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All Internal 23

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/12/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production:  August 2013

Genre:  Gonzo, creampie

Condoms:   No 

Director: Raul Cristian

Cast: Bianka, Mugur and Frank Major; Gigi and Frank Major; Tiffany Rousse and Thomas Stone ; Nesty, Vanessa Moore, Lauro Giotto and Mugur; Cindy Hope and Boo; Ginna Brigita, Frank Gun and Mugur

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Trailers, photo gallery, websites


Creampie lovers unite! It’s the 23rd installment of All Internal from the mind of Raul Cristian and it's chock full of cum-filled cunts spilling their cum loads down ass cheeks and cracks and onto couches and floors. We already know that Raul and Cruel Media always find the sexiest, nastiest European babes to allow their pussies to be pummeled then stuffed with cum and this installment of All Internal is more proof positive that more and more of these girls do exist. With their tight bodies, perky breast and round asses, Bianka, Gigi, Tiffany, Nesty, Vanessa, Cindy and Ginna barely speak and understand English but they know how to fuck. I highly recommend All Internal 23. It puts the creampie front and center, oozing out of tight, pink, young European pussies.  

Scene 1: Bianka, Mugur and Frank Major

The scene opens front and center on Bianka. She’s standing there in her orange and black lingerie teasing us, rubbing her ass, licking her fingers and grabbing hold of her breasts.  She sits back, opens her legs up and starts rubbing alongside her pussy and asshole, leaving her orange panties on.  She finally takes them off and stands up to finger her pussy from behind.  The wetness from her pussy is talking back to us as she starts fingering both her pussy and ass at the same time. The cameraman gets in on the action, penetrating Bianka with a clear dildo while she slaps her own clit. 

Mugur and Frank Major walk into the scene with two hard dicks ready for service. Bianka gets to her knees and grabs hold of both dicks, sucking one and jacking the other at the same time. Mugur bends her over backwards and fucks her mouth, gripping her around the neck in the process. 

The guys start feeding her their cocks, guiding them in and out of her mouth and slapping her on the cheek while her mouth is stuffed with meat. They bend her over on all fours on the chair and spank her ass.

Frank gets up on top of her and starts fucking her wet pussy doggy style. She’s already cumming all over Franks dick as he plows her from the back. Bianka is busy getting fucked on one end and stuffing her mouth with Mugur cock on the other. 

Frank continues the ass slapping and doggy fucking and starts pulling his dick in and out of her cunt, making her pussy fart. 

Mugur comes around back for his turn, leaving her ass cheek red with hard spanking, then spitting on her pussy and penetrating it, holding her firmly around the waist while Frank fucks her throat.

Frank sits down in the chair and pulls Bianka down on top of him for some reverse cowgirl fucking. Bianka is riding his dick like the pro she is while swallowing Mugur’s cock down her throat. Mugur helps hold Bianka’s leg back in the air so Frank can continue his pummeling.  He pulls his dick out of her pussy for just a second to finger her ass hole, then he gets back to work, grabbing her tightly around the neck and fucking her.

The pair move into a standing doggy fuck before Bianka turns to suck Frank’s cock clean. She is quickly pulled down onto Mugur’s prick in reverse cowgirl as well and he doesn’t let up as she’s being pulled down onto his meat. 

Frank spits on her cut before grabbing her leg up over his should and fucking her scissor style. Mugur steps right in to do the same, keeping Bianka dick drunk over the chair. He pounds her faster and faster and then blows his load up her pussy, pulling out slowly to reveal a creampie.

Frank gets his cock right back in Bianka’s pussy, dumping his load in there too. He pulls out and makes her hold her ass cheeks open as cum drips out of her cunt. 

She stuffs a dildo up her pussy to continue pleasuring herself but Frank has a second load for her, shooting more cum up her pussy, for a total of three creampies. 


Scene 2: Gigi and Frank Major


Gigi makes herself busy turning us on in her black lingerie, twirling her hair and loosening the ties in front of her bra. She has a nice ass and turns around a few times so we get a really good look. She lets both tits hang out over her bra and starts rubbing her tits before turning around and bending over, positioning her ass in our face. 

She sits back and opens her legs to play with her shaved pussy, rubbing her fingers around and around it and then licking those same fingers. 

Frank walks his hard cock into the scene and Gigi immediately grabs it, sucking it and jacking it while keeping her eyes fixed on us. She’s taking her time, working the head of Frank’s dick in and out of her mouth. Frank holds her firmly by the neck and back of the head and starts fucking her face. 

It’s time to fuck and Frank sits back allowing Gigi to ride him reverse cowgirl. We get to see the full expressions on her face as she bouncing up and down on Frank’s cock, slapping her own clit. Frank is in ball-slapping mode, pumping his prick in and out of Gigi’s wet pussy until she pulls it out and sucks on it, deep throating it this time. 

Gigi sits back down onto Frank’s cock cowgirl style, leaning her head back in pleasure as Frank continues to penetrate her pussy. Gigi grabs hold of her ass cheeks, opening them up for Frank. 

Gigi positions herself doggy style over the arm of the chair and Frank makes his way up her pussy from behind, keeping her head pinned to the edge of the chair. Gigi is smiling and moaning now as Frank takes full control from behind, spitting on her cunt in between strokes. Frank pulls his dick in and out of Gigi’s pussy, teasing her and making her pussy fart. 

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Gigi lies back on the chair for a missionary fuck and Frank stuffs her with cock. We’ve got a steamy view of the action, with Gigi’s pussy being pumped in full view and her face in the upper right of the screen. Frank pulls out showing a wide gaping pussy. Gigi spanks it a few times. 

The balls-deep missionary fuck continues as Gigi tears her ass cheeks wide open with both hands. Frank lays her on her side on the arm of the chair while he stands to fuck her, holding one leg up against his chest. 

He fills her pussy with cum which all comes spewing out of her pussy when he pulls out. Gigi keeps fingering her pussy as the cum drains down her inner thighs. 

Scene 3: Tiffany Rousse and Thomas Stone

Tiffany Rousse is wandering around outside in the year dressed in her seductive black lingerie. She’s 21 and from Budapest and proud of it as she rubs around her breasts and pussy. The cameraman helps her take her tis out, allowing them to spill over the top of her bra. She gets on all fours outside in the grass, showing us the goods.

She makes her way inside to finish what she started, taking off her lingerie and giving us a striptease. She gets naked as Thomas and his cock approach her. 

Tiffany is not afraid of dick, spitting on Thomas’ cock and sucking it, gripping it pretty hard as she bobs her head back and forth down his shaft. 

Tiffany wastes no time getting to her fuck session, immediately positioning herself into a reverse cowgirl on Thomas who is sitting on the couch. She rubs her clit as she rides his dick, grinding around and around in pleasure. 

Tiffany turns all the way around into cowgirl position where she definitely takes control of the fucking, slamming her body down on to Thomas’ before transitioning into doggy position, holding her ass cheek open for Thomas.


She’s enjoying her doggy fuck, looking back at us as Thomas’ dick glides in and out of her cunt. 

The pair moves to a spoon fuck now and Tiffany is feverishly fingering her pussy and licking her fingers. Thomas’ cock is disappearing in and out of Tiffany’s snatch, making her scream out with every stroke. 

Thomas stands up to finish Tiffany’s pussy off, offloading a wad of cum up her cunt that bubbles its way out and down her ass crack. Tiffany rubs it in and out of her pussy and mouth. 


Scene 4: Nesty, Vanessa Moore, Lauro Giotto and Mugur

Vanessa and Nesty are in the sunroom showing their asses off in short tennis-skirt looking outfits. They start playing with each other, touching each other’s tits and kissing.  They eventually make their way out of their bra tops, exposing us to their plump breasts.

Vanessa sits on the couch and Nesty bends over it. Both girls are fingering their pussies as the camera zooms in as tight as possible on their wet cunts. 

Lauro and Mugur step into the scene, giving the girls something else to play with: two hard cocks. The girls squat on the floor and start devouring their respective dicks, jerking and sucking with no hands. Mugur spits in Nesty mouth to help her get his cock wet and now she’s dribbling all over his dick, leaving spit strings handing from his shaft.

Vanessa is the queen of no hand cock-sucking, keeping her pretty eyes on us and Lauro while she blows his meat. 

The girls swaps cocks and don’t miss a beat with their oral domination of Lauro and Mugur.  

Vanessa and Mugur get the fucking started with a doggy style fuck on the floor. While Vanessa is being fucked, she shares Lauro’s cock with each girl passing his dick from mouth to mouth.

Mugur takes his doggy position up onto the couch, crouching over top of Vanessa to handle her pussy. Nesty is riding pretty in cowgirl position and Lauro is sure to keep her in place on top of his cock, slamming her down onto his cock. 

Lauro takes his dick out of Nesty’s pussy for a second and Mugur jumps right in, plugging it with his while Lauro opens her legs really wide. 

Vanessa is ready for her cowgirl fuck, sucking Lauro off before riding him. Mugur is busy doggy fucking Nesty, pinning her head up against the back of the couch.

Lauro puts Vanessa in a standing cowgirl fuck and pounds her cunt, driving her insane. 


Nesty has moved to a cowgirl fuck herself on top of Mugur, making short work of his prick. The couples change position again with Lauro slamming Vanessa from the side while the camera zooms in on Mugur’s dick pumping in and out of Nesty’s pussy missionary style. Both girls are crying out as Mugur pulls his cock in and out of Nesty’s pussy. 


It’s on to the cowgirl cock-riding duo with both girls side by side riding reverse cowgirl style on Lauro’s and Mugur’s dicks then quacking switching to cowgirl without missing a beat. 

Both girls get into a 69 position with Vanessa on the bottom. Mugur and Lauro pump Nesty’s pussy until they cum inside, filling her up. Once the last guy pulls out, a boat load of cum spews out directly into Vanessa’s hungry mouth as she lifts her head up to catch every drop. 


Scene 5: Cindy Hope and Boo

Cindy Hope is beautiful in her black bra and panties. She got long legs and pretty lips as she turns around to show us her gorgeous plump ass. She pulls her panties tightly between her crack, using it to stimulate her clit. She finally pulls the panties off to the side, showing us her pussy. Cindy holds her pussy open for us, giving us full view up her pink hole. 

Boo comes into place with his cock ready. Cindy yanks it in and out of her mouth while Boo fingers her cunt. He sits on the couch and she bends over him to continue sucking and jacking his dick until she finally lifts her leg up over Boo’s face and positions her pussy over his mouth. 

Boo aggressively eats Cindy’s cunt while she fingers her ass. 

Missionary fucking is what happens first as Cindy leans back onto the couch with Boo flogging her cunt with his dick, stopping momentarily to eat her pussy. 

She gets on all fours and leans over the back of the couch so Boo can fuck her doggy style. Cindy holds one ass cheek open for him, slamming her body back into his at the same time.

The heated pair move to cowgirl style on the couch and Cindy continues to her big ass cheeks open so we get a clear fuck of her pussy being fucked. Cindy gets into reverse cowgirl briefly then lies on her side for Boo’s cock. 

Boo puts her back into missionary position and grabs her inner thighs, forcing them open. He continues the missionary style action until he cums in her cunt. Cindy smiles as Boo pulls out and cum drains out down her thigh. 

Scene 6: Ginna Brigita, Frank Gun and Mugur

Ginna is seated with her legs wide open and she barely speaks English. She’s 24 and quickly starts rubbing around her big breasts. She’s in all white with a white G-string and she bends over putting her ass in our face, pulling on her G-string. She pulls her tits out over the top of her bra and drops her panties to finger her pussy. 

It’s not long before Frank Gun and Mugur show up with cocks-a-blazin’ ready to fire off at Ginna. She grabs both dicks jacking them in her hands and moving her mouth back and forth from cock to cock, sucking them. 

The guys lay her on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the couch where they proceed to fuck her mouth, making her gag and spit up over the side of the couch. She loves it as she lifts her head up to stick her tongue up Frank’s ass and lick his balls. 

Mugur is ready to fuck and he grabs her, pulling her over the arm of the couch and starts fucking her. She keeps Frank’s cock in her mouth as Mugur slams her pussy with dick. Frank soon takes control of the oral action, fucking her down her throat.

Frank sits on the couch and position’s Ginna on top of him cowgirl style. She rides his dick in stride while sucking and Jacking Mugur’s cock. Frank slaps her on the ass and pulls her ass cheeks open as he pierces her with his prick. 

Ginna lifts up off of Frank and Mugur immediately moves in for a doggy fuck before Frank pulls her back down on top of him to continue the cowgirl pummeling. Ginna is a trooper and is sure to maintain a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth at all times.

Frank puts her in a standing cowgirl, making her scream before he hands her off to Mugur who is seated, and waiting to taking fucking control. 

She sits on Mugur’s dick in reverse cowgirl position while Frank climbs over top of her face to fuck her mouth, letting his balls slap her chin. 

Frank slides down to fuck her for a minute before Mugur spoons her and fucks her from that angle. Ginna is sucking Frank’s cock simultaneously. 

Frank gets in on the spoon fucking action and this time Mugur gets some more oral pleasure from Ginna who looks like she’s in a dick trance, stuck between to cocks. 

Ginna gets on all fours on the couch and bends over to suck Frank dick on one end and take Mugur’s cock up her cunt on the other. Mugur holds the back of her neck tightly, forcing her mouth down over Frank’s cock. 


Frank follows suit with the doggy style fuck, raising his leg up over Ginna’s ass so we get a clear view of her cunt being slammed by his cock. She’s screaming louder than ever now.

Mugur puts Ginna in missionary position on the arm of the couch and blows his load straight up her pussy. 

He pulls out allowing only a few drops of cum to spill out before Frank immediately plugs her pussy with his cock, cumming in her just the same. He pulls out allowing even more cum to spill out of Ginna’s pussy and onto the couch.  

Final Thoughts

Raul Cristian knows that anytime you put a hard cock near a horny European babe with a tight, wet pussy, there’s bound to be a creampie nearby. All Internal 23 is all about fucking and cumming in pussies and each scene delivers its share of hardcore pussy punishment. I highly recommend this movie with its unforgettably sexy girls with round asses. Ginna’s takedown of Frank Gun and Mugur is one of the hottest scenes in the flick and Bianca’s triple creampie with Frank Major and Mugur is cock-raising. Pick this one up. 

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