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Romi Rain Darkside

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/17/14

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Romi Rain Darkside
Jules Jordan Video
Directed by Jules Jordan
Date of Production: 9/05/14
Running Time: Disc One: 1:36:38 Disc Two: 1:27:08
Romi Rain
Jules Jordan
Lexington Steele
Manuel Ferrara
Bill Bailey
Tyler Nixon
Ike Diezel
Chris Strokes
Scott Lyons
Eric John
Logan Pierce
Van Wylde
Special Features:
Behind the Scenes: 13:22 (footage of the photo shoots, bonus footage of POV scene, and IR scene, camera clean up as she continues to suck his cock, she's not stopping for any reason, blowbang scene, the threesome, and outdoor shoot)
Multiple Chapter Stops
Cumshot Recap: 5:52
Photo Gallery
16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Trailers: 5
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192Kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-8 Mbps
Output: LPCM 48KHz/16bits
Just a quick disclaimer, you could read the long lines of word that follow, or I can save you some time, go out, buy this one and sit back and get ready to have some fun time, as you enter the dark side of Romi Rain. Need more evidence, check out the trailer here.

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Romi and Manuel (first anal)
And if you are going to do your first anal right, Manuel is the man for the job. And with Romi painted up like a tiger and in a cage, I think that's a nice touch and hopefully I won't go overboard with the jokes. I have a feeling my attention will be focused on her, so that should save you all. This kitty wants to play, and she wants it in her butt. I have an art degree and at no point did anyone tell me there was a job where I could be painting naked ladies, perhaps I would have concentrated more on my studies. Manuel comes over with a chain, perhaps it's time to let the kitty loose. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Romi Rain, who even makes licking milk out of bowl (even in slow motion), boner inducing sexy. After some liquid, it's time for some meat, as she likes and teases the bugle in his pants. And there is no doubt there is some heat and chemistry between these two, Manuel has that affect on ladies. Some intense kisses, and then gets her purring as he fingers her pussy. The kitty feverously sucks and swallows his cock, before he shoves it deep inside, testing out the ole gag reflexes. Some playful teasing as he uses the belt to keep her away from his cock, making her beg for it. She is not lacking in the chest area, so you know some titty fucking is going to happen a few times in this movie. And the magic of Manuel gets her to purr and roar, as he dives in with his mouth, followed by some deep thrusts in her pussy. Now that her pussy is all warmed up, it's time for a little what-what in the butt as he slowly slides inside, as she lets out a few moans of excitement the farther and quicker he goes. Some dirty talk and begging, just a little something extra she brings to the table. Once he's inside her ass, it seems to be the focus for the rest of the scene, no matter what the position. I especially enjoy the doggy on the chair as he bends her back in the signature Manuel move. You want energy and intensity, just watch the way she attacks his cock as she sucks the taste of her ass off of it. He fills her ass full of cum, and she plays around with it, as it drips out. And like a good kitty, she licks up all the cum that lands on the floor, and her treat, a few extra squirts of cum on her face.
Romi vs the Blowbang (1st blowbang)
Just going to say that the mix of her talking about the upcoming scene, mixed with the nice red tint tease footage, we may have to take a slight break before we continue. Even she can't keep her hands off herself in bed, and like most people, she gets a sleepy afterwards and is off to dreamland, as the crew of men surround her house, flashing their headlights into her room. They enter the room and soon her body is covered in hands checking out her body, as she is shocked for a second, but then extremely turned on, so what does she do next, finds a gaggle of cocks all waiting for some attention. And that energy I brought up in the earlier scene, yeah that is back as she makes her way around the cocks, with some great use of her hands and mouth, even some double stuffing, as the spit begins to fly everywhere. It's nice to see something new brought to the blowbang genre, the lights and scenario are a nice touch to separate this from the others. There aren't words to really describe what I am seeing, the photos will help, but you really have to see this for yourself to really enjoy it, and you will. You have to love a girl who isn't afraid to get a little dirty and messy in her work. And when she begins to beg and plead for their cum...just magical. And that glistening of her body is not only from sweat, I am guessing it's mostly from all of the cum she receives. Her cat like actions come up as she licks the cum off her hands, and then it's time to make one last run around the circle of cocks, before they leave.
Romi and Lexington (1st IR scene)
Romi seems to really enjoy a scene where she gets wet, either by water or oil, and I think we are only getting wet Romi in the tease portion of this one, but still enjoyable either way. Plenty more use of slow motion as well, but there are plenty of moments when you are watching her and it seems like slow motion. She dances and teases as he lurks into the scene, and some kisses are exchanged, before he attaches his mouth to her tits. They try to make it inside, but he can't help to stop her and gets hands on during the walk inside.  She lets out a huge smile as he pulls out his sword and gives it a few long licks before she begins some sword swallowing. After the playful and energetic swallowing, comes the pole riding, as she bounces her booty on his cock. You know how people look when they ride those mechanical bulls, that is the level of riding she's giving on his cock. And when they continue with some missionary, he gives a whole new meaning to deep drilling.  Romi's gag reflex gets tested as she tries to see how far she can swallow him in her mouth, reaching about the half way point of his cock. The deep drilling continues in some doggy, making her let out a few moans and roars with each thrust. He gives her a few shots of custard, and if you missed it the first time, don't worry we get a slow motion replay of the frosting. She's going to give his cock a few last licks and sucks as we reach the end of disc one.
Disc Two
Romi, Logan, and Van Wylde (her first BBG) (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)
Watching the intro to this movie, had a feeling this one was really going to stand out, and yes I can mean that in more than one way. But an interesting set up and can't wait to see how she tackles these men of faith, I have a feeling they are going to be begging for mercy as she gets to ravage them. She all decked out in some sexy lingerie and it seems her man is going to be running late, guess she's going to have to release some sexual frustration somehow. Once again, words cannot describe how much of a knockout she is in that lingerie. She gets in between them and turns on that sexual energy and there is no sense resisting guys, she's going to get what she wants. She gets on her knees and offers her oral worshipping to both cocks, once again attacking both with some great energy. She grabs on and leads them into the living room, so she can continue to ravage and turn them to the dark side. As one guy enters her holy temple from behind, her mouth continues to spread the gospel all over the other cock. Yes I do believe this is what heaven is like, at least I hope so. You are jealous of these guys and you are also concerned, she may be a little too much for them, even both at the same time. We've seen her submissive side, now watch her dominate side come front and center.  She continues to send them down a dark path in a few positions, not slowing down one bit. They offer her pussy some finger banging, before they shove her pearl necklace in her pussy, getting her to cum for them. They offer their cum on her face and chest
Romi and Jules (kinky domination)
And that domination mode continues, as she decked out in some sexy lingerie (once again), with a little kinky side, spikes and heels. Poor Jules, who am I kidding, once again, we are all going to enjoy this. A few ropes to restrain him, as she teases and tempts him, before busting out the whip. Well for those into the fetish world, this one's for you. Even though her heel is dangerously close to his bulge in his pants, it still seems to enjoy it. She sets his cock free and continues to tease him with the whip and goes in to take a bite of his man meat (i'm not proud of that joke either). As the once great NWA once said, "don't matter just don't bite it", but Romi seems to put that phrase to rest. She's got a few toys to add to the playtime, including a clothes pin, which spends some time on his balls, but as she swallows his cock a few times, I guess the pain doesn't seem so bad anymore. She runs a boot spur up and down his cock, which is still rock hard, as she continues to give it a few sucks and swallows. And with the POV style, some titty fucking is coming your way, as she keeps his cock nice and wet with some spit as it disappears in the valley of flesh. The clothes pins are back, this time she clips them on her nipples, and then warms up her pussy, before she takes a seat on his cock for some pole riding. She flips around and gives us some great grinding and dancing on his cock, as she reaches back and shoves a few fingers in her ass. They continue with some doggy, as she keeps the dirty talk and energy going, telling him to pull her hair. She rewards him with one more oral appreciation session, as she waits for his cum, which he delivers on her face. And once again the super slow motion replay is offered up.
Romi and Jules (public sex)
She fantasizes about being ravaged in public, and walking around in that trench coat, hiding that amazing body and lingerie (once again), she finds Jules who is more than willing to help her out. She gets down on her knees and gives his cock a nice licking and swallow, as she has her hand wrapped around his cock. The fact you can hear the surrounding noise of traffic, just adds even more heat to this scene, something about public sex that just puts in a tingle in your happy place. He stands her up and slides her panties to the side as he enters from behind. Another round of cock swallowing before they move to the stairs as she hops on his cock. And the grand finale of this movie, as she is on her knees, mouth wide open, awaiting another cumshot on her face and mouth.
Overall Thoughts:
I have a feeling that just watching the intro of this one, it's going to be a classic. I've been waiting to see this since the day the news got out. I've been a big fan of hers and this is just the icing on the cake of what an amazing and busy year this lady has had. With this collection, we get to see what makes her tick and what turns her on, and like she says in the intro, this is just the beginning. This movie is filled with firsts, and hopefully these won't be the lasts.
I started off the year enjoying the great showcase from Hard X of Maddy O'Reilly, and after watching that one, I thought it would be tough to come close to that, well I am happy to say that this one has given it a worthy contender and will battle out when award season comes around. It takes a special mix of a sexy lady, and Romi Rain is beyond sexy, that amazing body and that equally amazing sexual energy she brings to her scenes. And you can have a sexy lady, but it takes a great director to really showcase that, and this is just another reason why Jules Jordan has been at the top of the gonzo game for all of these years.
You can say that I am somewhat of a fanboy when it come to Romi Rain, been a fan since the first time she popped up on my screen, but when it comes to porn, you want something that excites and entertain you. I have a feeling this one does that more than enough for those who have not experienced Romi Rain before. It's been a great year from Romi and I hope the award season gives her a few awards to display at home. This is just the beginning and I can't wait to see what next year brings, as we wait to see more of Romi Rain's dark side.
No matter what your tastes, we have a variety of scenes to enjoy, a decent amount of special features, including some behind the scenes footage, cumshot recap and a few trailers. And with some interesting camera tricks, the slow motion and the drone footage, and no real issues with audio, as they do have to deal with some outside noise in a few scenes. Either way, congrats to Romi Rain and Jules Jordan, as Romi Rain Darkside is worthy of an XCRITIC PICK.

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