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Boarding School Sluts

Studio: Platinum X Pictures » Review by D C » Review Date: 3/16/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Lesbian, School Girl, Teen, Toys, Amateur

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Director: N/A

Starring: Lacey, Sasha, Katie K, Sophie and Natalia X

Run Time: 150 minutes (that includes Trailers and the length of actual film)

Release Date: February 12, 2014

Extras: There is not much in the way of “extras” for this movie. The main title page features: Play Move, Scene Menu, Galleries and Trailers

Trailers: (11:39). A list of several Platinum X Studio Productions. If anything, most of the titles of these movies are pretty straight forward of what to expect

  • “Bucket Blasters” – for those interested in anal action
  • “Bikini Paradise” – lesbian-themed
  • “Ass, Ass and More Ass” – obviously geared towards focusing on lovely asses  
  • “Attack Black Crack” – black stars and starlets
  • “Big Tits” – for those interested in buxom women
  • “Fuck Me Hard You Pussy” – a more intense sexual ride
  • “Amazing Asians” – all Asians all the time
  • “Mommy’s Hottt” – MILF-based flick

Condoms: No

Audio / Video Quality: Boarding School Sluts was filmed in True High Definition. No other A/V information was provided. There were no problems with much of the video content. Most of the scenes were clear quality. However, for some reason, the second scene was a little grainy. Audio wise, as noted in the review, was fine, however, there are moments where you will hear background noise (construction or conversations off screen) that can be frustrating for the viewer.

Overview: These British school girls will try to tease us and please us over the course of 71 minutes. This lesbian-themed production from Platinum X is far from the hot, horny, and nasty young girls hungry for some tight pussy action I was hoping for.

Scene 1

Lacey Little / Sasha Cane

Lacey (white shirt) and Sasha (blue shirt) are on couch sucking on a lollipop while answering a few questions from the camera man. The camera man (also British) instructs them to put down the lollipop and start to make out with each other and suck on each other’s tits. It’s kind of frustrating over the first eight-plus minutes because the camera man is giving direction of what he wants Sasha to do to Lacey. It takes away from some of the hotness these two displays. Around the 8:45 mark there is clear audio of construction / sawing taking place in the background, all the while the camera man continues to talk about Lacey getting punished for being naughty. Again, this is all unfortunate because these two starlets are extremely attractive. We get a glimpse of what can be when the camera man decides to pipe down around the 10:30 mark – great camera work, solid lesbian action, great dirty talk (from Sasha and Lacey) and pure enjoyment from both. We hear the saw again in the background near the 14 minute mark, and again more direction from the director of what he wants Lacey to do (eat Sasha’s pussy). This wasn’t a bad way to start the film – the sex was pretty basic, there weren’t really any intriguing positions – but it could have been a lot better considering these two were some of the hotter starlets of the movie.

Scene 2

Katie K / Sophie

Katie K and Sophie are on a bed talking about practicing kissing. After a few minutes of playful banter, the two start to explore each other’s bodies and talk about what they want to do to each other in their cute British accents. I am also relieved that the camera man isn’t talking. The pace of the action is a little slower than I would like. I would hope with a title like “Boarding School Sluts” that I would get that “slutty” feel to these scenes. Both play with each other’s pussy, but no initial licking, before they start to experiment with flavored lube on their tits and pussy. The scene is rather quite boring, just like their dialogue: “does that feel good?” “It feels naughty” “It feels really nice” “Does it make you feel dirty?” Not even the pink dildo used on Katie can bring me to any sort of arousal. I did momentarily like when Katie used the dildo on Sophie while licking her pussy, and the use of the purple double dildo was semi hot when they were in the missionary position. Just like the first scene, there is too much background noise, and you can hear a separate conversation during sex. And just like the previous scene (even though this was way longer) it really could have been so much more (I wish the last five minutes of the scene played out for the entire scene).


Scene 3

Jessica / Claire

The camera man from the first scene is back for the third scene, and sticks to the idea of setting up the scene for the viewer. This time he wants Jessica (blonde) and Claire (brunette) to show off their large “boobies” for us. The scene, much like the previous one, takes too long to develop – whether it’s taking off their skirts to sucking on a dildo. It is pretty tough to watch Claire use the dildo on Jessica, because she doesn’t seem that interested or even remotely enthused. More over the top dialogue from the director ensues – meaning what he is talking about, isn’t really being played out in the action. This isn’t the “naughty school girl action” I would prefer. This was a real short scene, which I was fine with.

Scene 4

Natalia / Sasha Cane

We see the return of Sasha Cane, and this time she is paired with Natalia (who I think is pretty attractive). The camera man instructs them to take off their clothes and both suck on each other’s tits or “boobies” if you’d prefer (what the camera man calls them). This by far is the best scene of the movie – I just cannot stand the camera man’s commentary – it literally ruins the entire scene. I DO like the mutual masturbation and the way both suck on the dildo at the same time.  

Overall Thoughts:

I think this film can be summed up in two words: wasted opportunity. The title and box cover picture would suggest that we are in for a 71 minute joy ride of girls in school girl outfits having dirty, slutty, hot lesbian sex. Instead we are left with vanilla-type sex, no real creativity in sexual positions, mostly boring sex talk and a camera man who would not stop talking [not to mention extracurricular background noises in some of the scenes]. I felt this movie could have been more on the mere fact that most of the starlets were very attractive. It just didn’t work for me. SKIP IT.




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