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She Male Strokers 64

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/1/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Transsexual, Masturbation 

Director/Writer: Sammy Mancini

Cast: Eva Cassini, Jamie French, Hazel Tucker, Kelli Lox, Rebeka Refuse, Cat Tayler, Chelsea Poe  

Length: 201 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: She-Male Strokers 64 is the sixty-fourth installment to this very popular and long-running series that features masturbation action. In the past, I had interviewed the director of this film and the person in charge of Mancini Pictures and SheMaleStrokers.Com, Sammy Mancini. It was a pleasure.                 
Scene One: Kelli Lox is typing at her desk. The camera does a nice job panning up her sexy legs. I like those heels that the woman has on. Moments later, the tranny is interviewing someone to be her personal assistant. Before hiring the person, Kelli wants the applicant to crawl underneath her desk. The boss takes out her cock and starts to fondle it. The close-up shots of her sexual package are good. Later, Kelli spreads her butt cheeks so that her asshole can be seen. Meanwhile, I like listening to her vocal comments to the applicant. Next, the woman removes her heels and puts her legs on her desk so that person can rub them. (In reality, there is no one who actually rubs them). While the camera focuses on her feet, Kelli is stroking herself. Some close-up shots of her hard dick are shown. When lunch time arrives, she and the unseen applicant move to the couch where Kelli is wearing a different outfit. The exposes her tits and makes the applicant suck them. (Once again, we never see the applicant in this seen so there is no one sucking her titties). So, this role play continues. As for Kelli's self-pleasuring actions, they are quite good. She has a very attractive body, has good imagination, and is very good in role playing to make this scene a big turn-on. At the end of the scene, the tranny cums on her see-thru glass desk. She licks it off.                      

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Scene Two: Eva Cassini is working at her desk. The camera pans her body nicely as it puts attention on her legs. She talks to the camera a bit. I like that touch that Sammy Mancini developed for these scenes. Later, Eva walks towards the stripper's pole to show some of her moves. Almost all of them occurred after Eva changed into her stripper's outfit. The squatting movement was my favorite since we got to see up her skirt. Afterwards, the main focus on Eva's dick was super. The tight shots made you want to touch it. As Eva's masturbation activity continued, I continued to love her red lips. They are so kissable. In the end, this fine performance has the attractive tranny cumming on a little dish. Then, she licks some of it. 
Scene Three: Jamie French talks to her creepy peeping tom neighbor on the phone. Once she finds out that he is into trannies, the woman agrees to put on a show for him. She strips out of her bikini and shows off her ass and then, titties. Some self-pleasuring activity with her cock occurs too. Suddenly, her neighbor calls her to ask if he could orally pleasure her in exchange for a bigger gift. The attractive tranny agrees. In the meantime as he gets his way to her place, Jamie continues to play with her. After the imaginary blow job, more role play action follows as we get an imaginary salad tasting. Jamie fingers her asshole. I like how she really gets into pleasuring herself and how much it gets her off especially during the role play moments. As for her masturbation activity, it is good. I liked seeing her on the couch. The close-up shots of her balls looked hot. At the end of the scene, she cums on herself.
Scene Four: Nerdy Cat Tayler is shooting for the first time for She-Male Strokers. I like listening to her about science fiction, traveling, and transitioning into a woman. This scene is very slow paced. It does take a lot of patience to get through it. Later on, we see the tranny perform her masturbation session. She strokes her cock. Suddenly, her wrists are hooked onto a bar that is across her neck. Her role play activity sounds cool. I like her dirty talk voice.  Overall, Cat does a nice job acting out her scene. It ends with her cumming on herself while Tayler is laying on her back.           

Scene Five: Rebeka Refuse introduces herself to the camera. She mentions her favorite drink whisky and her favorite food is Thai. The lady also talks about transitioning into a woman. She is comfortable with her edgy punk rock look. Rebeka is a very passable tranny. As she continues with her dirty talk, Rebeka rubs her crotch. I really enjoyed listening to her since it gives better insight on who Rebeka Refuse is. Later, her pretty outfit is no longer on her. She has changed into a BDSM outfit and role. She has become a domme. The tranny is believable in this dominant role. The sight of her on the couch looked cool as she is on her knees while the imaginary person orally pleasures her asshole. Afterwards, the masturbation activity provided good turn-on value since Rebeka got into it well. She ends up cumming on herself and the tranny licks off the cum off of her hand.  

Scene Six: Hazel Tucker is talking to her friend on the phone while laying on the couch. She tells her about having dreams on being a stripper. When the pretty blonde falls asleep, Hazel dreams about it again. A strip tease is performed. I like her lovely body. She teases her breasts with her hands much. While stripper Hazel jacks off, we see sleeping Hazel rubbing her dick. The back and forth action continues between dreamland and real time throughout this scene. Later, we see Hazel sucking on a pink toy that she eventually sticks up her ass. The sight of the blonde beauty's body is jack off crazy. There is so much opportunity for a good self-pleasuring time on your own while watching this scene. This scene is a surprisingly awesome treat. Her cum looks so tasty on her fingers.

Scene Seven: Chelsea Poe is stuck at the office. While she goes to the filing cabinet, the camera does a nice job shooting up her dress. Getting bored and frustrated, the tranny starts to masturbate to Internet porn. The longer that her solo play persists, the more Chelsea gets into it with passion. She does a good job making herself turned on while sitting in her chair while her left leg is on the desk. A good amount of her masturbation session takes place on her desk as she gets on all fours and shows off her ass. Then, the woman sits on it while stroking herself off. Chelsea cums a lot.

Final Thoughts: Kelli Lox, Eva Cassini, and Hazel Tucker are the main standouts. As a matter of fact, I love Hazel's blonde look. She has never looked better. She is super hot. Much credit needs to go to director and writer Sammy Mancini in developing a creative and imaginative plotline for many of these scenes. I recommend this production. It's one of the better She-Male Strokers films of the series.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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