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Samantha Bentley is Filthy

Studio: Harmony » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/19/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Samantha Bentley is Filthy
Harmony Films
Directed by Scarlett Revell
Date of Production: 2/5/13 to 2/17/13
Running Time: 2:30:46
Samantha Bentley
Lexi Lowe
Jasmin Jae
Ava Dalush
George Uhl
Ryan Ryer
Dirty Dog
Yanick Shaft
Dean Van Damme
Special Features:
Photo Gallery
Cumshot Gallery
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby DIgital 2.0 at 192 kbps
Output: LCPM 48KHz/16 bits
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps
British award winning starlet Samantha Bentley leads you through a self biographical story of lust and depravity. Watch and be in awe of this perverted little whore lives out her most carnal desires with no shame or regret. Limits are pushed, boundaries are broken...Come and witness the most obscene pornstar in the business, Samantha Bentley is Filthy
Samantha and Ryan
Don't be afraid of the masked man walking around the city. Or the masked men in your fantasy of being a stripper, as you enjoy some solo time. But an interruption in her solo time, means Ryan is in for a treat, as she busts open his trousers and finds a hard cock waiting for her and the back of her throat. She covers his cock in spit, and then climbs on top, as she guides it inside her pussy, as she shoves a few fingers in her ass. And as she leans back, we get a great look at her body, those natural tits, and that long flowing hair. But she's going to offer up her ass to his man meat, guiding it in, taking him in nice and slow, before he picks up the pace. She lubes his cock up with more spit and then poles dances for some more anal, before she gives up her pussy again, but they both seem to favor her ass. They switch up a few positions and she offers both her ass and pussy to him, making sure there are no favorites along the way. After a long pussy pumping session, getting her to cum, he sprays her face with his cum, with some nice clean up licks and swallows from Samantha.
Samantha, Lexi
She dives head first into the dark world, as she meets her masked man, wearing nothing but a coat, and some stockings. She finds herself tied up and blindfolded as a sexy blonde teases and plays with her, as she wraps her in rope. The blonde continues to warm her up, with some tongue wrestling and pussy play, before diving in with her tongue. The masked man enters and dives his cock in and out of her pussy, getting a little deeper each time. They free her from the ropes, and some more sexy time with the busty blonde, before they both make their way to our masked man, as Samantha takes a seat on his cock, after it gets a nice layering of spit. As she continues to ride his pole, her pussy is getting some added attention from the blonde, licking and keeping it nice and wet with some spit. They free the blonde from her skin tight latex shorts, and then Samantha awaits for her to sit on her face, as she jerks him off, talk about multi-tasking. The blonde busts out a huge black strap on, as she shoves it in her mouth, and then attacks her from behind, seeing how deep she can get in her pussy. They decide enough with the dildo, time to have some fun with the real thing, as they double team him, until he bursts all over Samantha.
Samantha, Jasmine
Another call from her mystery man and she finds herself in a room, and watching a couple have some fun for their enjoyment. And lucky for us, we have a busty brunette with some piercings to get us excited, even Samantha has her hand down his pants, jerking him off as they look on. After some ass licking, both girls have their mouths filled with cock, showing off their oral skills for the camera. The brunette is the first to get mounted from behind for some ball slapping doggy, and some intense hair pulling. The brunette takes a seat on his pole and dances her booty for the camera, as Samantha continues to suck and swallow her guy, along with some facial violation as she leans over the side of the couch. And you know that some titty fucking was going to happen at some point, as she lubes his cock up with spit and slides it in between her mountains of flesh, and then back inside her pierced pussy. His geyser gives Samantha a nice cum blast and the busty brunette gets a frosting on her boob, followed by some clean up with her mouth.
Samantha, Ava
She is once again enjoying some solo time, as she enjoys a nice hot bath, and then gets dressed up for another night, as we see her adventure takes her to a strip club to live out that fantasy from before. But it seems that one of her fellow dancers has caught her eye, and the guys pull out their cocks, as the girls start to kiss. After the kissing, comes to the oral appreciation from both, and includes some facial violating for Samantha again, before he slides into her pussy. The other stripper gets her pussy filled as well, in between some muff diving and finger banging. Samantha ends up bent over and soon has a hard cock in her ass, getting her a little vocal as he picks up the pace. Both girls gets some nice deep and hard thrusts from the guys, as Samantha throws in a few fingers in her ass, when her pussy is getting filled to the brim. Things heat up as the girls come together a few times and add in some oral help in between the fucking. Once again, Samantha gets a nice facial, and her sexy stripper friend is there to help clean up a little. But remember there were two cocks in this scene, as the other comes in and gives the stripper some cum in her mouth, which she spits into Samantha's mouth, sharing the load.
Samantha and the party (1st DP) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)
She makes her way to the masquerade party and things are already getting started, as she has a few men surrounding her and warming her up. She keeps her hands and mouth busy with a few cocks, then ends up bent over, as one eases its way into her pussy from behind and then goes for her anal, as she gets vocal when there isn't a cock in her mouth. Beside the hot sex we are witnessing, I think the fact there is a crowd around watching, and a few are getting a little frisky as well, just adds even more heat to this scene. The cocks continue to find their way inside her ass and pussy, and she goes for a ride, really bouncing and grinding, as the booty show starts, followed by a few loud moans as the DP starts, but a third cock, in her mouth, seems to muffle the moans a little. And we get another appearance from the busty blonde, as she leans in and offers a few kisses to Samantha as she is getting DP. And it seems that her ass is gaping nicely as they show it off in between filling it up with their cocks. They take turns diving back and forth between her pussy and ass, and then she ends up on her knees, stuffing two cocks in her mouth. Some nice facial violating and then we are back to even more DP fun, and once again the look on her face is priceless. One by one she takes the fruits of their labor in her mouth and face, followed by a nice blasting of her pussy patch, bring this movie to a nice finale indeed.
Overall Thoughts:
I had wanted to watch/review this one ever since I knew it was coming out. I need to thank fellow Xcritic reviewer Bobby Blake/Porno Nerd for introducing me to this lovely lady. Not only does she have a nice natural body, including some nice tits and booty, but she's also got an accent, which adds a little something for me.
With the news of this lady going to be on Game of Thrones soon, it seemed like a perfect time to finally give this one a go. Perhaps you are going to watch the show, and be like, hey I would like to see more of this lady, naked and naughty, and I think this is going to be a great introduction to the world of Samantha Bentley. Harmony Films, is another studio that always has a great visual style and appeal to their movies for me. Add in some haunting music and you can't help find yourself enjoying this sexual trip as she finds out a little about her dark and dirty side. This was Scarlett Revell's second film for the studio and this was enough to get me to seek out the other stuff she has done, I have a feeling that fetish is her thing. The overall lack of special features are going to bring down the score a bit, but overall this is a very solid HIGHLY RECOMMENDED release and more than enough to make you a fan of Samantha Bentley, and a journey you will want to watch more than once. 

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