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Desperate Teens At Home 7

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by D C » Review Date: 4/15/14

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Teen, Barely Legal, Amateur, European

Overview: Teenage girls, home alone, nothing to do? Well, that's asking for trouble! The 7th edition of Desperate Teens at Home brings you eight completely different but all extremely horny girls that don't spend their time doing nothing. A hot & lesbian shower, some anal on the living room couch or just a quick masturbation, these teens know exactly how to get off.

While most of the movie fell short of my expectations for a teenage romp fest, there were some hidden gems along the way. I think you will most likely enjoy the performances from Vikki, Liza and Nikita. This feature film is over two hours in length and packs in seven scenes altogether.

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Starring: Vikki, Candy, Nicolette, Betty, Dasha, Liza, Lucy and Nikita

Director: N/A

Run Time: 120 minutes

Release Date: February 27, 2014

Condoms: No

Extras: No

Audio / Video: There were no discernable issues with the video (16:9 aspect ratio) and no issues with audio quality in the scenes.

Scene 1


Vikki sneaks into the bedroom on her unsuspecting boyfriend who is sleeping to get a peek of the goods. When she finds what she wants, she immediately begins to rub his giant cock and lick it. Her boyfriend still won’t wake up after the initial blow job, so Vikki moves to phase two – stripping off all of her clothes, before resuming a little more cock service. Her counterpart finally awakes, and here’s a shocker – he wants her to continue sucking him off. Vikki is certainly skilled in the blow job department. She’s got a nicely shaved snatch, tits on the smaller side, a compact body and a lower back tattoo. The sex is decent, and she does her best fucking in the reverse cowgirl position. I particularly like the bird’s eye view when she’s in the reverse cowgirl. It’s certainly makes for a nice viewer experience. Vikki also does a great job handling his large cock in the missionary position and handles it perfectly anally. Overall, I felt this was the perfect opening scene to the movie.

Scene 2


Candy is brushing her teeth in the bathroom when she decides to use her toothbrush for something more. Candy, who may have the hottest body of any starlet of the movie, uses the toothbrush down south to get off – and it is kind of how of how she watches herself in the mirror while she fiddles with her pussy. I would have like to see her taste the toothbrush more after she was rubbing her pussy with it (which she eventually does at the end), and I would have liked to see her at the very least raise on leg on the bathroom counter while she was playing with herself. That could have made for some great camera work potential. I just felt there was a lot of wasted potential on this teen hottie, especially for a solo masturbation scene.

Scene 3

Becky and Nicoletta

Becky and Nicoletta are taking a shower with their clothes on and using the shower head to wash each other. It was hard to get aroused due to the fact they kept their clothes on the whole time. After several minutes of watering each other down, Becky and Nicoletta finally dabble in a little lesbian lust (it is your standard fingering, sucking and kissing – all very tame). It isn’t a terrible scene, but again, really could have pushed the envelope a little more.

Scene 4


European porn is so much different than American porn (based on my XCritic reviews). Case in point – the fourth scene. We are subjected to watching Dasha cross the street, go to a bakery, window shop, go to a park, eat a banana, go back to her apartment, eat another banana, drink a glass of wine, then stand up and strip – all without saying a single word. If that is your cup of tea for an intro, then this is certainly the scene for you. It is a solo masturbation scene – again nothing spectacular, no real passion involved – and not to mention the scene just oddly cuts off at the end.

Scene 5


I had to laugh in the first couple of minutes into the fifth scene after the male talent was sucking on Liza’s tits and acted as if he was taste testing beer. This scene has an extremely slow pace and it started to play out as if neither one knew what to do with each other. I will say though, Liza is one of the better looking starlets, and things actually heat up as the scene progresses. I was pleasantly surprised, because I haven’t seen this type of action since the first scene. Liza does a nice job handling her counterpart’s large cock in her ass and fucks real well in the cowgirl position.

Scene 6


Lucy is ironing when she gets a little horny and masturbates on the carpet. She uses the cord of the iron at times to assist in the efforts. It was a much shorter scene than Candy’s solo masturbation scene. Just as the other two solo scenes, I wish the starlets gave us just a little more. If you are going to use the iron cord as a toy, why not go a little farther – try some other toys or props? I just think this scene fell short of its potential.

Scene 7


Despite its leisurely opening, Nikita is quite skilled in sucking cock. The POV style really captures her talents as she does a splendid job stroking her counterpart’s cock with her hands and licking up and down his shaft while kneeling on the floor. Nikita, who sports a real athletic body, rides his cock with ease in the cowgirl position and gets drilled nicely in the missionary position. The camera work is much more solid in this scene, and for the first time, it felt like there was some chemistry with this pairing.

Overall Impressions: If this movie would have eliminated the solo masturbation scenes, it could have made for a better experience. I felt as if there were wasted opportunities with most of the starlets. I was hoping for a little more heat in both the solo masturbation scenes and the lone lesbian scene. Having said that, there were other scenes were actually decent, and quite the turn on, despite some of the sluggish pace. I am not the biggest fan of European porn, but I am not going to outright dismiss this movie as a waste of your time. Vikki, Liza and Nikita all performed well, especially Nikita and her blowjob skills. This gets a RENT IT from me.


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