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Schoolgirl Stories

Studio: Dream Zone Entertainment » Review by D C » Review Date: 1/4/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: College Girls, Gonzo

Director: Adam H (Executive Producer)

Cast: Jackie Daniels, Katie St. Ives, Tia Cyrus, Lexi Brooks, Jynx Maze, Liv Aguilera, Shane Dos Santos and Rilynn Rae | Male Cast: Tom Byron, Christian, Jack Lawrenc, Wil Powers, Cyrus King, Billy Glide, Alan Stafford

Length: 2 Disc Feature; Disc 1: 2 hours, Disc 2: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Date of Production: April 23, 2013

Extras: The main title page did not feature much in the way of extras. It was your basic set up: Photo Gallery, Trailers (Amy Fisher Sex, MacGyver XXX, Barb Wire XXX, Mork and Mindy Parody), Other Dream Zone Promos

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No technical audio/video information was given, but this movie had excellent production value and top quality sound (especially the oral scenes)

Overview: As soon as the school bell rings and class is out, it’s time for these seductive schoolgirls to drop their cotton panties and suck and fuck their way to a passing grade.  After a hard day of studying human anatomy and sex education, these young girls are looking to “bone up” and do some further research. ‘Schoolgirl Stories’ tells the tales of eight lusting lasses who are more than willing to earn some extra credit by lifting up their pleated mini-skirts and being bent over to be taught a hard lesson.  Featuring Jynx Maze, Liv Aguilera, Lexi Brooks, Jackie Daniels, Shane Dos Santos, Katie St. Ives, Tia Cyrus and Rilynn Rae, ‘Schoolgirl Stories’ is a double-disc set containing over 3-hours of hardcore gonzo vignettes with bonus extras including photo galleries and trailers.

Scene 1 (My Favorite School Girl)

Liv Aguilera

Liv has an exam to make up after school, and about a few minutes into the exam, she catches her professor staring at her from under the desk after he dropped his stack of pens on the floor. After she confronts him, the professor admits that he is stressed and Aguilera offers to relieve his stress for extra credit. She bends over to show him what she can offer for a passing grade. The professor (Will Powers) undresses her and slaps her ass around before eating her out from behind. She gets down on her knees to stoke his cock and put it in her mouth – and does a great job fitting his wide cock in her mouth. I think her spit and stroke game is real good, and I was certainly into the scene because of that. Liv goes right into doggy as she really enjoys being pounded from behind. She also takes his large cock nicely in the missionary position and rides his cock with ease in the standard cowgirl position. The scene ends with Aguilera taking his hot load in her mouth and earning an A+ for the semester.

Scene 2 (Schoolgirl Mischief)

Lexi Brooks

Lexi plays the oldest trick in the books on her professor (Christian): ring the doorbell and run away and hide. She does this four times before being caught on her fifth time.  Turns out that Lexi wants to be spanked as punishment for being caught.  The professor eats her out from behind, before Brooks gets down on her knees to suck his cock. She really works his rod (stroking and licking his balls) to get him hard. I am really impressed by her talents. The audio quality is top shef when it comes to getting throated (there is something about the that sound that just gets me more aroused). Lexi gets fucked in the normal cowgirl, easily handling his cock, and has no problem taking his wide staff in the doggy. We are treated to great cock work in his mouth and a brief 69, which was enjoyable thanks to a good camera angle. The reverse cowgirl was okay, and the scene ends with the professor depositing his hot load in her mouth.

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Scene 3 (Schoolgirl Tattoo)

Jackie Daniels

Jackie is setting up the classroom for her teacher, when he notices her tattoos, and questions why she would even get them. They engage in further conversation, all the while she srtarts teasing him by bending over to show off her ass. More conversation ensues and it turns out her Korean boyfriend got deported. The teacher is completely turned on and she does a great job of seducing him. After they promise not to tell anyone what they are about to engage in, he starts to eat her out from behind, which she enjoys. Daniels then gets on her knees on the desk and sucks his dick. Again I must note that  I loved the audio capturing the hot cock sucking action. Daniles rides him in the reverse cowgirl, and also gets her ass spanked as instructed, before rerturning to service his staff. The teacher bends her over the desk and fucks her from behind, and it reall is the hottest position in the scene. I love her command of th scene and I especiallly love her dirty talk, as it really enhanced the scene’s hotness factor. The teacher cums nicely all over her face as she sucks out the remaining cum from his cock and what was deposited on the desk.

Scene 4 (My Brother’s Schoolgirl)

Shane Dos Santos

Shane gets a call from her boyfriend who is still surfing and finds out that she is home alone with her brother, Her botfriend suspects that she is going to fuck his brother, but Dos Santos assures him no such activity will take place. Unfortunately that will not be the case. She lied to her boyfriend and lets her brother’s boyfriend (Billy Glide) eat her out from behind on the couch. Dos Santos sucks his giant cock nicely, takes off her tops and continues to pleasue his massive rod. I loved how she bounces on his cock, and you can tell that she really IS enjoying it … it really just makes for a genuine scene. It really has to be stressed of how much I love that Dos Santos is into it.  Dos Santos caps off the scene by receiving his load on her face, before sucking his cock dry.

Scene 5 (Sneaky Schoolgirl)

Katie St. Ives

Katie sneaks into the teacher’s office to steal a test when she is busted by the school janitor. The janitor isn’t buying Katie’s story of a stolen cell phone, and seduces her. St. Ives shows off her great body and tits, as rams her from behind. I especially loved her facial expressions why giving head and getting fucked. There wasn't anything that really stood out in this scene to make it real hot. Unlike the Dos Santos scene or even the Daniels scene, this pairing lacked the heat I was hoping for.

Scene 6 (Schoolgirl Pleasure)

Jynx Maze

Jynx shows up for piano practice when she finds Mr. Manning drunk and passed out on the floor ala David Hasselhoff style (cheeseburger and all). Unfortunately the piano lessons aren’t going as planned, as Maze see’s a stripper pole, which she begins to dance on to try and get her teachers’ attention. Mr. Manning acts like he’s asleep, but it’s not working as Jynx positions herself in the sex swing. After fiddling around in the swing, Jynx decides to seduce him by sitting on his face to get eaten out. After she gets her pussy serviced, she returns the favor on his cock and it is by far the best blow job scene in the movie. Mr. Manning bends her over the chair and buries his cock down her pussy. She really enjoys it, as do I. I love the way she looks back at him, begging for more. Jynx then gets in the sex swing for more pounding and by this point she is working up a sweat. The intensity does not die down, as Maze easily rides his large cock in the reverse cowgirl. This was also a good position thanks to the  quality close up camera work. The only negative in this scene was Mr. Manning. His sex talk was all over the place and at times annoying. It kind of took away from the overall great sex.

Scene 7 (Schoolgirl Mug Shot)

Tia Cyrus

The scene starts out with a solo vingnette tease – and unlike the previous six scenes, there is no plot or build up, just goes right into action. Cyrus gets her pussy eaten on top of the hood of the cop car, before getting back down on her knees to suck his cock. The blow job continues as Cyrus gets back on top of  the hood of the car while sucking him off and playing with herself at the same time – which was really hot. I would be remiss here if I did not give both credit for maintaining hot action and incredible balance while fucking on the hood of the car. The scene is par for the course and what you would expect wtih the standard multiple positions. I will say the reverse cowgirl is great. Cyrus doesn't really give us too much dirty talk, which I really liked in the previous scene with Jynx Maze. I am also not sure how or why this scene was even in the movie. It didn't seem to fit with the overall theme of the movie and as noted earlier,  there was no build up to the sex.

Scene 8 (Schoolgirl Fantasy)

Rilynn Rae

Rae is looking for light bulbs in a warehouse, where Stafford is working. After she finds the light bulbs and exits, he dreams of banging her. He starts to masturbate and we are now in the middle of his fantasy. Rae is on her knees sucking him off, before he flips her on a box and eats her pussy. Just as in the previous scene we are treated to the standard positions – Missionary, Doggy and Reverse Cowgirl. Don’t get me wrong here – the sex is fine and Rae does a fabulous job handing his cock in her pussy and mouth. I just felt the producer was reaching here a bit over the last two scenes trying to come up with scenarios that could fit.

Overall Impressions: 

“We’re very excited to be expanding DreamZone’s content offerings with a new line of gonzo titles, and ‘Schoolgirl Stories’ is fantastic way to kick it off”, stated Adam Hasner, VP of DreamZone Entertainment.  “We’re going to use the same high-quality production values that we put into our feature-length parodies and begin releasing several gonzo titles per year.  Young girl/teen titles do exceptionally well, and this release has a very strong cast showcasing some of the industry’s most popular new starlets.”

Personally I am a fan of the school girl look – plaid skirt, stockings and short twist tie top. It is a nice turn on for my viewing pleasure. I felt there were some strong performances in the move, especially from Jynx Maze, who I thought took over the scene from the start. Her intensity and dirty talk really stood out to me the most. Shane Dos Santos and Jackie Daniels also give great performances. As noted earlier, I just think it ran a little too long for my personal taste, as the last two scenes were lacking creativity that stayed in line with the theme of the movie. However, I do feel that there were some great scenes and stellar performances to give it a solid RECOMMENDED.


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