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Riley Goes Gonzo

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/5/14

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Category: Gonzo



 Starring: Riley Steele

Featuring: Aiden Ashley/Erik Everhard/John Strong/Dane Cross/Evan Stone

Director: Axel Braun

Extras: Trailers/Interviews

Release Date: 1/21/2014

Runtime: 97 Mins

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Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Riley Steele/Erik Everhard

 The premiere scene in Axel Braun's 'Riley Goes Gonzo' begins as we see the star of the film randomly running naked through a warehouse, while Erik Everhard chases her in what looks to be a playful tease of some sort. It's all set to the sound of an artsy soundtrack, going on for a short time before Erik finally catches her and the pre-sex foreplay is immediately initiated. The bj kicks things off and is pretty solid in terms of energy, soon leading up to Erik returning the favor through some butt munching and cunnilingus. Sex later sets in with a doggie style penis plunge from Erik, progressing pretty well as it continues forth with the two stars banging in a very gritty warehouse setting. Some solid views of Riley's assets are captured throughout the sex, continuing thorugout the standard rigor of positioning before Erik ultimately releases his fluids over Riley's face for the finale. An overall decent scene here, having a fairly creative premise but there just wasn't too much from it that really grabbed me or made me think that it had the true characteristics of a strong gonzo scene.



Scene 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Riley Steele/Ramon Nomar/Toni Ribas


The second scene in the film begins with our featured star giving us a more gonzo-driven style of tease, as she looks into the camera and professes her love for the way that European men fuck her. The small amount of dialogue that she actually uses in this scene seemed rather forced and ingenuine, but I don't think it's indicative of a bad scene, just noticeably a little off in my opinion. The tease goes on for a couple minutes getting seemingly more uncomfortable with each passing second before Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar step in to hopefully save the day. Action sets in with a double barrelled cock-chugging from Riley, having some solid moments before it continues with sex being initiated in a spoon style position from Toni Ribas, while Riley's mouth takes care of Ramon. The scene has a nice progression, with Riley seeming to "let go" pretty well and allow Ramon and Toni to do their thing. Things eventually cap off with Riley's stuntcocks pumping their lovesticks before releasing a couple of healthy loads that find their home on Riley's face in the closing moments. Nothing over the top exceptional here, but a pretty nice scene that showcases Riley in a different light than we're be used to seeing her in.



Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*Scene To Remember*


Riley Steele/Dane Cross/Evan Stone/John Strong


The third scene in the film begins as Riley Steele again encapsulates our view, this time wearing a referee inspired outfit, with high socks and an opened ref top, decked out with knee pads to finish off the look. The tease here is probably my favorite of the film thus far, moving forward very well before a group of three men enter the dark, dingy area where Riley seems to be on a mission for cock. A threeway blowie begins the action, having a solid amount of sloppiness combined with a great energy from the stars upon it's opening, carrying forward well with some decent deepthroats from Riley as she attempts to take a generous helping of dick from her three masked friends. The scene closes out after each of Riley's suitors fire off their spunkloads atop her wanting face, as she licks off the excess and the screen soon fades. A nice energy in this scene, as it had some pretty whackworthy content laced throughout it's contents. There were parts that were a little slower but it seemed to move along a little better than the scenes previous to it.




Scene 4:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Riley Steele/Aiden Ashley


The fourth scene in the film gets moving almost immediately upon it's opening, as Aiden Ashley stares down Riley in a jacuzzi before ripping off her top and allowing Riley's breasts to flow freely for all of the home viewers to enjoy. A cunnilingus sesh from Aiden initates the action here, with Riley seeming smitten by her co-star's relentless efforts to drive her into a frenzy. Aiden certainly seems to be the driving force behind this scene as it continues, propping up Riley in whichever position she needs her in, and roughly jostling her hands in her hole to keep her on her toes. The scene progresses fairly, showcasing some strap-on play and common girl/girl tactics one would assume would be incorporated into it, while having a couple of moments that I probably would have skippped through if I were watching this as a viewer.  However, Riley and Aiden do seem to enjoy one another's company, showing it through lots of kissing and groping, but it just doesn't translate all that well considering how long the scene is. All in all the scene seems to lack in terms of a genuine intensity by the ending, I found myself rather inattentive to it all by the time it was all over. Meh.



Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Riley Steele

Solo Scene

The fifth and final scene in the film is a solo scene that begins with the camera generously panning up Riley's various assets, moving into a masturbation session from the blonde superstar shortly after the introductory moments. The scene continues this way, capturing a very serene viewing as the water cascades in the background and we hear it underneath her moans throughout the short span of time that it lasts. This one seemed like a "time filler" if I've ever seen one, ending the film with what I think might be the most inane way I've ever seen a "gonzo" film end. It's extremely short, and seems more forced than any segment in the film so far, just leaving me with a rather indifferent feeling to the entire movie.




Axel Braun's 'Riley Goes Gonzo' gives us a more contrasting look at Riley Steele than we may be used to seeing, also opening the door for a new crop of fans by using her name compiled with the term gonzo, although I would consider it to be a rather loosely based usage of the word. The well-esteemed and consecutive AVN award winning director attempts to showcase a harder and grittier side of Riley through the film, and I think for the most part he pulled it off, but I'd be hard pressed to say that the film actually stands up to the aesthetic that gonzo fans have come to know and love. The first three scenes in the film are definitely the strongest, with a progressively declining energy as it all continues on and the credits roll. Extras include trailers and most notably an interview with the Riley and Aiden Ashley, giving us a bit of insight on Riley and her perception of the film. After a lot of thought I don't think that it's possible for me to recommend this film; It attempts to be something more than it ultimately was in the end, and basically left me unsatisfied. The film was definitely shot and edited in a way that we're not used to seeing from many gonzo films, but I'm not sure that creativity was enough to save the film in all honesty. I wouldn't go as far as saying that any of the action seemed forced but I will say that there were parts of the film that translated very poorly in my viewing of it, and with only a 97 minute runtime and very few extras it just doesn't give you any redeeming factors. That being said, I do think that Riley's already well-established fanbase is much more likely to enjoy the film, but as far Riley going gonzo, well, not quite. If you're in the market for renting porn, give this one a look. Rent It.




i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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