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Girls Kissing Girls 14

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/22/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Genre: Lesbian
Director: Dana Vespoli
Cast: Casey Calvert, Lily Love, Lia Lor, Alina Li, Sinn Sage, Raven Rockette, Vicki Chase, Clair Robbins

Length: Two Hours And Twenty Five Minutes
Date Of Production: November 22 & 23, 2013

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Condoms: No

Girlfriends Films’ fourteenth entry in their Girls Kissing Girls series features, predictably enough, plenty of girls kissing other girls and there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that. Truth in advertising. Of course, this is a porno movie and so the girls do quite a bit more than just kiss, but we’ll get to that. Those who don’t already get hard/wet for lesbian porn won’t find that this does much for them, as honestly the disc doesn’t stray far from the formula that has made the production company as successful as they’ve been at all, but it does deliver explicit action performed by a cast of sexy ladies and shot by someone who obvious cared about their work. So without further ado…. Steamy lesbian sex!

Scene 1 – Casey Calvert & Lily Love: Lily comes home and finds Casey in the kitchen. They talk and learn that Lily is upset. Casey comforts her and they start to kiss. The kissing gets pretty hot and heavy, lots of darting girl tongue fighting darting girl tongue, which is kind of rad. From there, breasts are groped and fondled and after a whole lot of foreplay the clothes start to slowly come off. These girls take their time, sucking one another’s tits and then heading to the couch for some oral action. The pussy eating is slow, sensual and passionate with each lass’ shaved muff getting chowed while the camera moves over their respective bodies and shows off the reactions. Lots of self fingering from the girl going down at any given time too, which is always fun to watch. The girls even hold hands at one point while eating out. Eventually, after they’ve done one another, they move into a sixty-nine and make each other come and then they scissor for more of the same. You’ve gotta love it when one all natural brunette takes care of another all natural brunette in that special way that only two ladies can do! Seriously hot stuff, this scene is passionate, convincing and incredibly sexy making it worth the price of the disc all by its lonesome.

Scene One

Scene 2 – Lia Lor & Alina Li: Pretty blonde Lia is hanging out in the bedroom when equally pretty Asian Alina makes her way into the room. They chat each other up a bit and blah blah blah. More drama. Later that night they’re in bed together, just sleeping until Alina moves her leg over Lia’s mid section. This wakes her up and the blonde moves in, kissing her slowly and gently waking her up. Once conscious, Alina decides, hey, lesbian sex might be just what I need right now and they make out. The sleep pants and tight tops come off and titties get sucked. From there, Lia eats Alina out and then Alina returns the oral favors. This looks like fun. Lia sights on Alina’s face and then eats her out again and then they grind and scissor a bit before Alina eats Lia from behind before flipping her over and going in deep. They sixty-nine and then Alina goes back for more after which Lia gets her playmate on all fours and goes to town from behind. Hot stuff. Lots of energy here, but it never feels too forced, just playful. These girls know the camera is rolling and they play it up for that reason but that doesn’t mean this isn’t hotter than a two dollar pistol.

Scene Two

Scene 3 – Sinn Sage & Raven Rockette: Sinn, with a purple streak in her hair, is practicing guitar. Raven is annoyed and they squabble, but you know, make up sex is just around the corner. After they finish bickering they hit the floor… oh shit! They’re fighting! Except no one is going to believe that they actually are, especially once Raven tongue kisses Sinn who she has pinned to the floor. They make out for a while and start to take one another’s clothes off, but it takes a while. Once we get there we see a whole lot of nipples get sucked before they start eating one another out and fingering each other. There’s some serious aggression here, they fuck like they mean it, and they hit some pretty acrobatic positions with one another as they go at it. It’s also kind of nice that they leave their Doctor Martins and striped knee high socks on, in case you lost your virginity in the nineties and have a thing for that look. The oral here is hot, wet and at times pretty furious. They never go at it to the point where it feels nasty or too rough, but there definitely give 100%. Lots of kissing here too, which fits in with the rest of the disc nicely. They scissor for a bit towards the end too, which is fun to watch.

Scene Three

Scene 4 – Vickie Chase & Clair Robbins: This scene starts off with red headed Clair kind of looking sad and facing the camera. Her internal narration fills us in… but then we flashback to her on the couch with dark haired Vickie. They talk and then they make out, lots of kissing but you probably knew that already. Slowly the clothes come off but the emphasis in the early part is on the kissing, and that’s fine because they seem to mean it. Vickie gets her box chowed and Claire gets her nipples sucked before her splayed twat gets lathered in tongue. The oral here comes fast and furious and they switch it up a lot, going back and forth and taking turns on one another. They grind and sixty-nine and then they go back to the oral and finger fucking and as the scene comes to a close they take turns sitting on one another’s faces and making each other come.

Scene Four



Girls Kissing Girls Volume Fourteen is a shot on digital video production which looks pretty clean presented here in a very strong and stable 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. There is some mild shimmer in a couple of spots but no noticeable mpeg compression evident anywhere. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (the camera work is very good here), and overall the movie looks great showing very nice detail and color.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue, of which there is generally only a little bit during the sex scenes during the foreplay – there’s too much kissing for there to be talk! -comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. The background music is fine, levels are nicely balanced, everything sounds clean and clear and all in all the disc sounds very good.


Extras start off with a Behind The Scenes segment that runs just over ten minutes. There’s some nice footage of the girls fucking each other here and some very casual interview bits with the starlets in various states of undress and blocking their sex scenes that are fun to watch. This is pretty superficial though, but hey, hot naked lesbians, it can’t be all that bad. And it’s not. Aside from that, look for trailers for a few releases, a still gallery, menus and scene selection.


Final Thoughts:

Girls Kissing Girls Volume Fourteen delivers pretty much exactly what it says it’s going to deliver: lots of girls kissing, all over, every part of their bodies. It’s steamy, sexy stuff and while the bits that lead into the four different couplings that occur over the duration of this disc don’t really matter that much, the sex is nicely shot, quite natural and most importantly, hot. Extras are slim but the presentation is nice. Recommended.

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