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Rogue Adventures 39

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/22/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Transsexual  

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Aubrey Kate, Bianca Hills, Tegan Mohr, Melzina Bonekinha, Danielly Colucci, Sheylla Wandergirlt, Kessy Bittencour, Alex Victor  

Length: 192 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: There are good photo galleries, cumshot recaps, websites information, filmographies, trailers, an EvilAngel.com preview, and a cast list. 

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: Rogue Adventures 39 is a film by award-winning director Joey Silvera and the studio Evil Angel. Four of the five scenes were filmed in Brazil. The final one was filmed in America. Once again, I am very pleased to see Mr. Silvera pair up a tranny (Aubrey Kate) with a woman (Tegan Mohr). Those are my favorite scenes when it comes to tranny porn.  

Scene One: The scene begins with blonde cutie Melzina Bonekinha putting on some make-up while in a Brazilian downtown park. At first glance, she reminds me of a skater or one of the members of the '80's pop group Bananarama. Soon, the camera pans her body and I enjoyed watching her swivel her nice looking ass in her white pants. The tranny also shows some titty action a bit. Meanwhile, I like her attitude as it is quite direct and fun. Afterwards, that skater image of her vanishes when we see her mostly naked on the bed. Her smiley face is so pretty and her thin shiny body is so yummy and smooth. When the music starts, Melzina starts to tease us with a dance. Her butt is very mesmerizing and you want to grab it. Later, the lady lays on the bed and starts stroking her appealing dick. The viewers will continue to have their mouth water from vantage point. She also plays with her asshole too. Melzina becomes more involved on it when the hottie sucks a purple popsicle looking dildo and then, fucks herself with it. She does a good job with it and I really enjoyed watching her spread her asshole by grabbing the sides of it and stretching it. It's pretty hot. Then, the stud Alex Victor appears and joins her. This lucky fella kisses Melzina and stimulates her nipple with his fingers and then, his mouth. Next, he sucks her cock well. We get a lot of back and forth cocksucking by both performers in several positions especially in the 69 mode. Even though it was disappointing that there was no fucking action, this scene was still a good introduction to Melzina Bonekinha.                                                  

Scene Two: Blonde Kessy Bittencour walks down the staircase to meet her friend Danielly Colucci who has just arrived at her mansion. Kessy opens the door and her pal gets out. They take a tour of the exterior of the place. Later, some hands on activity takes place when Kessy lifts Danielly's orange dress so that the tranny's ass is exposed. The fondling activity moves indoors where the focus shifts from the brunette's ass to both of their tits. After they play with their dicks for the camera, a guy appears and the three-way activity begins. While Danielly and the stud kiss, Kessy sucks the tranny's cock. A good amount of bj action occurs with both ladies doing most of the work. For a while, the blonde and the guy take turns fucking the attractive looking brunette before the dark-haired tranny and the man get to fuck Kessy. There is a good amount of turn-on action throughout this scene, but Danielly is the woman who most viewers will be most fond of. The cumshots were also nicely done. Danielly jacks herself off. Kessy cums on her pal's breasts. The man jacks off on Danielly.                                 

Scene Three: Sheylla Wandergirlt and the director are talking a bit before she starts to tease the camera with her tail. In the meantime, her male partner is sitting on the bed. The focus on her tail and ass tease is fun and cool. Later, she and the guy kiss. It does not take long until he starts to place his attention on her appealing butt and snatch. The man applies a solid suck on her dick. I enjoyed watching her facial expression. It's no doubt that his oral work is the best on a tranny thus far in this film. Then, Sheylla sucks him deep. Both people apply good hearty oral action. Afterwards, the tempo increases when the tranny gets fucked by him from behind and missionary style. Their performance gets even more intense when the stud refocuses his attention on sucking and fingerfucking her asshole. He sticks four fingers into her. Sheylla could had easily had been fisted if it was required. Later, Shyella strokes herself off while the guy is inside of her. After applying a determined fuck on her, she strokes him off.             

Scene Four: Bianca Hills teases the camera and the viewers by caressing her breasts and running her hand down her crotch. Meanwhile, her fella is laying on the bed. Later, we see her sitting in a chair and two guys join her. She takes turns sucking their dicks and the men also suck her titties. It's a good scene in that we see the tranny orally pleasuring the men with solid effort. Bianca definitely takes control. Later on, the men have their opportunities to suck her penis a while too. The energy level among the three performers is very good. It was nice to see the tranny fuck one of the guys first rather than one of them fucking her because it kept Bianca look in control of the situation. Of course, while she is screwing a fella, the other male performer is fucking her. This scene is pretty hot. After all of this action, Bianca still looked refreshed. The three cumshots looked good too especially when we see Bianca stroke herself off with much passion.   

Scene Five: We are in America now and brunette Tegan Mohr is dancing at the camera. Afterwards, she tells Joey that she is going to have a lot of fun being paired with tranny Aubrey Kate. Next, we see the blonde cutie laying on a bed as she removes her bra and begins to stroke her own dick. Her brief solo play shifts to a two-way when we see Tegan sucking on Aubrey's left breast and caressing her right one. As the woman moves her way down towards the tranny's dick, it is noticeable that Tegan is so happy. She is pretty gleeful in giving head. As a matter of fact, it's Tegan's full enjoyment of being in the moment of pleasuring Aubrey that enhances the turn-on level of their performance. Next, Tegan rides the tranny cowgirl style and then, later on gets mished by her. However, the best moments occur whenever Tegan makes love to her partner. I also especially enjoyed watching them lay beside each other as they play with themselves.                  

Final Thoughts: Joey Silvera has the magic touch when it comes to tranny porn. He knows how to find these unique and special ladies and to bring out the right situations and settings for them to feel comfortable in order to put forth their best efforts. Tranny newcomer  Melzina Bonekinha and female performer Tegan Mohr are going to gain many fans. I enjoyed the passionate energy level in the scenes that required it. Tranny fans will want to check this film out. They won't be disappointed. There is much turn-on and strokable moments. I highly recommend this production.    

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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