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Affect3d.com - Girlfriends 4 Ever

Studio: Other » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/8/14

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For several years, I served as a judge for the annual AVN Awards. During those years, I watched and evaluated numerous genres of adult movies that were out of my prior "comfort zone." One of those genres is transsexual sex and I must say that I was really impressed by several TS performers, especially Bailey Jay and Venus Lux, who is the recipient of my March 2014 Must-See Girl Award

My appreciation of transsexuals led me to search the web for related sexual experiences and I soon learned about an element of a Japanese folk religion in which deities could have both male and female characteristics. Such goddesses are called futanari which, according to Wikipedia, means "to be of two kinds."

Futanari, also called futa, have been popularized in modern porn culture. These androgynous beings are celebrated in both an extensive body of written literature as well as both hand-drawn and computer graphics. Futanari are typically depicted as gorgeous women with large and abundant (often lactating) breasts, very accommodating vaginas, and immense penises. In fact, the most common penis size in the futanari literature I've read is 14", although some futa goddesses have substantially larger phalluses. Futa goddesses ejaculate incredibly large amounts of semen, can make females pregnant, and can get pregnant themselves. They can also fuck for an indefinite amount of time, remaining hard even after cumming. And, they can cum over and over again during one session.

Futanari goddesses also possess magic. Indeed, they must magically adapt their partners' mouths, throats, vaginas, and anuses to accommodate their massive penises. Otherwise, their partners would never be able to accommodate them!

Frankly, the idea of a gorgeous woman with a huge and volcanically ejaculating penis is, somehow, extremely arousing to me. I don't know why. I am not at all attracted to men. But, transsexuals and futanari are, to me, a huge turn-on.

Affect3D.com Site

As I searched the net looking to satisfy my new craving, I came across a fantastic site that serves dual roles as a blog devoted to 3DX, or three-dimensional X-rated imagery, and as a store. Unlike many sites that require users to pay a monthly fee, this site provides the consumer with an opportunity to view 3DX offerings from many artists and then buy only what is wanted. I really like this idea because I hate to pay monthly fees but, at the same time, want to reward the artists that create content that I like. The site is called affect3D.com and it is, in my opinion, awesome. Best of all, it's free!

Afffect3D features (almost) daily blog updates that feature glimpses of the 3DX work created by numerous digital artists, galleries of work produced those artists (both straight and funtanari), and reviews of 3DX works. There's also a link to the Affect3D store, where you can purchase just those items that you want.

Although numerous artists post their work on Affect3D.com, I am most "drawn" to the computer graphics of an artist named Miro. Miro's art is extremely detailed. He favors gorgeous girls with shapely bodies and huge bountiful tits. His drawings feature such detail as gooseflesh-covered skin, defined musculature, mesmerizing eyes, and "come and get me" expressions. Frankly, I am amazed at the intricacies of Miro's art. It truly is amazing.


Miro's Characters

The first of Miro's three characters is a busty blond female, Tara, who you can see in the image below. She is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but also has an uncanny ability to swallow huge cocks. Tara is sent on "assignments" to pleasure extremely lucky guys. Affect3D.com describes this vixen: "Tara (is a) sexy, all new leggy platinum blond who can take on 1, 2, or even 3 dudes! Her (first) assignment was to blow...and she did! But grade A students, when facing a lack of challenge, make their own. So, Tara did a DP. But, even that wasn’t enough..." The photo below is a "teaser" from Tara's Assignment 1, a series of 3DX still images that you can buy from the affect3d store for $10.00.


Miro's other characters are red-headed twins, Ayako and Sayako. Ayako is a drop-dead-gorgeous woman who is, happily, addicted to sex. Indeed, the set of 3DX stills you can buy from the affect3d store that features Ayako is called Sex Addiction. Sex Addiction costs $12.95 from the affect3d store.


Ayako's twin, Sayako, looks exactly like Ayako except she's a futanari who has a fantastic feminine body and a huge cum-spewing cock. Tara meets--and blows--Sayako in Tara's Second Assignment, which is a set of 3DX still images that costs $10.00. You can buy a bundle of both Tara's Assignment 1 and Tara's Assignment 2  from the affect3d store for $15.95. (I recommend you get both sets of images.)


Girlfriends 4 Ever

As you might imagine, Tara is quite smitten with gorgeous and well-hung Sayako. So, one blow-job encounter is simply not enough to satisfy Tara. Thankfully, Miro continues the story. But, he doesn't provide us with just still 3DX images! Instead, he created a complete Flash animation that is simply incredible. The animated interactive experience is called Girlfriends 4 Ever and is available from the affect3d store for $24.95. 

I was so enthralled with both Tara and Sayako, after I saw them in Tara's Assignments, that I simply had to see more of them together. So, I bought Girlfriends 4 Ever. Ever since I purchased this animated interaction, I have watched it many times...sometimes more than once per day. It's that hot!


Support Our Sponsor:

After I purchased Girlfriends 4 Ever from the affect3d store, I received an email that provided information on how to download and install the interaction. I followed the instructions and downloaded three compressed .rar files to my computer.

By way of full disclosure, I am a Mac user and know little to nothing about PCs. Since .rar files are unusual in the Mac world, I had to find a piece of software to recompress and join together the three .rar files. That was easy...all I needed to do was a quick Google search. Once I obtained the correct software (free, I might add), I launched it and it decompressed and joined the three files into one Flash-based app. Anxious (and quite horny), I clicked the app and...nothing. The app didn't work!

So, I contacted affect3d.com's customer service people and received--quite quickly--an email with procedures to update the Mac version of the Girlfriends 4 Ever app. These instructions required me to download an updated version of Girlfriends 4 Ever and then find, download, and install Adobe AIR. No problem. Then, I had to actually open the "packages" that contain the old and new applications and copy files from the old app to the new one. 

Since I am a fairly proficient Mac user, I had no problem updating my copy of Girlfriends 4 Ever. However, if you are not a medium- to well-qualified Mac user, beware. 

Frankly, it is my opinion that an app that I download from an online store ought to work once I properly install it. This is the reason that I am awarding only four stars to "Ease of Use."


Once you launch the Girlfriends4ever application, you will be presented with a nicely designed Main Menu, as shown below. This menu allows you to play the entire feature, select a particular scene, choose to watch "fun stuff" (extras), or make your own feature by dragging clips into the order in which you wish to view them. Other Main Menu selections allow you to go directly to the publisher's website (affect3D.com), vote for how you want updates to the feature to proceed, log on to the feature's blog so that you can download updates as they are released, obtain help, and turn the sound on or off.

While you watch Girlfriends 4 Ever, a control bar appears at the bottom of your screen. You can use this control to go back to the Main Menu, change playback speed, back up, pause, loop the video, and more. Use the "Help" selection on the Main Menu to learn how to use the control bar.

Click the Main Menu photo below to watch the preview of Girlfriends 4 Ever. 


The Scene Selector is what you'd expect (see below). You can jump to any part of the feature by clicking the appropriate preview icon.


The Make Movie window allows you to drag clips from the movie from the "Select Clips" area to the "Play Queue" area as shown below. You can remove a clip from your personalized movie by clicking on the red X. Once you arrange the clips in your preferred order, you can play your own movie.


The final menu, called "Fun Stuff," is really an Extras menu. This menu, shown below, allows you to select and enjoy numerous animated clips. I particularly enjoyed the "Sayako Self Love" and the "5 Angles" Extras. There's even a 3D Vision clip that allows you to watch portions of the handstand anal scene (see below) in 3D if you wear your 3D glasses. Miro, if you're reading this, please add a cumshot to Sayako's masturbation clip.


Review of the Interactive Feature

  • Scene Set-up In Tara's Second Assignment, a 3DX series of images I mentioned above, Tara meets Sayako and gives her an amazing blowjob. That doesn't satisfy lusty Tara. So, afterward, she plots to have her pussy stuffed with Sayako's massive cock. She makes arrangements to attend the same event that she knows Sayako will attend. Then, she lures Sayako into a beautiful salon where she confesses, "I've never done it with a girl." At first, Sayako doesn't want to fuck Tara. However, Tara is persistent and soon converts Sayako to her way of thinking. Unbeknownst to either of them, Tara and Sayako are about to have the best night of their lives. Throughout this scene, Miro's animation is superb. Wait until you see Tara's nipples through her see-through dress and watch Sayako's mammoth boobs bounce delightfully while she walks across the room.


  • Making Out After a dramatic black-out, we find naked Sayako on her back on the marble floor. Her massive dick is already at half mast and grows and hardens continuously as she and Tara kiss passionately. Watching Sayako's penis grow and harden is one of the hottest clips I've ever seen. 


  • Titty Play Tara simply cannot resist Sayako's huge and bountiful breasts. So, she feasts upon them greedily as they stretch and bounce in reaction to Tara's suckling actions. Sayako really gets turned on by Tara's ministrations and her still-growing and hardening penis proves it. 


  • Penis Shock Tara keeps herself so enthralled kissing Sayako's generous mouth and suckling her bounteous boobs that she doesn't notice Sayako's cock hardening and expanding. When Tara looks up and beholds Sayako's rod, the expression on her face is priceless. 


  • Blowjob Of course, once Tara's initial shock has subsided, she simply must take Sayako's cock into her mouth. She's quite tentative at first, barely tickling Sayako's tip with her tongue. "I'm not sure I can take it all!" she fears. But, like other futanari goddesses, Sayako works her magic and assures Tara, "Yes, you can." And, little-by-little, she does! This footage is fucking amazing!


  • Deep Throat In due course, Tara is able to swallow Sayako balls-deep. As Tara deep-throats Sayako's dick, be sure to watch how her throat bulges as the massive throbbing penis deeply penetrates Tara's esophagus. 3DX allows for this oral magic, and Miro utilizes this ability with great skill. Meanwhile, Tara's arousing voice, in a voice-over, explains exactly how good she feels--and how wet she's getting. Sayako, too, feels damned good and is soon pistoning in-and-out of Tara's throat at redline-speed while holding Tara's head in place to force maximum penetration. This is extremely hot footage, "shot" from a variety of angles that allow us to savor Sayako's thrusting rod, her massive bouncing tits, and her pretty vagina. Tara brings Sayako close to orgasm...but pulls away because, after all, she wants her pussy fucked!


  • Missionary Vaginal By this time, Tara's pussy is simply begging to be fucked. So, she lies down on an elegant couch, spreads her legs, and allows Sayako to penetrate and then ream her vagina balls deep. As was the case with Tara's throat, Sayako works her magic so that Tara's vagina can accommodate all of Sayako's cock. And, Miro's detailed animation shows how Tara's abdomen bulges every time Sayako thrusts deep inside. Tara loses control--and cums--when she notices that bulging belly! Awesome! You're also going to love watching both girls' breasts--and Sayako's balls--bounce as Sayako pounds Tara harder and deeper, filling every inch of Tara's pussy. 


  • Missionary Cumshot During fellatio, Tara wanted Sayako to hold back--to avoid cumming--so that she could get fucked. But, when Tara senses that Sayako is near ejaculation, she decides that there's no reason to prevent her from cumming. So, in keeping with futanari goddess lore, Sayako jacks herself off and cums...and cums...and cums some more. She drenches Tara's fine boobs and belly with cum, slathers her face and hair with spunk, and fills her mouth with semen. Of course, being the highlight of the scene, Miro spends a lot of time and provides a lot of "camera angles" for us to enjoy as Sayako's mammoth penis erupts and sprays over and over again. Wow!


  • Reverse Cowgirl Vaginal After cumming, Sayako isn't tired in the least. So, after the girls use Tara's dress to clean up the hot and sticky mess, Tara, who can't believe that Sayako is still hard, mounts and rides Sayako in reverse cowgirl, again swallowing all of her cock with her commodious vagina. Tara's bouncing boobs and flexing ass cheeks look awesome in this segment as well as Sayako's throbbing penis and huge tits. Soon, Sayako surprises Tara by pushing her off her dick. Sayako stands above Tara, rubs her cock against Tara's ass and then, over Tara's protestations, rams her penis up Tara's asshole.


  • Doggie Anal After Tara's initial screams of agony and ecstasy, her asshole quickly accommodates Sayako's rock-hard cock as she rams it balls-deep into that tight hole. Meanwhile, Sayako grabs and pulls Tara's hair to increase her pleasure, which is superbly betrayed by her lust-filled eyes. An interesting attribute of this segment, made possible only by animation, is the shot-through-the couch segments. Yes, we get to watch the girls fuck from below as the couch turns translucent before our eyes. In her voice-over, Tara explains that she never thought she'd like anal. But, Sayako's superb fucking has made a believer out of her! In fact, Tara comes up with an idea to make that anal sex even better. 


  • Handstand Anal Through the magic of animation, the final sex scene of the interaction features Tara doing a handstand so that Sayako can deeply fuck her anus while she's upside down. Once Tara gets in position, she tells Sayako, "What are you waiting for? You're supposed to be fucking my ass." And so she does. Again...WOW! Tara loves it and gushes, "Being fucked upside down was such a rush...it felt amazing!" Every detail of this segment is perfect, from Sayako's flexing muscles to her bouncing boobs, to her tight--yet jiggling--ass cheeks. 


  • After Sex Tease To finish up, Sayako collapses on the couch, her cock still rigidly hard. Tara, who wants one more thing from Sayako, won't let her soften. Indeed, Tara licks and strokes Sayako's huge rod, suckles her balls, inflames her lust with her eyes, and arouses her with erotic talk. Tara then lets us decide what Sayako is going to do for her. You get to logon to the affect3d.com website and vote. The winning choice is supposed to be released as an update to Girlfriends 4 Ever soon.


Bottom Line

really enjoyed this animated interaction and I really enjoy affect3d.com. I suggest you frequent the site and buy those 3DX products that turn you on. Like their slogan says, you'll get "porn worth buying."


Dr. Jay

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