blows some cum bubbles for us, the screen fades into the next scene. Perfect. We all know Allie's a beauty, but this is by far the best bj scene that I've had the opportunity of seeing her in, and one of my favorite scenes of hers overall. Cool!
*Scene 2:
Jessica Bangkok/Eden Alexander/Jovan Jordan
Jessica Bangkok and Eden Alexander are next for a throat-throttling, kicking things off in lovely cock-teasing fashion before Jovan Jordan steps in to feed these hungry Asian cuties some dick. Some great facefucking sets in immediately when the action starts, with each of the girls taking more than a mouthful of this monster cock and exuding an insane amount of energy throughout. Watching Jessica and Eden egg each other on throughout this scene is like a perv's dream, each one of these cuties jams Jovan's donkey dick deep into their gullets creating some first-rate cock-choking action. The energy never wavers from these two, it's like they drank 3 red bulls a piece before the scene started and even though the cumshot isn't all that great, the scene itself is still a gem, living up to the sloppy head title.
*Scene 3:
Romi Rain/Jonni Darkko
Romi Rain is next up, introducing herself to the film with a sensually dick-stiffening tease before talking into the camera about what makes her a great cocksucker. Romi looks amazing here to say the least, jostling her huge tits with a hitachi wand for the home viewers before Darkko steps in to provide her some the meat. The blowie takes more of a sensual pace in the early moments, and precedes to do so through most of the scene while Romi offers up some solid deepthroats at various times to keep viewers on their toes. The scene moves forward with great action, as Romi's perfect tits are never neglected, and Jonni consistently titfucks her sporadically through this 35 minute suck-segment. After Romi gets nice and sloppy, Jonni adds insult to injury by lacing her with a gallon of cock cream to add to the gallon of dick-spit that's already on her face. Slam-dunk. Another solid scene here for sure, the action was a little slower, but Romi's camera interaction and playfully teasing attitude makes this well worth a whack, or ten. 
*Scene 4:
Valentina Nappi/Jonni Darkko
Valentina Nappi begins the next scene, teasing the camera in adoring fashion before she begins gnawing on Jonni's sausage to get things going. After the preliminary cocksucking, Valentina steps away from Jonni for a moment to play with the dickspit she's created thus far, as the camera closely follows her every move. This scene entails a lot more spit-play and 'lube drinking' than we've seen thus far in the film; Valentina loads her mouth up with a slimy substance, before sloppily spitting it out of her mouth for extended periods of time in hopes to create the biggest bubbles possible. Most of the action consists of her drooling over herself and into a wine glass, as she constantly tangles huge spit strands and regurgitates them into her jizz bucket. It's actually quite fantastic to be honest. Meanwhile, Jonni jerks himself into a frenzy off to the side until the later moments when he blasts her with a lesser load by normal Darkko standards. Nice scene here, creatively put together and pretty genius in my eyes to be honest. Cool!
*Scene 5:
Karmen Karma/Jonni Darkko
Tattooed beauty and personal favorite Karmen Karma gets the next scene moving with a pretty nice tease sequence that leads into her drooling and slobbering over a plate glass. The featured starlet is filthily gorgeous throughout this introductory segment, blowing huge spit bubbles and teasing the home viewers hard before Jonni's dick eventually enters our view to begin the head-slopping. The bj carries an incessantly perfect energy; Karmen is simply amazing throughout this scene, hand gagging herself at various times while Jonni jams his meathog down her throat and staring into the camera as she tells us all how much she loves making dick happy. [Can you say dreamgirl?] Karmen's animalistic behaviors throughout this scene are enough to have any perv furiously jerking his junk, and I'm beginning to run out of adjectives when trying to describe the promise that this girl has. The scene caps off with Jonni busting a ferocious jizzwad over the span of Karmen's entire head, as her smiling face gives him a few final throat-thumps before the screen fades. Chalk another one up to Darkko. This one's a keeper. 
*Scene 6:
Bonnie Rotten/Jonni Darkko
The beautiful Bonnie Rotten is our main focus in the final scene on the first disc, kicking things off with an effortless tease that is bound to have you senselessly stroking yourself into a trance. Bonnie looks fucking incredible as always here, simply staring into the camera teasingly as she prepares herself for the scene that awaits. Action eventually starts with Bonnie giving herself some deep hand gags, nearly sticking her entire hand into her mouth while simultaneously jamming her fingers into her pussy. Have I mentioned that I love this girl? Anyways, before the bj even begins Bonnie unleashes a couple of violent pussy squirts, and eventually jam-packs Jonni's johnson into the nether depths of her throat. Energy is utterly fantastic as it always is with Bonnie; she eventually lets loose a couple more squirts as the scene progresses, in the midst of sucking Jonni's slurpstick like the absolute professional that she is. A Darkko mega-load is Bonnie's reward for a job well done in the closing moments, and the screen fades after she blows us some cum bubbles and gives us one final squirt for good luck. Dawwww. Bonnie is exceptional in every sense of the word, as I go back to edit this review 2 years later my thoughts on Bonnie still ring as true as they ever did. Perhaps the best in the modern era.
*Scene 7:
Sheena Shaw/Jonni Darkko
Anal, ATM, Dildo DP

The first scene on the second disc of this already fantastic filth-fest begins with a mouth tease from one of this year's hottest stars, Sheena Shaw. Sheena stares into the camera attentively in the early moments as she gags herself with a popsicle-style dildo, while slobber carelessly drips out of her mouth as the intro moves forward. The bj sets in after about 10 minutes and of course is extremely energetic, with a knob-slobbing blowie that is specific to a style that only Sheena can replicate. The scene progresses in the vein of pure awesomeness, with Sheena continuing to slop up Darkko's dick, and even taking a hard anal reaming in the process of it all. In preparation for the anal Sheena pounds herself with her popsicle dildo thoroughly, nearly jamming her entire fist into her ass as well. A dildo DP follows, and the anal isn't exactly a long part of the scene, but there is certainly more time spent there than one may think (since this is a bj flick). The scene is around a half an hour, and of course ends with a jizz showering facial like only Darkko could provide. This was another epic scene; it's upwards to the sloppiest in the film but the anal pushes it over the edge, making it the most memorable for me. Sheena is a fucking rockstar.
*Scene 8:
Vicki Chase/Jayden Lee/Jonni Darkko
Next up is yet another pairing of Jayden Lee and Vicki Chase, as these two not only look like identical twins, but seem to star in about a billion scenes together (probably for that exact reason). The girls kick things off looking as stunning as ever, while jamming a double-headed dildo into each other's mouths to get nice and slopped up for Darkko's dick, which eventually makes it's way onto set after mere moments. The intro is pretty short, and soon moves into the blow-j, with the girls taking breaks sporadically throughout the scene to keep their double-dicked dildo happy. The scene continues this way throughout much of it's contents before Jonni rewards the girls with a face-coating of spunk where Vicki gets a lot of the jizz, but swaps it with Jayden to keep all parties equally satisfied. I never get tired of watching these two together; this scene was no different than their many combined performances, having a consistent energy that translates exceedingly well to viewers. Great stuff.
*Scene 9:
London Keyes/Jonni Darkko
London Keyes is the main focus in the ninth scene of this mega-movie, beginning the scene with a beautifully shot and performed tease sequence that rolls into the filthy stuff. Action is spot-on once the blowie sets in, with London's camera interaction driving me into a masturbatory state of retardation as I attempt to type on my keyboard. Grrr. Ultimately, this scene progresses through a lot of the standard occurrences that most of the other scenes do; it's equally exceptional as well. After London has done her duties of thoroughly throating Jonni's ham-helmet, she gets a cumshot straight to the cornea before thanking Mr. Darkko through a couple of final deeepthroats as the screen fades. London is always a joy to watch; her confidence exudes off of the screen and puts her on a level that very few pornstars are on. So good.   
*Scene 10:
Lily Labeau/Jonni Darkko
Action in the tenth scene begins with Lily Labeau, looking adorable with her short blonde hair and flirting hard with the home viewers as she slops herself up in preparation for her throat-thumping. After some self-handgags from Lily, action sets in with the typical energetic throat jamming that seems to flurry this entire film, keeping a strong consistency and being equally as great as any scene in this film from the front to the back. Holy fuck. Lily is literally outstanding through the course of this 25 minute dick-dunking. The finale spunk-shot has a nice added effect, with Lily gargling Jonni's dick-slop as he fires off yet another massive facial before the screen fades. Beautiful. Lily not only looks increduible through this scene, she performs incredibly as well; it seems like that really isn't news to hear these days, but regardless this scene is a great one.
*Scene 11:
Gabriella Paltrova/Eve Evans/Jovan Jordan
The next scene begins rather abruptly, with Gabriella Paltrova and Eve Evans already throat-deep on Jovan Jordan's donkey dong as it opens up. A solid intensity from both of these pint-sized beauties here, as both of them give some hard gags on their stunt cock to initiate a strong opening, with even stronger moments bridging the gap between the closing. Eve's consistent lust for Jordan's cock turns things slightly competitive at points, bringing a little more out of Gabi as each of these little hotties get there fair share of arm-sized dick before the final jizz-spat. A great scene again overall, containing tons of in-mouth spitting and an all out throat-throttling blowjob from these two cuties. 
*Scene 12:
Gaia/Jonni Darkko
The final scene in Jonni Darkko's fifth installment of the sloppy head series begins with a sensual tease from foul-mouthed beauty Gaia. Some dildo fun follows the introduction, before Jonni steps in for the eventual face pounding. Some great dirty talk kicks off the scene, and continues throughout, with Gaia's perfect tits playing a large role in making the early stages of this scene great. The scene progresses wonderfully, with Gaia producing mass amounts of dick spit as she accepts every inch of Jonni's throbbing member into her esophagus, while continuing to keep the cutest smile on her face through all of it. A very well-performed scene from Gaia here, ending with a snot-bubbling load of sack sauce being Gaia's reward for a job well done. I simply love this girl's energy and enthusiasm in everything I've watched her in. 
Jonni Darkko's Sloppy Head 5 is a non-stop dick-sucking and cum-spraying fiesta that seems to never let up at any point throughout the 400 minutes that this movie ran. Darkko's maticulously put together scenes are a joy for any porn fan to watch, and this one has a simplistically original vibe to each one, yet it never deviates from the task at hand, which is hot babes giving extremely sloppy blowjobs, and finishing it off with a face-glazing cumload. From the opening scene, showcasing the stunningly beautiful Allie Haze, to Gaia taking a monster face-load in the final moments, this movie provides non-stop dick-jerking action in a way that only Darkko seems to be able to provide. I thought that Jovan Jordan's two scenes in the film were great as well; Even though there wasn't the prototypical monster cumload in the final moments, it's still great to see these hotties do anything and everything to take every inch of this guy's hog into their throats, and even though most of them are unsuccessful in doing so, the effort makes it all the more better. Unlike similarly titled movies, this one lives up to it's name, with each scene providing more than enough to keep Darkko fans happy, as well as anyone who loves watching uninhibited beautiful girls enjoying themselves thoroughly through some of the more taboo acts by today's porn standards.  Extras aren't overwhelming, but with 400 minutes of dick-chugging action through this movie's contents, I didn't think they were even necessary. Video quality is top-notch, talent is top-notch, blowjobs are top-notch. Is there anything else that you could ask for? I'll answer that for you, NO. If you're a fan of the sloppy blowjob, then look no further, you've found your movie. XCritic Pick.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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