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Father's Forbidden Fantasies

Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/16/14

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Father’s Forbidden Fantasies

Forbidden Fruits Films

Genre: Vignette, Family Love

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Director: Levi Cash

Cast: Zoey Foxx, Tony D., Carter Cruise, Tony DeSergio, Callie Calypso, Chloe Addison

Length: 115:40 minutes

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: There was a photogallery, some trailers, and a bonus scene from “Teen Manipulations” suggesting it would be “on shelves Dec 2014” and lasted 31:58 minutes, the title released in February of 2014 instead. The scene is described below for those who care, starring attractive Stella May with old mope Tony DeSergio.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Father’s Forbidden Fantasies was presented in anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Levi Cash for Forbidden Fruits Films. The cameras were manned by Levi and Steven Escolar, who also served as the editor and music provider, Jodi West acting as the narrator. There were times when the two cameras were working with different settings, altering the flesh tones between edits, but otherwise the lighting was decent and the editing minimalist in nature. The framing was okay and there did not appear to be a lot of problems with a shaky camera, some minor compression artifacts observed but again, nothing too bad. There was no continuous company watermark either, a point some care more about than others. The aural components were pretty basic here, the 2.0 Dolby Digital appearing to be encoded in post production but the vocals, while slightly hollow, were easily heard and the music was not a major factor, nor were the ambient sounds.


Body of Review: Levi Cash is a man I associate mostly with his meat puppet skills for various internet based companies in Florida though he also directs for Forbidden Fruits Films. His first title coming in for me to review is called Father’s Forbidden Fantasies, a series of four scenes starring newcomer females in scenarios where they bone an older male identified as a step parent. While not the most definitive work in the genre, it was not bad except that the trysts were really not establishing the relationships all that well, the ladies including Chloe Addison, Zoey Foxx, Carter Cruise, and Callie Calypso. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Zoey Foxx, a lean young brunette in eclectic street clothing, was up first in bed with muscular Tony D., the gal having spotted the frustrated man sniffing her used panties after trying to pick up after the sloppy kid. She played it cool and laid out on the bed half naked when he dove into the closet, the cute gal changing into other pairs of panties to excite the old pervert. She kept calling him “dad” and stripped when she walked into his bedroom later, peeling off her panties to hand them to him as she came on to him, the frisky gal tempting him as he let her remove his pants to slob his knob. She focused her oral efforts on his head while applying some hand to gland friction, licking the shaft rather than throat him before she vaginally mounted him for a few modestly active riding positions, the gobbling her gash between a few of them. It ended when he tossed out his semen on her torso, Zoey picking up her panties to stuff them in his mouth.


Scene Two: Carter Cruise, an attractive blond with pretty eyes, was up next as she discussed the problems Tony DeSergio was having with her mother, sunbathing topless instead of going to school like was supposed to. She didn’t want him telling her mother about it as she would lose her new car, Tony working out a creepy deal with her involving sex in the bedroom. He started by caressing her pierced nipples and while she made faces, she did not resist, rubbing her pussy and kissing her until she got the hint and began joining in by sucking his turgid pecker. She went about half way down on it and showed she was no beginner to having blown a guy before, Tony eating her hairy snatch before they started vaginally fucking. She was a passive rider in almost all positions, diddling herself as he boned her until the old creep plastered her crotch with his sperm, no closure of any merit provided as he kissed her and left the room.


Scene Three: Callie Calypso, a brunette with a lean body and decent rack, was up next as she was loudly screwing when Tony D. stumbled across her and her boyfriend (“Mike”). He could see glimpses of the action and kept quiet so he could peep a little, waiting until she was finished to have a talk with her. She started her seduction routine early here, removing her pants before he came into the room and kidding him about what “I’m decent” means. A bit later on, she invited him into her room where she discussed clothing with him, her booty shorts showing off half her sweet ass though as a step father, he acted prudish just the same as she changed in the room with him. The topic of mom’s approval came up briefly though she pushed the issue more and more until she was only in a blue thong on the bed beside him. She cornered him and pulled his cock out of his pants to aggressively suck, the two kissing she inhaled his cock and swung her leg over for a 69. She then sat her bald beaver on his face for sucking before they vaginally fucked, Callie remaining a passive rider until he tossed out a small load of semen on her torso.


Scene Four: Chloe Addison, a slutty blond with lots of tattoos on her back, was up last with Tony DeSergio as she chatted with her friend on the phone about having sex with older men. They parted and she was next up on the couch watching porn on her phone when he walked back in, Chloe finding out a dirty secret about her step dad and best friend that led to sexual blackmail. Chloe was then all over him despite his protests, caressing his leg and stripping when they went into the bedroom. When Tony gave in so suddenly, it was a bit weaker than it should have been, the guy diving between her legs to munch her heavily trimmed pussy and implanted boobs, Chloe giving him a little head before they vaginally fucked. While she put a little effort into it when she was briefly on top, he did most of the work and it seemed very forced, her over the top moaning giving me a headache before he bust a nut on her face.


Bonus Scene: Teen Manipulations: Seeing as the first scene was pretty darn good in regards to it's faux taboo theme I was not expecting the next scene to top it, but that's exactly what it did. In scene two The girl of interest, which happens to be the lovely "Stella May" is home alone chatting away on the cellphone, and talking trash about other hoes in her school. As she is doing so she notices her principal's van pull up. This worries the poor girl, because she's been doing some naughty things to keep her parents from knowing about her at school behavior. These "naughty things" include the forging of several letters sent to warn her parents of her bad behavior. Stella tries her best to act like she's not home, but having been out on the balcony in plain sight, she knows the principal more than likely noticed her. Upon letting the head of the school in she is quizzed about her parents whereabouts, her past behavior, and why it is she decided to forge her parent's signatures. Stella being the awkwardly shy teenager that she is gets worried about the principal's suggestions to tell her parents what's going on. As with any porno though the well dressed gentleman offers up an alternative to the punishment she would have endured otherwise. This alternative, as you may have guessed is a full-on fuck session. Like the girl before her Stella opts to use sex as a way out. She leads the older man into her bedroom, and ultimately gives into his wanton desires. The principal tries to impress his young lady friend with whispered words of seduction, and even tends to her sexual needs before his own. He eases her worries by sucking her pussy, and her small breasts. When the time for penetration comes he asks if she's ready, and slowly inserts his large banana shaped cock inside her after she gives him the go ahead. The first go to position between the unusually paired couple is the more intimate spooning position. The man of the scene pulls out on occasion in this position in order to not overwhelm the youthful girl. Despite her being coaxed into sex Stella seems to enjoy the fucking, and shows her pleasure through her many jerky reactions. As they switch between spooning, missionary, and doggystyle Stella slowly, but surely becomes the naughty girl she was aiming to be. When the pussy pounding, and cock pleasuring finally met it's peak later on the principal pulls out just in time to allow Stella to get on her knees before him, and take a cumshot to the face. Stella savors the cumshot, and embraces the principal on last time as they sit upon her bed. (review by Vincent Pierce)

Summary: Father’s Forbidden Fantasies by director Levi Cash for Forbidden Fruits Films featured four attractive newcomer ladies paired up with lower quality older male mopes, the sexual encounters on the repetitive side in each case just as the written scenarios lacked in terms of generating any heat or friction to build from so I rated it as a Rent It, my associates suggesting that other recent titles were much better by comparison. In short, if you appreciate the “Taboo” of family sexual encounters between step relations, there is a growing body of work that should satisfy you much more than Father’s Forbidden Fantasies but it was worth checking out for the strokability of the youthful cast in some of their first scenes so give it a look.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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