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Teens Turning Tricks

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 7/21/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Teens

Director: Unknown

Cast: Goldie Coxx, Brandy Nicole, Estella Leon, Lee

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 2 hours 21 minutes

Release Date: 3/26/14

Extras: Extras included a bonus scene from Young & Cravin’ Cum 4 featuring Violla, Trailers, Slideshows

Condoms: No


Overview: Teens Turning Tricks is essentially Pink Visual’s Teens For Cash series just with a different name. TFC was always one of my favorites and I’m glad they’re continuing it with a new set of geysers, and a whole new lovely crop of fresh teen porn meat. The guys are still out scoping for naïve young girls, luring them with cash to go back their “studio” then get them naked and go all the way with them. That’s my kind of porn. It’s gonzo porn at its purest and while again, while I doubt I’ll be seeing this title high on any sales chart or nominated for any awards, this is exactly the kind of stuff I love to check out. It’s a simple premise that always gets very sizzling results.


Scene 1 Goldie Coxx

Despite looking like she doesn’t want to be there Goldie realizes there’s money to be earned and doesn’t let something like a huge age gap get in the way of earning herself a few bucks for her trouble. One geyser takes his cock out and while Goldie gets on her knees to suck him off, the other just goes for her pussy and tongues it. Goldie looks a tad disgusted but once she’s riding on some old cock, she decides to enjoy the ride with a big cock in her mouth. The guys all take their turns banging away at Goldie’s nice skinny little body, putting her through the gamut most likely because that’s exactly what Goldie doesn’t want but she learns to enjoy it and after being pumped in mish by both geysers, they end up spraying her face with their old man juice.


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Scene 2 Estella Leon

Estella is a sexy Latina who takes a liking to one of the geysers and after they bring her back to the studio and convince her to remove several items of clothing for money, she’s quickly the only person naked in the room. When the guys decide to get naked with her she’s hesistant but then the guys offer her more money for a little more action. Of course this means she has to blow them in exchange for a few paltry bucks but Estella does it anyway. And when it’s time to get dicked down she has her favorite geyser spread her open and takes all of his man meat while orally pleasing the other. Estella is easily the sexiest girl in this cast and the one most into her scene. She tries to front and pretend she’s not having a good time but as long as her favorite geyser is close by she gladly rides his cock in variety of position. He even picks her up and starts a reverse he man before laying her down to finish pummeling her fine young tight pussy. The other geyser gets his fill of pussy but when both are ready to unload they dump a big wad of cum on her pretty face.


Scene 3 Brandy Nicole

Brandy needs cash for important things like girly stuff since she doesn’t have a job or go to school. They guys have cash they want to give to Brandy and Brandy accepts. But of course she has to put on a trick but Brandy seems like a girl who’s pretty easy. She knows what’s expected of her and once the cash offer is made drops her clothing and lets the guys inspect her body. As the guys boner up she gets into position and starts sucking both off. One of them goes inside her in doggy and starts to really pound at her hard. Brandy just keeps on sucking the other geyser off until the guys switch. Both guys know what kind of girl they have here and just pass her around. At first this scene is pretty steamy but eventually the scene just drags for almost 40 minutes as Brandy just lets the guys control the scene and do what they want. They begin to repeat many of the same positions with Brandy not stopping them. By scene’s end even Brandy appears bored and the guys, with hardly any stamina, dump their load on her. In what started out promising just ends pretty mildly.


Scene 4 Lee

This scene, which runs for approximately 17 minutes, spends literally half the time trying to convincing Lee to take her clothes off which doesn’t leave a lot of time for sexual footage. The cuts and edits are obvious, something went wrong here but here’s what great editing can achieve. First of all, Lee also appears to be bit hesitant to go with the guys but does so and she becomes very comfortable around them to the point that she plays games with them. She tries to get them to offer her more money to remove her clothes which she of course gets, but once they get to the sex every possible position goes by too quick. Whatever problems with this scene that occurred it’s hard to figure out but in the less than 10 minutes of sexual footage what I saw was good stuff. Lee throats both guys and looks to enjoy having her ass and pussy licked. Before you know it she’s on her side, her back and in doggy. It all happens quick but again, editing saved this scene by only including what was usuable and erotic. At least that’s how I felt. Lee is a naturally sexy girl who, when the sex got started, looked to be enjoying herself. Certainly the guys enjoyed themselves with Lee and they close out this title by draining their balls on her face. Why they didn’t edit down the previous scene to make it shorter is a mystery but I do wish this scene could’ve gone longer.


Summary: The girls in this title pulled off their disgust, anger, naiveté to a tee most likely because that’s how they must’ve felt having to perform with guys old enough to be their grandfathers. You can feel some of the tension come across during Goldie’s scene in which she nicely played her role as an unexpected used piece of meat by the old guys, and while she probably was disgusted by seeing all that old cock surrounding her, that’s exactly the type of reaction you want to see in this title. It was all good at the end when she walked away with a face full of cum and some cold hard cash. The other scenes were kind of that way too and although Brandy’s scene was way, way too long especially since the scene lost a lot of steam the longer it went on, the three other scenes were strong enough to be enjoyed and provided enough eroticism and strokable moments. I’m a fan of this weird genre where much older guys hook up with teen girls and I realize it ain’t everyone’s bag so I’m a bit biased but I have to give it it’s due. Teens Turning Tricks won’t ever be a spotlight pick or be on anyone’s top 100 list but I’m still giving this one a Highly Recommended.

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