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Fashionable Fuckers

Studio: Harmony » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/18/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Euro/All Sex


Cast: Henessy/Noe Milk/Charlyse Bella/Marika Hase/Mira Sunset/Tony De Sergio/Marco Banderas/Ian Scott

 Director: Scarlett Revell

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 12/20/2013

Runtime: 111 Mins

*There is no online trailer available for this film*


Scene 1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Henessy/Tony De Sergio
Anal, ATM

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The premiere scene in Scarlett Revell's Fashionable Fuckers begins as we see stunning hardcore euro babe Alina Henessy, in a very creatively shot introductory segment. It features Henessy and Tony De Sergio looking at each other longingly to the underlying sounds of a soft and beautiful musical piece. Henessy is wearing a conservative dress, in what looks to be a former era in time, before the picture flashes to her wearing latex fetish wear with a more rock-inspired theme song. The intro is fantastically shot, but only lasts a couple moments before Henessy dives on Tony's lovestick face first. The blowjob is pretty solid, quickly moving into the sex which begins with Henessy taking a reverse cowgirl dick ride on her lucky co-star. The scene takes place entirely outdoors, but still manages to have all of the physical qualities of an indoor scene courtesy of great camerawork and the beautiful Henessy being the amazing performer that she is. Anal sets in early on, switching positions at various points and continuing to showcase a fantastic hardcore element mixed with a softer sensuality that makes it rather hard to explain, but an overall excellent scene to say the least. It caps off with Tony pulling out of an anal cowgirl fuck before Henessy goes down to suck him to completion, as she slurps up whatever dick-drips that she may have missed. In the final moments we see Henessy walking away from Tony wearing the conservative outfit that she started the scene in, set to the undertone of a soft musical track, before the screen fades. I loved this scene; I think that Scarlett was trying to capture a feeling here that really makes the viewer dive deeper into what it all meant. It's very open-ended and dare I say thought provoking. More so than I've perhaps ever seen in a scene like this, and the sex was the icing on the cake. An outstanding way to begin this film.
Scene 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Noe Milk/Tony De Sergio/Marco Banderas
The second scene begins as ebony beauty Noe Milk encapsulates our view, again kicking off the scene sensually to a soft musical track that transforms into a more demented tone as she falls to her knees upon Marco Banderas and Tony De Sergio's arrival. The double blowjob here is outstanding with Noe going all out to get her boytoys cocks nice and sloppy through various cock chokes and facefucks. Sex sets in wonderfully, with a breathtaking view of Noe's gorgeous ass as she shoves Tony's cock into her pussy in a cowgirl positioning. Things progress pretty well through the scene, having some longer moments than the previous one, but still carrying a nice energy before the double facial finale caps it all off. Noe is a fascinating beauty, and while I think this scene was a little less eventful than the previous one, I still thought it had some outstanding moments. 
Scene 3:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Charlyse Bella/Ian Scott
Anal, ATM
The third scene in the film starts as we see Ian Scott eating dinner with Charlyse Bella, who gazes beautifully at Ian upon the introductory moments of the scene. Much like the first scene, Charlyse is dressed conservatively, looking very "uppity" before Ian's thoughts race and the screen flashes to Charlyse wearing a black latex outfit with thigh high boots to match. The action sets in after Charlyse looks into the camera saying, "I want to suck your cock" in a dominant voice, and Ian obliges as it begins. The blowie sets in with our main star lying upside down on the dinner table, hanging her head off of the edge as Ian jams his dick down her throat. Charlyse slops up Ian's sword well here, with the camera giving us some great angles leaving nothing to the imagination. Sex soon begins with a missionary style penis plunge, as Charlyse moans loudly in approval while Ian thrusts relentlessly. Positioning stays as is for quite a while, moving into anal at around the midway point and carrying a really nice intensity from the stars. Sex switches to mainly vaginal in the later stages, with Charlyse showing a stunning intensity as the scene charges onward. The scene ends after Ian pulls out of her from a spoon style fuck to spray his ball batter on her stomach and pussy in closing. Charlyse Bella is one I am certain to watch for from now on, an absolutely incredible beauty in this girl. I thought this scene again had the makings of a great one. Perefect.
Scene 4:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Henessy/Marika Hase/Ian Scott
Anal, ATM
*Scene To Remember*
The fourth scene begins as we again see Alina Henessy, making her second appearance in the film, this time with quickly rising porn starlet Marika Hase. The scene starts as the girls are fully decked out in bikini's and high heels, as they prance around the pool beautifully in this tease-worthy introduction. The action then moves indoors, where the girls are now wearing fetish-inspired outfits, with Henessy playing the dominant role to the always submissive Marika. Some interesting dildo play ensues to follow, before Ian Scott steps into view and the girls take their positions. A blowjob kicks off the pre-sex foreplay, with each of them packing as much of Ian's cock into their mouth as they possibly can while drooling over each other like rabid beasts enjoying their last meal on earth. The sex begins with an anal fuck given to Marika, as she yelps in her trademark fashion while Henessy continues to play the dominant female role amazingly well. The scene moves forward as well as any in the film, with each of the girls getting their fair share of Ian's dick in their ass, while taking breaks in between for some cockchugging ATM action. Henessy's body is amazingly captured in the later moments when Ian assfucks her in a missionary position while Marika plays an uncharacteristically dominant role by choking her as it's all happening, probably my favorite segment of the film, it's amazing. Things soon end after the girls fall to their knees to give Ian some final suckoffs before he churns out his dickload over both of their faces. Loved it. I am certainly partial to anything that Henessy does, mainly because of the unwavering energy she gives in her scenes, but this was a three-way effort that is perhaps one of my favorite scenes I've watched this year. 
Scene 5:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mira Sunset/Ian Scott/Marco Banderas
Anal, ATM, DP
The final scene in Scarlett Revell's Fashionable Fuckers begins with yet another fantastically creative introduction, this time shot in black and white, as Mira Sunset sits conservatively in front of us with her red hair, lips, and heels vibrantly popping out in a color splash shot. It moves on as we see Marco Banderas imagining Mira in a latex fetish inspired number wielding a whip with black pasties over her nipples and an overt sexual look. The segment bounces back and forth, before we see an epic walkshot of Mira who approaches Marco and Ian Scott as they're sitting on the couch. A blowjob begins the action, moving forth with a reverse cowgirl anal fuck from Ian as the scene progresses. The DP sets in early carrying through nearly the whole scene as the trio takes short breaks for position changes. The scene eventually caps off as Marco blasts his jizz over Mira's well fucked pussy and Ian facializes the red-haired vixen in closing. Another lovely scene here that had a lasting energy throughout and gives a great amount of masturbation material. Mira has the look of a supermodel, and fucks like a champion, the total package.
Scarlett Revell's 'Fashionable Fuckers' is an extremely creative porn film. The direction, writing, and most importantly the sex, were so attentively taken care of from Scarlett that it really tends to give you a stronger feeling than your average gonzo or wall-to-wall sex film. Much like what we've seen from Tanya Hyde, and some of the other fetish inspired filmmakers at Harmony, the scenes delve a little deeper into our sexual psyche and create something stronger than just your standard tease, blowjob, fuck, & cumshot. I really wish I could share a trailer from the film with you, but unfortunately there isn't even one available online aside from the shorts that I found on Scarlett Revell's YouTube page. Nonetheless, it doesn't take away from the fact that this film is nearly perfect in my eyes. I loved the dramatic feel that it gives you from the very beginning of the movie; Each scene had a specific feel to it, and it wasn't overly artsy or pretentious, it felt very genuine and the sex backed it up so well that it made those moments even better. Scarlett's perceptive use of fashion is also extremely prevalent in the film, and when you mix it with the cinematography it gives the movie a highly stylized look; It's just an all around well-made film in my eyes. Charlyse Bella's scene was nothing sort of magnificent and the scene that followed her's between Marika, Henessy, and Ian Scott was fucking incredible. Extras are relatively non-existent, which is a huge disappointment because I really think that this was the best overall film that I've watched this entire year thus far. The film's release date was from December of last year, but we tend to get some of these movies from across the pond a little later than normal which is why you're seeing this review going up in March. Anyways, I would certainly give this one a higher mark if I felt that I could, but regardless I thought it was amazing, incredible, and every other adjective I could possibly use to try and tell you to buy this movie. Whether you're into great sex, or even something a little more abstract than your typical porno, you're going to love this one. Scarlett Revell did great work here and it shows, this is the first film I've seen of hers but I am officially a huge fan. Highly Recommended


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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