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Sexual Desires of Jenna J. Ross, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 9/22/14

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Genre: Large cock

Director: ?

Cast: Jenna J. Ross, Bruce Venture, Danny Mountain, Michael Vegas, Mr. Pete

Length: 10”. Just kidding. Running time = 02:31

Date of production: 05.05.14

Extras:  We get two bonus scenes which is always welcome and seeing some trailers of the same series is nice. The rest is just fluff. I would have liked to see more interview with Jenna but it was not to be. See below for a list of extra features.


Bonus Scene #1

Gigi Rivera, Danny Mountain

She’s So Cute


Bonus Scene #2

Evilyn Fierce, Bruce Venture

Cute and Innocent


A menu based on preferences


Photo gallery



The Sexual Desires of Staci Silverstone

The Sexual Desires of Naomi West

The Sexual Desires of Riley Reid


A showcase of Fantasy Lingerie


Company info


Condoms: None



Jenna is charming. She has a tight little body and an adorable gap in her front two teeth.  She takes on these four big dicks with aplomb, demonstrating impressive skills in deep-throating. As a compilation from New Sensations the scenes compliment each other nicely. All have high production value and good camera work. What more, the DVD cover is a beaut (yay graphic design).


Scene #1 – Bruce Venture, Down the Throat

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We start with a nice montage of Jenna looking sexy in different poses and outfits, in various states of undress and getting fucked and sucking on lots of delightfully large cock. There is a nice little interview before there is any real action that is really delightful, where she talks about her history of deep-throating and even suggests tips for mastering the act. Interspersed with the interview footage we see Jenna in a white lingerie get up and she’s touching herself and gradually undressing and it is this that leads us to our first cock. Boy is it big and beautiful!

Jenna goes straight for the prize and takes in the entire 10-inch cock into her mouth and throat right away. After a couple minutes we finally get a shot of the cock’s face and he is a looker! Yay! And he is making the best I-am-being-pleasured faces.

Bruce gives enthusiastic cunnalingus. Works her clit. Penetrates her. I am majorly turned on here. The best pounding comes from doggy style. All that pounding has left Bruce one sweaty man. In the perfect porn in my head, Jenna licks the sweat off his face, but it is not meant to be.

At one point Bruce stuffs his fist in her mouth and ends it with a smile and my panties melt off my body. Then he wraps a hand around Jenna’s throat as he continues to fuck her and I’m totally wet. We end with a cum shot to the face, nothing new, and my final comment is this: With the exception of one or two moments, there appears to be very little chemistry between Jenna and Bruce, which is a shame.


Scene #2 – Danny Mountain, Innocent but Nasty

We open with Jenna ostensibly on the phone and touching herself. She is adorable in cutoff jeans and a pink tank, which she is pulling every which way to expose different parts of her body.

Clothes back in place she storms into a house, pushing our Danny against a wall and inflicts kisses with her eager mouth and immediately goes down on him. She’s not getting up to the hilt as she did with Bruce. Danny proceeds to deliver a rim job and with it we get some chatter (they call each other ‘baby’, for example) between the couple, which is nice. The two engage in some impressive/precarious acrobatics on some stairs. Interesting to note – Jenna moans louder when Danny has his fingers in her pussy than when his cock is.

A little impact play is always welcome – Danny spanks her ass cheek a few times leaving a nice red handprint glowing enticingly. At one point Danny reaches down and starts working her clit, which as a woman, is always appreciated. Unlike the previous scene there is quite a bit of eye contact. Lastly, I love how she talks to him when it is time for him to come.


Scene 3 – Michael Vegas, The Innocence of Youth 2

This scene opens up featuring mild bondage. It’s pretty vanilla bondage but I will take what I can get! Jenna is tied to the banister while watched by Michael. She is writhing in pleasure as a bullet goes to work on her clit. She is dressed in white with delightful mary janes complete with frilly white socks. She looks kind of like a matador’s daughter, which I suppose can be true to the youthful title.

Jenna’s shirt is open, displaying nice and sweaty titties. This is the best showcase for her tits thus far. She looks rather uncomfortable and distracted as Michael advances to untie her. Untying her – boo! We could have gotten a nice face fuck in that position. The time it takes to untie her takes me out of the moment.  What follows is a nice sloppy blowjob. When they get around to fucking. Michael really pounds her and there is a moment when he picks her up and swings her into a new position that is really hot.

Other than a few moments, there is very little chemistry between Jenna and Michael. This is the first time we see Jenna working her own clit and to that I say, about time!

To end it, Michael comes on her ass, gives it a parting slap and walks away and Jenna does a good job at looking innocently forlorn.


Scene 4 – Pretty Dirty, Mr. Pete

This is my favorite scene of the five and it begins with Jenna lounging by the Jacuzzi touching herself. This scene has the most kissing and it kicks off with a nice little make out sesh. When Mr. Pete calls her a “dirty girl” and a “good girl” while fingering her ass I melt. He keeps up a nice dialog, very chatty with the dirty talk, which I totally appreciate.

Next, Mr. Pete offers come important insight. He proclaims - Jenna goes silent when she comes! And come she does. Unfortunately this means that she hasn’t come in any of the previous scenes. Bummer. Things to make up for it in this scene – He spanks her as until it is nice rosy, she emits a few giggles which is totally endearing, and she deviates from previous scenes by kissing down his chest and stomach to get to his cock and put into her mouth. My favorite moment by far is when he sucks on her toes while fucking her. So hot!


Scene 5 – She’s So Cute 4, Bruce Venture

There’s some interview footage prior to the fucking, which I like. This time she is all smiles while she is touching herself which really ups the cuteness factor, appropriate given the tile. Enter Bruce and he immediately eats her out. A bonus when compared to her first scene with Bruce, there is some kissing! Love how her eyes water and her makeup runs down her face as she deep-throats Bruce’s enormous cock. I also love his hands on her throat and his fingers in her mouth. After much fucking they are both red in the face and covered in sweat – so hot!

Now that I know what to look for (thanks Mr. Pete!) it appears that she has had several orgasms this scene. I’m pro-authentic female orgasm in porn and this doesn’t fail to delver. Last, Jenna cutely smiles up at Bruce as she collects his cum off of her stomach and licks it off of her fingers. This scene was so much better than the first scene between Jenna and Bruce.


Final Thoughts

Jenna does a nicely average job at being fucked and giving head. I do find the noises that Jenna makes to be rather annoying. She sounds like Mini Mouse is trying to have an orgasm, on repeat. Then again, I’m sure there are those who would find that to be attractive. To each their own.

In general there seemed to be an over arching lack of chemistry. The 4th scene with Mr. Pete is the best, and not only because he is very chatty with an almost constant contribution of dirty talk. Its with him that she seems to get pounded the hardest. I love me some rough sex. In the end, I say rent it, but watch it twice while you have it.

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