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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/2/14

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Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Brad Armstrong


Cast: Brandi Love, Ryan Driller, Chloe Amour, Tyler Nixon, Bonnie Rotten, Xander Corvus, Jessica Drake, Ryan Driller, Asa Akira, Aubrey Addams, Kaylani Lei, Sarah Jessie, Vicki Chase, Brad Armstrong, Erik Everhard, Eric Masterson, Mr. Pete, Ryan McLane
Non-sex roles: David Lord, India Summer

Length: 193:45 minutes

Date of Production: 4/2014 to 5/2014 (per Brad’s tweets at the time)


Extras: The DVD case came enclosed in a book cover styled cardboard holder that had various extra still shots from the production on the inside. The first disc had some trailers and spam but that was it. The first disc started off with three different versions of scenes from the movie itself; an extra I have long championed since it is related to the show in hand. The first was an extended version of scene three with Bonnie Rotten and Xander Corvus lasting a full 13:58 minutes and including a lot more penetrative sex; an element that I could see not working as well in the movie. Bonnie was extra squirty and it was an intense tryst, Tyler’s reactions making me smile more than a few times. The next was an extended version of scene six with Jessica Drake and Tyler Nixon’s pre-work blowjob fully fleshed out into a passionate plowing lasting 16:39 minutes. The third was a short, 1:41 minute long dialogue scene between Brandi Love and Tyler Nixon though it really didn’t add much and I could see why it was cut. Next was an interview with Jessica Drake in Times Square lasting 5:05 minutes, followed by Tyler Nixon doing likewise for 6:18 minutes, followed by three unrelated sex scenes from other company titles described below, a photogallery, some trailers, and a promotional reel

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Aftermath was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures. The director of photography was Alex Ladd and Scott Allen was the credited editor, David Lord returning to the fold as producer, cameraman, and all around helper, even one Michael Quasar (I’ve never seen his porn name used that way) as a cameraman. Others helped as well but the framing was excellent, the flesh tones always accurate, and the editing tied with Voracious season 2 as the best of the year in everything I’ve seen (which is a lot!). The use of establishing shots with the crew in the scenes was a very pleasing touch, some New York City landmarks included to make it look better than the stock jock approach (using stock footage to imitate the shooting on location look) so while it did not look as good as mainstream Hollywood material as a press release quoted some mope, it was certainly a bigger step than most took. While the feature elements were on the long side, they used the sex to tell the story and not the other way around, the sex admittedly short in some cases but working, the video bitrate high enough that compression artifacts were not common, though I think a high definition Blu-ray version is certainly warranted. Aurally speaking, the production had a 384 Kbps with a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround track, some separation noticed though more likely a 2.0 set up enhanced in post production, the music very well done though not specifically credited.


Body of Review: Brad Armstrong is no stranger to this writer, I’ve been championing his work for nearly two decades on both sides of the camera, his work as a director at Wicked Pictures proving him to be the best feature director over time regardless of budget. His smaller budget titles are often equally entertaining to his yearly blockbuster releases that his hot to miss ratio is undisputed against all but the one hit wonders or boutique directors that dabble from time to time. His latest movie is called Aftermath, a drama based on a teenager’s quest to learn about his long lost father that I found rather compelling to watch when it came in the other day. That said, I was surprised that Armstrong bet the store on Tyler Nixon as the leading male, the guy doing a fair job in most of his vignettes to date but falling short on anything of substance, until now. The movie also greatly benefitted by the focal point of Jessica Drake as the leading lady, the ever appealing hotty shown in every sex scene after the one hour mark. Without spoiling the feature elements for you, and they are well worth watching here, I found the enthusiasm and energy of the scenes to work well in each case, my only reservation being in regard to the big orgy toward the end (and it wasn’t bad). The back cover described the movie like this: “Brad Armstrong, creator of the epic love story Fallen and the runaway 2014 blockbuster Underworld, now delivers his follow-up masterpiece Aftermath, a twisted tale of forbidden love. Leading man Ryan Driller and XBIZ / XRCO Best Male Newcomer Tyler Nixon are father and son, three-time AVN Best Actress Winner Jessica Drake is the woman who loves them. Wicked Girl & Performer of the year Asa Akira, Performer of the Year Bonnie Rotten, MILF superstar Brandi Love and Best Actor Winner Xander Corvus round out an amazing cast. An intensely powerful coming-of-age drama that explores and shatters sexual boundaries, Aftermath is destined to become an instant classic.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


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Scene One: Brandi Love, a busty blond bombshell, was up first in bed as she dreamt of her long dead husband, Ryan Driller coming back to her. The opening credits were finishing up and the musical score played instead of their vocals at first, the gal giving him some knob slobbing with hand to gland friction as he held her hair like a gentleman. There was good eye contact and this led to him pounding her pussy in three positions before draining his dragon of semen on her face, her alarm clock waking her up as she savored his taste.


Scene Two: Chloe Amour, a skinny brunette with a pretty face, was up next in the garage as Tyler Nixon christened his new project car with some carnal hijinks. He pulled her shirt up and bra down to taste her tits, her shorts and panties lowered so he could eat her pussy and ass as she bent over the sport car. Chloe then knelt before him to blow the guy, her pronounced tan line and turgid pecker small enough that she took most of it into her mouth with relative ease. As with the other scenes, her oral led to safe sex, Chloe riding his cock vaginally as she begged for more. Her bald beaver took him in balls deep as she milked his balls dry of seed, her ass looking best in doggy but the cowgirl variations most actively ridden with the missionary pushing him over the edge to deposit his sperm on her mug.


Scene Three: Bonnie Rotten, the ever popular Performer of the Year known for her wealth of tattoos and highly aggressive fluid dynamics, was up next on the bus ride to town with her boy toy Xander Corvus. They were sitting near the back and making out, his hand reaching into her crotch just as her hand was jerking him off playfully. Bonnie then started upping the ante by giving him a hand assisted hummer, Tyler looking back at them a few times as he tried to ignore their sexual misconduct, the streamers flying about as she inhaled his cock. In the movie version of the scene, he got her off a few times where she squirted but the extended version shown on the second disc was much hotter and included a lot more action such as the couple fucking.


Scene Four: Jessica Drake, the gorgeous contract performer featured on the front cover, was up next with Ryan Driller, the woman describing an office encounter of her and Ryan to Tyler. He wore the appropriate Santa hat and she wore antlers and a sexy red and black dress, Ryan gobbling her gash after he relieved her of her red satin panties while she sprawled out on the desk at the annual Christmas party. His ginger rug munching led to her kneeling for a more aggressive hand assisted hummer, Jessica’s eye contact superior as she throated him and moved back to lounging on the desk for him to pork her bald beaver. They fucked in a few positions before he launched his sperm on her ass, her discussion with Tyler bringing her back to the present where they shared a bond.


Scene Five: Jessica Drake, having made it clear that she was attracted to Tyler Nixon by virtue of the similarities she saw in him with her long lost lover, then allowed him to kiss her, Jessica kissing back as his hands started running across her body. He knelt between her spread legs as her clothing slid off quickly, the guy rubbing her pussy before she wrapped her legs around him to get more head. He ate her front and back before she inhaled his modest member, teasing him with some hand job friction before they both serviced each other in a 69. That led to a few positions of vaginal penetration, Jessica impaling herself on his cock while Tyler gave her additional head from time to time. It ended with a small nut to her open mouth and Jessica giving him a tour of the city.


Scene Six: Jessica Drake, wearing a loose white top and a skin tight skirt, was taken aback when sleepy Tyler Nixon walked into the kitchen as she was about to leave for work. She was heading out and remembered the shirt belonging to his father, deciding to call in sick as the memories rushed into her sex crazed mind. They were all over each other and kissing a lot, his hands pawing her pussy and tits just as hers found their way to his pants. From there she gave him an enthusiastic, energy filled blowjob including a facial that she enjoyed tasting. The extended version of the scene on the second disc was much more developed, longer, and more complete sexually but the scene worked as part of the movie just fine as it was.



Scene Seven: Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, Aubrey Addams, Kaylani Lei, Sarah Jessie, Vicki Chase, Brad Armstrong, Erik Everhard, Eric Masterson, Mr. Pete, Ryan McLane, and Tyler Nixon were up next in a big orgy at a sex club. There were women tied up, others blowing men, and an array of mostly red couches, ottomans, and love seats where the swingers were going at it as the disbelieving Tyler looked on in amazement as Jessica walked him around. The ladies wore sexy lingerie and didn’t mind some extra stimulation, the flow of the partners from one to the next not following any clearly determined pathway. The sex was all condom clad of course but the editing and camera work came into play more here than perhaps any of the other scenes since so much was taking place, the oral and vaginal sex supplemented by some anal and DP footage, Jessica letting her freak flag fly to take it in the ass and allow a DP, Aubrey and Asa also getting boned in the butt. Much of the camera work was showing close up footage rather than pulling back a little for context but the energy levels and enthusiasm were strong, the facial expressions proving the performers were having a good time, and the waves of semen flew primarily at the faces of the ladies, generally into their open mouths as they presented the usual target for their male partners, with some modest cum swapping in a case or two.


Scene Eight: Jessica Drake, dressed professionally but in a very sexy manner, was then up last as Tyler Nixon came in unannounced to become the sexual aggressor. After he stood next to Jessica who was sitting at the expansive executive level desk, he started using dirty talk to excite her, their time in the club together teaching him a few things. He lifted her dress and dove in to savor her pussy and ass, the couple kissing before she slid down to reciprocate, both of them showing more passion this time as she jerked him off with a gleam in her lecherous eyes. I liked that she reached over to put the condom on his erection rather than take it for granted or down play it like the company so often tends to do, Jessica diddling herself as he tore into her pussy and their eyes made close contact within inches from each other. The rapid pounding soon pushed him over the brink and he plastered her ass with his seed, Jessica reaching back to taste it as it ran down to puddle up on her leg.


Bonus Scene: Hot For Teacher: Jessica Drake, Eric Masterson, Keni Styles, Tyler Nixon: Scene 3 with Jessica Drake happens to be my favorite scene of the flick. It’s a blow bang with Eric, Keni and Tyler, but Jessica is so hot on all fours sucking three cocks, that it’s worth watching again and again. The set up here is that Tyler has pulled a prank in the school gym, dropping something into the pool that foams up. Eric reports it to Jessica who is just finishing up a lesson with Keni. Tyler is so sorry for his mistake and says he would do anything if Jessica would just not tell the principal. So, Jessica says, “anything?” Cut to Jessica on her knees in the classroom playing round robin with Keni, Eric and Tyler’s hard cocks. She does a good job getting them soaking and dripping wet with spit and can’t seem to get enough. She really does a solid job of handling three cocks at once, keeping one pumping in and out of her mouth while jerking the other two. Eric fingers her pussy hard before the three guys eventually cum in her mouth and on her tits. (review by John Boy) 16:45 minutes


Bonus Scene: On The Air: Asa Akira, James Deen: Asa calls in to the radio station and states upfront that she has a sexual disorder and she knows it. She craves sex all the time and she loves it. In fact, she fell into a sexual escapade just the other day at work. She’s a nurse’s aide who was seeing a patient, James Deen. She’s certain that she will cure all his ailments just by putting her hands up underneath his hospital gown. James is skittish at first but soon warms up to the idea when Asa pulls his cock out and stuffs it in her mouth. She sucks him off then lays back, opening her legs wide for James to eat her pussy. He starts with her ass, tonguing it deep and driving her crazy. Asa is turning on her charm, making for a heat-filled scene as she sucks James’ cock again. James fucks her doggy style over the bed, gripping her around the neck and ripping the rest of her clothes off. Asa love being rough-housed and James is giving it to her. She takes his cock up her ass now in missionary position, screaming out as she cums. She takes more cock up the ass in reverse cowgirl, begging for more. James fucks her in missionary position as Asa begs for his cum. He pulls out and cums all over her stomach. (review by John Boy) 23:44 minutes


Bonus Scene: Sexpionage: The Jessica Drake Chronicles: Bonnie Rotten, Steven St. Croix: She’s not on their team, but seeing her in that dress, he could care less. A few heavy kisses and a quick grab of his crotch, followed quickly by her ending up on her knees and his cock in her mouth and covered in her spit. She swallows him whole, giving us plenty of deep throating. He lifts her up and shoves her pussy in his face, while she continues to suck and swallow his cock. He sets her down and she leans up against the desk, as he slides into her ass, guess we aren’t going to mess around in this scene. And to turn up the heat, he grabs onto her hair as he continues to fuck her. Ok, they keep switching camera angles and there always seems to be something in the way, starting to get a little annoying. He gives her pussy some attention with his tongue, but she keeps a few fingers in her ass, while he works her pussy. He takes a seat and she sits down on his cock and hops on for some energetic reverse cowgirl. As she spins around and grinds on him, just making this an even more intense scene, and a contender for spotlight scene so far. It’s back to some anal, as he is back to some doggy. Some missionary on the floor, which leads to him shooting his load in her wide open mouth. (review by Sean DPS) 20:18 minutes

Summary: Aftermath by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures was my favorite feature of the year, showing creativity and originality over mimicking someone else’s works as parodies do. The technical aspects were very refined and beat out over 99% of the other releases hands down while the sexual trysts were appropriate and gratifying within the realm of the story. The extras were nicely done and there were many little touches that sold the resulting flick to me as what should largely sweep a dozen award categories (or more), Armstrong proving he needn’t rely on the blockbuster formulas of the past to smoke the competition in numerous areas. While the sex might not compete against various gonzo titles or a few features based on providing ultra hardcore sex, this is the type of movie you would invite many more friends to watch as representative of what porn could be. Special nods to Jessica Drake and Tyler Nixon for their acting prowess in the flick, the writing and direction by Brad Armstrong, the editing by Scott Allen, and many more to others in smaller roles such as India Summer in a well done (and rare) non-sex role that should be recognized around award time. In short, Aftermath was the type of movie that is becoming increasingly rare these days, one of the few worthy of receiving the rating of XCritic Pick from a guy like me that doesn’t hand out top honors to every other title he watches, so I look forward to hearing a lot about this one in coming months. On a side note, I seem to recall some troll suggesting this was Armstrong’s swan song for the company, a laughable suggestion even to the dullest of folks that pass themselves off as “gossip columnists” these days, the director outlasting yet another detractor in a long line of them to the benefit of consumers everywhere. Enjoy this one half as much as I did and you’ll see why I routinely praise the director and leading lady.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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