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Snow Teens 7

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by D C » Review Date: 4/7/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Genre: Teen, Foreign, Lesbian

Director: N/A

Starring: Elisa, Julia, Gylve, Britt, Lussy, Nicoletta, Deina, Lilly, Linda O., Linda, Anita and Tess

Release Date: March 7, 2014

Run Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

No DVD Extras

Condoms: No

Audio / Video: There were no discernable issues with the video (16:9 aspect ratio) and no issues with audio quality in the scenes.

Overview: The starlets of Snow Teens 7 love to heat things up when the weather is cold! Snow Teens returns with the hottest girls and the coolest temps. Unfortunately there is no heat in this movie that runs a little over an hour long. I wish there was one scene or moment that stood out, but it’s best you keep your winter coat on  for this production.

Scene 1

The opening of the movie features Elisa, Julia, Gylve and Britt taking still photos, while naked and skating around on a frozen pond of some sort. I can honestly say you will not be entertained by any of this and question why it was even in the movie.

Scene 2

Lussy is approached on the street by her male counterpart and retreat to his apartment to feed his birds. Things slowly escalate and he begins to take off her shirt and suck on her tits. This scene plays out like a high school boyfriend and girlfriend couple having sex for the first time. It is a little awkward and the scene lacks any sort of passion. At times she looks rather bored while he is eating her out. The sex wasn’t that hot, the close up angle in the cowgirl position just didn’t work for me and the cum shot was lackluster.

Scene 3

Our second snow teen, Nicoletta, finds herself in the mood and begins to finger herself outside the cabin. She is much more attractive than the previous starlet and keeps me somewhat interested to see how this scene will play out. I quickly realize that was the entire scene - just a solo masturbation - nothing special.

Scene 4

The third snow teen Deina retreats back to the loft with her boyfriend for an afternoon rendezvous. It plays out much like the first scene – choppy, slow, no hotness factor and unenthused sex. There isn’t really much to say or add here. It was extremely difficult to get turned on by this scene (and movie for that matter).

Scene 5

Our next two teens – Linda O. and Lilly – partake in some night skiing, before walking all the way back to the lodge, which we have to watch as well. If watching the two of them walk back to the lodge wasn’t bad enough, we have to endure the painstaking process of watching them take off their ski gear, one article at a time. One of the teens appears to have slightly injured her knee while skiing, so her female counterpart has a solution to ease her pain. The two fully undress and proceed to make out on the couch. Both play with each other’s pussies and I will give this scene some credit based on the pairing and general chemistry between the two.

Scene 6

The fifth scene features Linda O., our snow teen from the previous scene sweeping the stairs to her cabin, when she gets a little horny and goes inside to take care of this issue. Much like the second scene, there is no enthusiasm while she is fingering her pussy.

Scene 7

The last scene of the movie is by far the best – which isn’t saying much. BUT the girls (Anita and Tess), who are somewhat attractive, put on a good lesbian show for us – fingering and sucking each other’s pussies. The pace of the scene is mostly slow, like much of the action in the movie, but at least this scene possessed some quality action.

Final Thoughts: This was rough. At no point in the movie was I entertained, let alone turned on. The pace of all of the scenes were slow and uneventful. This movie will be filed under SKIP IT.





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