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Road Queen 26

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/2/14

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Road Queens Part 26
Girlfriends Films
Directed by
Date of Production: 8/02/13
Running Time: 2:33:04
Jenna J Ross
Syren De Mer
Aaliyah Love
Alice March
Krissy Lynn
Shyla Jennings
Adriana Chechik
Special Features:
Our Girlfriends: an intro to the cast
Previously In: recap of series
Trailers: 6
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-6 Mbps
Overall Thoughts:
And so the AVN voting and marathon of movies is complete, and it's time to get back to reviews, as I count down the days to AEE and AVN fun in Vegas. And we get back into the swing of things with another of the long running series from Girlfriends Films, Road Queens, as I have two chapters to review, with a brief break in between to change things up a bit. And with that, let's start off 2014 with a review, I sure hope it is a good one. I can say that I am looking forward to seeing Adriana in action, along with Aaliyah who has recently come into my radar after hearing her on the Elegant Angel podcast. It is early one when you realize that if you are a fan of the older ladies and young ladies combo, this is going to be one for you.
Well we were off to a rough start and I was a little worried, but luckily we had the very strong scene with Alice and Krissy, and a decent follow-up with Adriana and Shyla, which as I stated in the review were enough to save this one, and make sure it got a RENT IT rating from me. Like I said, I have the next installment to review as well, so we shall see if that improves my thoughts on this series.
Jenna and Syren
A lot can happen when two ladies take a sexy road trip in a classic car. You never know who you are going to meet along the way, and the sexy times that may happen. A young Jenna is admiring Syren as she vacuums the room, and it's not long before she is on the bed with her, checking her out, and giving her a few kisses. The kisses are followed by some hand exploring, as the butts and boobs, which Syren has plenty of, seem to be the focus of attention. She fondles and caresses Jenna young ass, and then slides down her dress to suck and lick her petite boobs. Jenna grabs on and enjoys Syren's boobs, giving them some solid attention with her pierced tongue. Syren rubs her pussy through her panties and gets the young girl's motor running. Some tongue wrestling between the girls, before Syren bends over and Jenna admires her ass, while teasing her pussy. Off come her panties as Jenna works her tongue up and down Syren's pussy. Syren finger bangs Jenna, and gets the excitement to give her legs the shakes. Syren mounts her and they rub pussies, as they both seem to enjoying the ride. Syren really gets into it, and then they switch positions as Jenna gets on top and Syren does double duty with her hands, giving both of them some finger love. But they are not done just yet, as Syren sits behind Jenna and reaches around and works her hand over her pussy, as she breaths on her neck and throws in a little nipple love as well, talk about hitting all the bases. Jenna returns the favor before they are all done.
Deauxma and Aaliyah
It's safe to say that both of our leading ladies, are well endowed in the chest area, for those that like them big. But Aaliyah also seems interested in her car as well. Aaliyah comes back with her friend to fix the pipes, no really, she is. But for some reason, they end up in the bedroom as the flirting starts, and Deauxma is not trying to hide her intentions at all. Aaliyah is the first to shed some clothes, as her shirt comes off, and so does Deauxma's pants. As the layers come off, Aaliyah is drown to her tits, grabbing and licking those huge tracks of land. She lays Aaliyah down and after some kissing, slowly makes her way south, spending some time on her tits, before sliding off her panties. She slowly works her tongue along her pussy, giving it a little spit along the way. Some straddling and humping follows that up, as they continue to share some heated kisses. But this isn't a one sided affair, as she lays Deauxma back and gives her pussy a nice work over with her mouth as well. They go back and forth working each other over, getting them all hot and bothered. I have to say that perhaps, I am expecting a little more, perhaps I have burnt myself out on AVN movies and my expectations are a little high at the moment. It's not horrible, just maybe need a little more excitement and energy to keep me interested at the moment. Well we have something a little different, as Deauxma grinds her pussy on Aaliyah's butt cheeks.
Alice and Krissy (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)
Preparations for dinner are coming together, but Krissy has her mind on another tasty treat, Alice. They head to the bedroom, and Alice lays back, as Krissy joins her and gets closer and begins to rub her feet. Foot fans, that one is for you. Some soft kisses and some teasing of Alice and it's pretty much a given that she is into her as well. Krissy slowly lifts up her shirts and gives her puffy nipples some love, licking and sucking them, and then lets her get some time with her tits as well. Off come Alice's shorts, as Krissy teases and licks her pussy through her bright pink panties. But those don't stay on long, as she continues to lick and finger her pussy, getting the young sex kitten's motor running. She grabs Alice and gives her a ride on her lap, and then lays down and let's Alice have some fun with her curves, while rubbing her pussy. You know that energy I was looking for, Alice saves the day as she really works over her pussy, moving her body as she really tries to go deep inside. Thanks Alice, I needed that. After that she lays on top for some dry humping, and once again gives us some energy and excitement. Krissy rolls over and stick her ass up, as Alice continues to rub her pussy, as Krissy gives us a nice booty show. And when Krissy is back to the pussy licking and finger banging, it seems the energy has made it's way to her as well, and we have ourselves a possible spotlight scene for this movie, perhaps.
Shyla and Adriana
A few things before we continue, the whole older/younger lady combo ends here, and boy do I wish that Elle stuck around to join in the fun with these two sexy ladies. But I have a feeling that these ladies aren't going to disappoint. Adriana seems a little shy at first, but Shyla seems to be using her hands to change her mind. She rubs all over her body, teasing along the way, and perhaps goes a little too fast, as she goes underneath her shirt. Shyla persistence pays off and Adriana starts to come around and shares some kisses with her. She unties her shirt and fondles her boobs through her bra, and if you missed it the first time, don't worry it happens again? It's a slow process, but she gets Adriana down to her panties and teases her neck as she makes her way to her pussy, giving it some attention with her tongue. But when she adds in some finger action, that really seems to get her going. And much like Alice in the previous scene, Shyla is really showing off her pussy pleasing skills and Adriana is really enjoying it. Adriana is going to have some work cut out for her, as she begins to return the favor. And I'd say the heavy breathing, moans and shaky legs means she is doing a fine job of repaying her. A nice finish to the movie, and perhaps these last few scenes are going to save this one from getting a horrible review at least.

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