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Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5

Studio: Sweet Heart » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/5/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5

Sweetheart Video

Genre: Lesbian, Older/Younger

Director: Dana Vespoli


Cast: Lola Foxx, Darla Crane, Alina Li, Zoey Holloway, Pepper Kester, Veronica Avluv, Penny Pax, Alana Evans
Non-sex role: Dana Vespoli

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Length: 132:46 minutes

Dates of Production: 1/13/2014, 1/28/2014

Extras: There were 13:29 minutes of nude interviews, some trailers, and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5 was shot in anamorphic widescreen by director Dana Vespoli for Sweetheart Video. The lighting varied by scene and the majority of the shots were done in medium range, losing the close up, gyno-cam approach many male directors use, but the angles did not always showcase the ladies at their best either. The editing by “Phil Silva” was decent, the camera work by James Avalon and Matt Holder minimizing the need for a lot of editing as I saw it. The aural qualities were similarly modest, the vocals a bit muted and low, their hollowness occasionally intruding but the balance between them and the music was okay.


Body of Review: Dana Vespoli, a popular performer and occasional blogger for Xcritic, has been directing for Sweetheart Video. Her latest release coming in for review is Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5, a set of four scenes starring older women with younger gals, the ladies including women such as Alina Li, Veronica Avluv, Alana Evans, Penny Pax, and Zoey Holloway. I included links to individual scene trailers for those wanting more detailed information but the trysts were pretty straightforward in each case. The back cover described the movie like this: “The 5th volume of Sweetheart's popular series features a stunning cast of bombshell older and younger ladies. Cutie Lola Foxx takes over housekeeping duties for her mom, and becomes very attracted to Darla Crane, the lady of the house. Bratty stepdaughter Alina Li drives stepmom Zoey Holloway crazy, and pushes things way too far when she steals her new mom's rare, limited edition sex toy. Nanny Penny Pax harbors a heavy crush on Alana Evans...meanwhile, Alana thinks that Penny's crush is on Alana's husband. Everything becomes clear in the hottest way possible. Finally, concerned stepmom Veronica Avluv confronts sullen stepdaughter Pepper Kester about a possible eating disorder. Veronica helps Pepper to see how lovely the younger girl is, and Pepper returns the gesture with orgasm after orgasm...” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: The Maid’s Daughter: Lola Foxx, a sexy little brunette with a tight ass, was up first enticing seasoned porn veteran redhead Darla Crane, the younger lady taking over for her mother to clean Darla’s house. Darla watched Lola’s smoking hot body at work in her loose yellow shirt and tight booty shorts, the gal bending over to an amazed Darla who was later dressing when Lola brought her finished laundry into the bedroom. Their mutual attraction to each other led to them slowly approaching each other, the kissing not done at the insistence of the older woman this time. Lola was wearing gray stretch pants that accentuated her juicy ass and Darla took notice in her bikini undies, sucking Lola’s perky nipples before the gal played with her own much larger boobs. They kissed and caressed each other with Lola gobbling gash first, her fine ass in the air as her head was nestled between Darla’s neatly trimmed cookie. Darla then ate Lola’s bald beaver before they rubbed their crotches together, some face sitting and rimming adding to the strokability in a scene that ended with a tender kiss.


Scene Two: It’s Mine: Alina Li, the sexy little Asian featured on the front cover, was up next as the step daughter of wonderfully curvy hotty Zoey Holloway, also featured on the cover. Dana made a cameo appearance in the scene in a non-sex function, the dynamic established early on that Alina was a bitch to understanding Zoey. Later on, Zoey found Alina masturbating with an expensive glass toy that she had bought herself, the teenager obviously taking it to get off with on her bed on a regular basis. On the second time she was caught, Zoey confronted her and they had a cat fight on the bed, Alina wearing only a skimpy purple top as her cute ass was in the air. Zoey’s dark dress did not last long after that, the fighting showing their mutual tension to be the result of some deep seated sexual attraction they had for each other, Alina pawing her new mom before kissing her on the mouth. Zoey initially seemed taken aback but stopped resisting when Alina sucked her nipple, the older woman guiding Alina to the bed for a longer, lingering kiss as Zoey played with her tits and worked her way down to her crotch orally, Alina overdoing the vocals a bit but the gal clearly liking her older mentor all the same. Alina then reciprocated before they rubbed boxes together, Zoey more of a giver when it came to pleasuring but Alina picking up some tips just the same.


Scene Three: You Need To Eat A Sandwich: Pepper Kester, a very cute redhead gal, was up next as a stepdaughter that led total MILF babe Veronica Avluv to believe she had an eating disorder. Veronica tactfully approached her about it in the gal’s bedroom one sunny afternoon, explaining that she was fine just the way she was. The reaching out led to the two connecting on a deeper level, both pulling in for a series of kisses that became increasingly sensual. Veronica was the driving factor of the tryst this time, Pepper providing a look of encouragement as she peeled off her clothing and kissed back. As part of the foreplay, Veronica gave Pepper’s feet some attention but her tits and pussy were given much more enthusiastic notice, the all natural younger gal leaving her panties on a lot longer than usual though pulling them to the side to masturbate as a means of turning her older mentor on. It worked and Veronica stripped her attire off to assist her charge, the ladies sucking fingers and going down on each other as well as providing more attention to all the usual places in the chemistry filled tryst.


Scene Four: The Nanny’s Necklace: Penny Pax, a very cute young lady known for a mousy look (courtesy of her glasses) but a smoldering sexual appetite, was up last as the nanny for long time popular blond bombshell Alana Evans. Alana suspected the younger gal had a thing for her husband when she found a necklace on the master bed, returning it to Penny upon which time the truth came out that the younger lady had a crush on Alana. The truth came out begrudgingly and slow but convincingly, Alana feeling foolish but comforting the gal which led to a kiss on the bed where the girl was sorting laundry. They hands freely roamed each other’s bodies and the kisses became more passionate, their increasingly naked bodies getting a lot of oral attention from each other with Alana taking charge. I really liked how Alana shoved Penny’s head down to make her ass stand up in the air for some attention on the bed, both of them showing appropriate levels of heat and energy as they ate each other out front and back, rubbed all over each other, and came across as into the entire tryst.

Summary: Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5 by director Dana Vespoli for Sweetheart Video had an appealing cast of attractive ladies with the requisite experience for the older ladies and youthfulness for the cuties that they prowled upon. The levels of chemistry and fun factor boosted this one up to merit a rating of Recommended, from me, others might want to elevate the movie another notch for particular performers included in the cast. In short, Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 5 provided an appealing entry level movie for those wanting to see ladies lick each other all over, the production relying heavily on Dana’s excellent technical skills and eye for what works, the talented director working with a wonderfully diverse cast to make this a winner.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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