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Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 2/2/14

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Hard X
Directed by Mason
Date of Production: Oct 26th, Nov 28th, Dec 2,4,5,17, 2013
Running Time: 2:49:14
Maddy O'Reilly
Manuel Ferrara
James Deen
Ramon Nomar
Sinn Sage
Lea Lexis
Special Features:
Slide Show
Behind the Scenes: 14:53
Cumshots: 10:23
Shot in HD
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-7 Mbps
Overall Thoughts:
"Maddy" offers fans four unforgettable hardcore sex scenes focused on the gorgeous North Carolina native, and porn superstar, Maddy O'Reilly. She stars in her first anal scene alongside four time male performer of the year, Manuel Ferrara and in her second anal scene with current male performer of the year, James Deen, and Ramon Nomar. The movie also features Maddy in a 12 guy blowbang, featuring intense hardcore action, and a massive facial. Also including in depth interviews and a behind the scene look into the world of its flourishing leading lady. "Maddy" is directed by the award winning Mason.
Fresh off her spotlight scene performance in Performers of the Year 2014, it's once again time to check out Maddy in action, and boy are we in for a treat. Let's add in the fact that we have Mason behind the camera, who has received many great reviews from me, when it comes to her spotlight movies. And you can add in Maddy's first anal scene, as it seems she is ready to check off another mark in her adult career, which is going to have a big year in 2014.
As an AVN voter, I am just going to say that this movie should have plenty of nominations this year. If this isn't nominated for spotlight/showcase movie, best anal (as they usually highlight first timers), blowbang/group scene, and hell why not throw in all girl and g/b/b scene as well in the mix. I also loved the final tease, but that was more for the visual style, I feel more people would want more stripping or nudity.
Reading the love letter that is this review, should it be any surprise that this one is getting our highest rating of XCRITIC PICK. I am not sure what this year is when it comes to the Chinese calendar, but I have to say that 2014 seems to be the year of Maddy O'Reilly, and that's based on just over a few months into this year. This just makes me even more excited for what we might get to see next from Maddy, especially the big Slutwoman movie from Elegant Angel. And I can't finish this off, without once again, saying what an amazing job Mason did behind the camera, once again showcasing (both with the sex as well as the interviews in between) a truly talented performer. She knocked my socks off with what she did with Remy and I only hope we possible get another installment with Maddy down the road as well.
I've included a few pics from the Hard X website, but to see more check out a 10 minute trailer here. You can also check out a nice gallery of pics here.
One last request, for someone like me, who appreciates the technical side as well, please, please, give us a Bluray version of this, who do I have to sleep with to make this happen.
Maddy and Manuel (Her First Anal)
Well you've waited for her first anal scene, and good news your wait is over and we are going to start off this some fun in the bum, yeah I am not proud of that statement. Maddy, Manuel, and Mason, how can this possibly go wrong. And before the fun begins, we can see that both ladies are excited for what is going to happen, another reason I think Mason is a great director, she has some great chemistry with the girls she works with, and spotlights. It's not just chemistry with the male performer that makes a great scene. But, before the sex, we get a good ole fashioned tease, wearing a pink bikini, showing off her curves, with some nice music to get your head moving along, as you watch Maddy's ass fill up the screen. She licks the butt plug before sliding into her ass, getting ready for her cock that is on it's way. But to pass the time, how about some wet ass action, to get you in the mood even more. As a quick side note, she has been working on her booty, seems the hard work is paying off nicely. The moment Manuel enters the scenes, they are getting things going with some heated and passionate kisses, and working his magic, as she is already starting to moan a little. He lays her down and dives into her ass, teasing it with his finger, and giving it a few slaps as well. Two fingers in her ass and one in pussy and this kitty is purring. Soft and sensual, but we know that Maddy likes it a little rough as well, as he gives her a few slaps on the face. She grabs on tight to his cock, getting it nice and wet with spit, getting dirty as he shoves it deep in her mouth. They start off with some spoon, as he grabs on tight to her throat, before it's on to some pussy strumming and bringing her to the verge of cumming a few times. Throw in her submissive side, as he lets him know he take her in any hole he wants, and with that folks, we lead into anal, going nice and slow, as she strums her pussy.  But she opens up nicely and he picks up the pace, giving her some deep and hard thrusts. She climbs off and tastes her ass on his cock, sucking and swallowing his man meat, before heading south and giving Manuel some ass love with her tongue. Maddy climbs on his cock and moans as he slides in her ass, and doesn't wait around, before it's back to the hard anal pounding. And now that she's got a taste for anal, she doesn't want it to stop, begging and pleading for more. After some anal doggy, he pulls out and makes her show off her little gapping ass for the camera. The sweat begins to build up and we get some squirting action as well, as he finger bangs her, things are getting hot and sticky in here. That look and dirty talk she gives him, as she waits for his cum, is just the icing on the cake to this scene, and speaking of icing, he gives her mouth and face some, and then it's right back to the anal pounding. I have a feeling this scene could go on for a very long time.
Maddy and the big surprise (Blowbang) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)
They have a surprise in store for Maddy, she's expecting a three person scene, but is going to get something a bit more than that. Maddy finds herself in a red dress and somewhat confused before the big surprise is revealed, 12 guys for her to enjoy, and the look on her face is priceless. As the 12 pairs of hands devour her body, she is already wet, before the cock sucking even begins. A few seconds in and we know she is going to be a mess by the time these guys are done with her. Lots of spit and gagging, as she gets face fucked by the cocks, we are all waiting for their turn with this cock hungry girl, as they shout out their demands to her. The facial domination continues and she just keeps wanting more, as they spit and slap their cocks on her face. The guys make sure and give her pussy some attention as her mouth is filled with their cocks, and even their balls as well. As much as I loved the first scene, this one screams spotlight scene. Sitting on one of the guys face, getting her pussy licked, along with the others spitting on her face and this sexual monster is almost ready to cum. They take her red dress and blindfold her, as she gets double stuffed with cock in her mouth. They prop her upside down on a chair as the facial domination continues. She screams and begs, when her mouth is open and a cock is not in her mouth. She bends over and let's the guys have some fun fucking her from behind, as her mouth continues to work. They drag her to the center of the room and begin to glaze her face with their cum. and then make sure she does as well, as a few guys finger bang her.
Maddy, Sinn and Lea
Setting Maddy up with Manuel was a great idea, and when it comes to setting her up with a female performer for a G/G/G scene, it was a fabulous idea to have Sinn in that threesome. And with that, it's time to get a little naughty while doing some laundry. Maddy in those yellow shorts that barely contain her ass, and it's no surprise that these ladies are checking her out. And speaking of great asses in shorts, Sinn also knows how to show off her assets as well. Sinn makes the first move and is ready to have some fun with the timid Maddy. Sinn kisses and licks around her neck, starting off slow, before turning her around as they both focus their attention and hands on Maddy. They focus on her ass, grabbing and smacking it, while Lea buries her face in it. Maddy ends up naked on the washer, as they get things a little nasty as the gag and blindfold her with her clothes, as they continue to explore her. The girls make a nice Maddy sandwich, as Lea helps Sinn slide off those tight shorts, as her mouth is warming up Maddy's pussy, and by warming up, I mean inhaling it. Sinn finally comes up for air, as Maddy ends up face deep in her ass, giving her plenty to moan about with her tongue. It seems that Sinn has brought a few toys along with her, starting off with a pink dildo and Hitachi, as they double team Maddy. And because this movie is all about Maddy, she is the center of attention for most of this scene, getting finger banged while they lick and tease her ass. Even in a g/g/g scene, there is plenty of dominating towards Maddy, including some choking as they get her to the verge of cumming a few times.
Maddy, James and Ramon (2nd Anal Scene)
And as we come to the finale of this movie, we get to witness Maddy in that skin tight black leather outfit that is featured on the cover, and looks so well on her, case in point the slow pan up her body, showing off her curves. We also get some great city shots, as she seems to make her way around the city, and with the visuals and music, we get that same feel that made Portrait and Wasteland such amazing films. Inside a warehouse she finds Ramon, and after a few kisses and licks, I am surprised that outfit isn't melting off her body. He gets her going with some great teasing and slapping of her ass, putting a smile on her face, as he unzips her outfits and spends some time with her boobs. He reaches his hand down the front and teases her pussy and then grabs her by the hair and leads her into another room, as Maddy is back to submissive mode, as he rips open her outfit and dives into her ass, really going to town on her ass and pussy, as he literally lifts her up a few times. And no playing around, as he goes right for the anal, as it takes a bit for her tight ass to open up for him. She falls to her knees and begins to worship his cock, when James and his cock make appearance and wants to join in the fun. And we are getting some wet fun, as the spit begins to cover their cocks, as they double stuff her mouth with their man meat. Once again a blindfold is used, as they continue getting their cocks sucked by her, along with some deep throating as they press her head up against the pole. She bends over and begs and pleads for more as they continue to manhandle her and keep giving her that anal attention she craves. Ramon fingers bangs her and gets her to squirt over him, before it's back to the guys taking turns fucking her ass. They have her pinned down with her ass up, as they gag her again, and then continue with the rough stuff with some breath play, as they mount her from behind. Maddy gets a nice anal pounding from Ramon as James tells her to lean back and you almost think that maybe a DP is going to happen, but perhaps we will have to wait for Slutwoman to witness that. She ends up on the floor, playing with her pussy and then begs for their cum, and they cover both sides of her face with glaze, before she gives a few last licks and then cleans off her face and swallows it. But we are not done just yet, as Ramon leans her up against the pole and gets her to squirt once again, and then lets it drip in her mouth, and that will bring us to the end of this classic.

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