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Seduced By My Boyfriend's Mom

Studio: Girl Club Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 6/8/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All/Lesbian, MILFs, 18+ Teens

Director: Gina Lassen

Cast: Shay Fox, Mischa Brooks, Jewels Jade, Hope Howell, Natasha Voya, Sammy Brooks, Syren De Mer, Whitney West Westgate

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 2 hours 25 minutes

Release Date: 4/28/14

Extras: Extras included Softcore Version, Interviews with Shay Fox, Mischa Brooks, Jewels Jade, Hope Howell, Natasha Voya, Sammy Brooks, Syren De Mer, Whitney West Westgate, and a Photo Gallery

Condoms: No

Overview: Girl Club Films is the new, recently launched lesbian studio that looks to be different from the rest. With its first release, Seduced By My Boyfriend’s Mom, it looks as though it may be onto something. Cougar/Kitten porn is nothing new but this first title from the new studio is one really amazing, erotic Sapphic production that this reviewer hopes will be viewed as how quality lesbian porn should be made. Why do I say that? It is well shot, well edited, the chemistry among the cast is very clearly evident, the sex is ball blasting, the girls look really amazing, it rarely lags, and even it’s softcore version is erotic enough that it got this reviewer turned on enough plenty. Plus, we get full, in-depth interviews with
each girl who discuss their love for either older or younger women. They share their stories and if I may recommend to the viewers, you will definitely want to view each interview as the ladies—all very well-spoken for individuals—really give great and revealing sexual insights into their personal world. I believe this really adds to the erotic journey you’ll be taking when you sit back and enjoy this really excellent debut production.

Scene 1 Shay Fox, Mischa Brooks

It’s a hot day and Mischa comes over to visit her boyfriend, but she comes through the back and notices how relaxing it looks by the pool. She decides to sunbathe topless and as soon as she dozes off, Shay walks in and sees Mischa and how sexy she looks. She stands there and watches Mischa for a few minutes, rubbing herself before making her move. When Mischa notices Shay watching her she becomes embarrassed but Shay reassures her it’s OK. Shay then begins her seduction of Mischa, asking her if she’s ever been with a woman, making advances towards her and groping her body. Mischa tries to resist but really doesn’t put up much of a fight as she is loving the attention Shay is paying towards her. They make out for some time with Shay definitely taking control, sampling Mischa’s goodies before they work their way inside. Shay undresses for Mischa, turning her on and getting her wet. Shay buries her face in Mischa’s sweet juices and when she comes up for air, Mischa takes her turn with Shay. But Shay isn’t finished playing with her, breaking out the toys and turning her on enough to make Mischa want to take a butt plug. It’s big but Mischa handles it well as Shay gently pumps her ass, making Mischa scream in orgasmic delight again. The two kiss before the scene cuts away to the next.


Scene 2 Jewels Jade, Hope Howell

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The scenes starts off with a really hot masturbation session courtesy of Jewels Jade in the living room who really works her Hitachi hard as she grinds it into her pussy, her eyes closed and really getting herself off as the vibrations just cause her to climax. Suddenly, Hope Howell knocks on the door and Jewels puts her Hitachi away to let Hope in. It’s raining and Hope is all wet and Jewels takes it upon herself to remove Hope’s clothes off in the middle of the living room. As odd as it may seem Hope lets Jewel remove her wet clothes. Hope admits it’s odd to be naked in front of Jewels in the living room because she and her boyfriend often had sex in there, which Jewels tries to act shocked by it. What Jewels does instead is comment how good Hope’s body looks and starts working her magic powers on Hope. Hope still feels funny about being naked but doesn’t stop Jewels from feeling her up, then sucking on her tits before finally giving Hope some tongue action. Hope’s inhibitions are gone and lets Jewels do what she wants. Jewels fully takes advantage of Hope, feeling her up some more before she heads down and starts eating Hope’s little kitty. The girls go on to play with each other with Jewels remaining in charge but hope definitely gets Jewels’ juices going especially when she is between her legs and eating Jewels’ out. Jewels’ surprises hope by taking out her Hitachi and using it on Hope, working her clit hard before Hope releases her juices again and both performers ending the scene fully satisfied.


Scene 3 Sammy Brooks, Natasha Voya

Natasha is playing her piano and while she’s in the middle of her piece Sammy walks in, looking so sexy in her booty shorts. Natasha can’t help but notice how good Sammy looks and admits to Sammy she has always wanted her. While Sammy seems surprised she also seems willing to be seduced by her boyfriend’s mother. While Sammy says she’s never been with a woman she is willing to let Natasha play with her. The chemistry in this scene is so on point that it appears the two went off script and just decided to have fun. Still, they managed at times to follow some of the scenario as Natasha constantly reminds Sammy how good a job she’s doing to her. Sammy is simply Natasha’s good little plaything as Sammy does what she’s told as Natasha overpowers her. The highlight of the scene is when Sammy willingly gets her on her knees and starts lapping up Natasha’s sweet spot as Natasha just stands there holding her head as to direct it as Sammy pleasures Natasha. Truly the best scene in an outstanding lesbian jerker.


Scene 4 Syren De Mer, Whitney Westgate

Syren decides to give Whitney, who’s at the house giving her a hand, a break and the two hold hands as they make their way to the living room. The go on like girlfriends but then Syren admits to Whitney how sexy she looks and has always wanted her. Whitney is shocked and believes it’s weird her boyfriend’s mother looks at her that way. But Syren convinces her it’s not and begins massaging her. Again, Whitney is shocked and tries to pull away but Syren overpowers her and continues massaging her, helping Whitney let loose. She manages to convince Whitney to kiss her and as the two kiss, Whitney begins to relax and the two really start to makeout hard. As Syren peels away Whitney’s clothes, she also starts sampling her sweet young body, totally looking really into her. Whitney also begins to appreciate how good Syren looks and starts groping Syren’s sweet body, sucking on her tits and working her hand down to Syren’s pussy. Both ladies engage in a pretty hot and steamy g/g session until the toys come out and the scene really begins to get going. Syren works her vibrator in Whitney’s pussy until she explodes. Syren then wants to use her custom made strap-on on Whitney and while the cock looks big Syren easily manages to work her way in, fucking her good like an old pro with her strap-on. Syren wants it in her ass so Whitney wears the strap-on so Syren can ride it reverse cowgirl style, anally. Syren is unbelievable in her role as the dominant mother but Whitney also pulls in a fine performance with the veteran star.


Summary: During awards seasons, the major one hand out awards for best new studio and cougar/kitten release. Girl Club Films and Seduced By My Boyfriend’s Mom deserve nominations, respectively. In this title you really need to watch the seduction these older ladies lay on their co-star and in all honesty it seems real at all times; none seem to be following a script but actually using everything in their seducing arsenal to hook up with these young girls. As a fan of this sub-genre, I know what I like and it’s faces I notice on the older ladies. The way they look at these kitties is exactly the way I would look at them and to me that really adds to eroticism. None of the performers displayed any hints they were there to collect a paycheck as they all seem to just forget the camera and came there to fuck. It is beautiful shot with excellent camerawork, the operators really focusing in on the oral, salad tossing, anything and everything that are usually a bit more difficult to zoom in especially when the performers are really into eating. The kittens certainly were not turned off at all by the advance ages of their co-stars and why, since the cougars are just as gorgeous as the kitten, their bodies in peak form and the kittens waiting for their turn to sample what they’re offering. The main thing I loved about this release is seeing the cougars take over. They do all the seducing, undressing the girls and convincing them that what they’re doing isn’t weird but also telling them upfront they want them. Director Gina Lassen directs a nearly perfect film that is thrilling to watch, and will definitely find a permanent home in my personal collection. If you love lesbians, love kittens and cougars together, and enjoy lesbian porn, I Highly Recommend you check out this wonderful gem of a title.

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