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Dani Daniels: Girl Perversions

Studio: Harmony » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/10/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Dani Daniels Girl Perversions
Harmony Films
Directed by Scarlett Revell
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:09:16
Dani Daniels
Alina Li
Natalia Starr
Skin Diamond
Celeste Star
Tiffany Doll
Ash Hollywood
Raven Rockette
Special Features:
Photo Gallery
Scene Select
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 6-7 Mbps
Output: LPCM 48KHz/16bits
Award winning female director Scarlett Revell invites you into her perverted world. A tale of obsession and desire. Witness some of the most depraved lesbian fantasies, all from a woman's perspective. This is a story of forbidden pleasure, this is Dani Daniels Girl Perversions.
Alina, Skin and Dani
And we get kinky as things get started. Skin gives Alina a good lashing, while Dani is spending some quality time with her hand down her panties, yelling out orders. Some nipple play before Skin makes her way to Alina's pussy. We know Skin has a dominant side to her and she's a good choice for this scene. Add in a ball gag and fancy toy, and they are really getting Alina and Dani pretty excited. They continue to dominate Alini, driving her to the verge of cumming, but making her beg for permission first. Dani decides to join in, getting a little closer to the action, as she kisses Skin's neck and some more nipple play, while Alina gets a face full of her pussy, leaning her forward to her ass a little tease. A little spit and Skin's got a huge black strap on, waiting for some quality time in Alina's pussy. A few articles of clothing are removed, and Dani takes a seat on Alina's face, as Skin continues to her test the waters with the black strap on. Skin turns her attention to Dani, diving in and getting Dani to moan and purr, sending waves of excitement through her body. Some great double teaming as Dani and Alina give Skin's ass and pussy a nice tongue lashing and diving.  We got a great start to this one, and hopefully that will continue, I am guessing it will.
Dani and Natalia
Alone in her hotel room, Dani decides to sit back and enjoy some spankvision, which is showcasing the blonde beauty, Natalia. She strips out of her sexy lingerie, while Dani strums and fingers her pussy, and some boob play as she gets her motor running even more. But soon her fantasy enters her room and she makes her way over to her and spends some time deep in her booty, giving her pussy a nice licking. They turn up the heat with some intense tongue wrestling, before she makes her way south, spending some time enjoying her boobs, before back to her pussy. She turns her on her side and gives her ass a nice dose of her tongue as well. Dani climbs on for a little lap dance, and then takes a seat on her face, as Natalia's strums her pussy. It's time to bring out the toys, and the magical Hitachi revs up and spends some time on Natalia's pussy. Add in a few fingers and she can barely keep still. Dani pins her legs back as Natalia dives in and gives her ass and pussy some loving with her fingers and tongue. These girls are all about the multi-tasking, Dani gets a face full of Natalia's pussy, while she mans a Hitachi on her pussy. We've gotten plenty of time to admire her bush, and now, we get to check out the booty, as Natalia dives in, as Dani pushes her deeper in. And for the foot fetish people, a little love for Dani's feet as Natalia grinds on her pussy. One last cum session for Natalia, and Dani let's her lick the taste off her fingers.
Raven and Celeste (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)
Early morning and Dani is fantasizing about Celeste, and it seems the fantasy increases with Raven in the mix. It's been awhile since I've been able to see these ladies in action, and it doesn't take long to remember why I enjoy seeing them. Celeste grinds that amazing body on Raven, before sucking and licking her boobs, making her way to her pussy, to give it a few tongue lashings. If you are a fan of the bush, there are a few ladies who are going to be make you happy in this movie. Speaking of happy, Celeste brings some sexual energy to a scene and the way she licks and dives in, is just another example of that. And the Celeste booty show continues as she bounces on Raven's face. Seems like this is a two person party, little sad Dani won't be joining in. Celeste spreads her legs and rubs her pussy, as Raven kisses and licks all over her body, before grabbing a toy and teasing her before sliding inside her. Celeste dives a few fingers in her ass, and can barely keep still with excitement. Celeste reaches her climax, and then Raven climbs on to grind and hop on her pussy. Once again some great energy between these two. Celeste has got a nice toy for Raven, as they cover it in spit, and Celeste makes her beg and plead for her to slide it in. Just wow. She bends her over and continues to work over her tight pussy with the toy, adding in lots of spit, going into beast mode for a bit. One last explosion of excitement for Celeste and this tryst is sadly over.
Dani, Tiffany and Ash
Well after that spotlight worthy scene, we shall see what this one brings to the table, and nice threesome might be enough to garner a spotlight scene perhaps. Seems she's getting another chance to sit back and enjoy two lovely ladies in action. Some very nice foreplay between the ladies, kissing with those ruby red lips, as Ash seems to be the dominant one. She sends Tiffany down to her knees, and it seems Ash has a little surprise in her pants, as she pulls out a strap on for her to suck and gag on. She throws Tiffany down on the bed, as Dani joins in and sucks on her tits, as Ash dives into her pussy and ass with her tongue. It seems the ass play is going to continue, as they shove a few fingers inside her. Dani gives the strap on some oral love, getting it nice and wet, before it dives into Tiffany's pussy. Dani adds another strap on to the mix, keeping Tiffany's mouth and pussy very busy. A little more spit and Dani slides her strap inside her ass, then grabs on tight as she speeds things up. Tiffany climbs on Dani, and as she leans forward you can kind of guess what's next, as the girls fill her holes with their strap-ons, DP style. They continue to use Tiffany as their strap on toy, keeping her holes plenty satisfied. The ladies make sure they feel some excitement as well, sitting on her face, and grinding on her leg.
Dani and Raven
Her lady finally comes homes, and it seems they have some catching up to do, dinner can wait. A little strip tease in the bedroom for Raven, then lays her back and climbs on top, for some heated kisses, getting both of the ladies to purr a little. Dani shows her tits some love, then slowly makes her way south, kissing and licking all the way down to her pussy, teasing her thighs before diving in with her tongue. Raven gets a hand full of Dani booty, as they kiss, and then bends her over, giving her ass a few slaps, as she takes it all in, and boy, what a sight to behold. She takes a seat on her face and really gives her a view, grinding and bouncing on her face. Dani has a few toys hiding under her pillow, and pulls out a long purple dildo and dives it in and out of Raven's pussy, as she begs for Dani to keep it up, getting the love juices flowing from her pussy. Dani climbs on and grabs on tight to her leg, and grinds away, before adding in a little Hitachi magic to the show, along with a little foot appreciation, before they both shake and shiver with excitement. A little time for Dani, before the attention goes back to Raven, for some face sitting, before the purple dildo is back inside her.
Overall Thoughts:
It seems like it has been awhile since I have the chance to see Dani Daniels in action, and if you remember she had a nice streak of movies going with some nice spotlight movies for Elegant Angel, back in the day. Scarlett Revell has garnered some nice reviews from me and a few of my fellow Xcritic reviewers. And I have been sort of all over the board on Harmony Films, but for the most part I enjoy their movies. Well I have to say that when you mix these all together, what you get is a magical release. Dani is magical as well, and add in a cast of equally magical ladies, and this is wonderful. I will say that I have few things to point out, as I stated in my review, as much as I loved the spotlight scene of Celeste and Raven, would have loved a little Dani in the mix. And another issue, pretty much nothing for special features, other than a photo gallery. I have a feeling that if they would have included a few trailers or even a short BTS, this would have gotten our highest rating from me, but even with that, this is a very solid HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating from me. Another spotlight movie on Dani and another great review, perhaps that means something. And of course some kudos to Scarlett for some great work behind the camera, the movie looked amazing, and I am not just talking about the ladies. You can have some sexy ladies in a movie, but you still need someone great behind the camera, and she was a great choice.

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