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Apocalypse X

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/20/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Apocalypse X

Digital Playground

Genre: Feature, Mini-series

Director: Jakodema

Cast: Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue, Stevie Shae, Veronica Rodriguez, Ryan Driller, Lola Foxx, Mischa Brooks, Derrick Pierce, Tommy Gunn, Abby Cross, Ritchie Calhoun, Eva Karera, Stephen St, Croix

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Non-sex/minimal sex roles: Vic Vega, Stykz, Dave Defour, Chris Dufour, Desert Temptress, Toadie, Dr. Rudy Jones, Flap 242, Mikus Maximus, Spade, Lux, Makeshift, Cipriana Ramirez, Darla May Dixie, Vex Von X, Carolyn, Captimmah, Mikki Lynn, Maia Davis, Michael Vegas, John Baptiste, Chavo Dorski, Jay, Butters, Martigan, Twist, The Baron, Matt Zophiel, Mitzy Mayhem, Vegas Vic, Hope, Phoenix Nouveau, Ms. Cryo, JR Richards, Terrible Tim, Jack Blaque, Nina Elie, OI101, Tony Martinez, Jordana Heat, Amazon, Bo Langley, Cagney Moore, Nikki Hearts, Charlyse Angel, Flynt Dominick, Dominik Kross, Jessica Ryan, Bliss Ducle, Jennifer White

Length: 179:16 minutes

Date of Production: 3/3/2014


Extras: There was a photogallery, a 9:22 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, and trailers to movies. The BTS (shot by Jamall Johnson and edited by Baccus Young) was fun and showed how much work the cast and crew went through while having a tremendous amount of fun making the movie. I only wish there was a lot more footage.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Apocalypse X was presented in a crisp anamorphic widescreen offering as shot by director Jakodema for Digital Playground. There were two versions of the movie included in the case, the regular DVD and the high definition Blu-ray version, the bulk of comments applying to the review centering on the regular disc (such as the screen captures) though the HD version certainly looked better while sounding similar. Of particular interest was that the episodes were edited into a coherent single movie, something I publicly pleaded for on earlier movies shot in the episode format, Joey Pulgadas doing an excellent job of it as well. Most of the crew credits were just a lengthy list without specifically attributing anything but I’m sure Robby D handled a camera and others took to their usual roles (perhaps helping with even more). There were some solid efforts made to provide appropriate establishing shots, some fine art direction by Kylie Ireland and Andy Appleton, and this one looked as good as any of the mainstream Mad Max copycats we’ve all been subjected to since the 70’s; surprising on a porn budget. The editing by Joey Pulgadas was among the best of the year and the writing by popular DCypher reminded me of his glory days cranking out winners left and right. The aural qualities (likely by Seth Cardigan) were very solid but presented in a post production added 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround, the elevated bit rate of 448 Kbps not hurting the ability to hear the vocals, some pretty good music included though it wasn’t credited to anyone.


Body of Review: Digital Playground has recently become more interested in shooting movies in a serial format as of earlier this year, director Jakodema embracing the format as a way of remaining competitive while still shooting “bigger” movies to appeal to fans. The latest such release making it in for review is called Apocalypse X, a futuristic dystopia where the strong lord it over the weak until one woman decides to take a stand against a brutal biker gang. Given the kind of rough sex, gritty locations, and other natural elements of such a movie, I could see why viewers took so hardily to it when it was broadcast this summer, this double disc set including the movie with a standard DVD version and a Blu-ray upgrade. The ladies included such hotties as Stevie Shae, Abby Cross, Mischa Brooks, Anikka Albrite, Lola Foxx, Veronica Rodriguez, and Eva Karera, even using males like Derrick Pierce, Tommy Gunn, and Steven St, Croix to enhance the multitude of sexual liaisons between the cast; all of which provided an entertaining fuck flick. If you liked the Mad Max series and the limitless copycats in porn and mainstream both, you should really appreciate Stevie as “The Ghost” who kicks ass to teach biker gang “The Reapers” that going too far involves consequences.


The back cover said: “In a future, after years of demolition, the Earth’s natural resources have withered away and the world is now a deserted pit. A woman named Razor seeks vengeance upon a bike gang called Reapers. To the community, Razor is known as The Ghost. From stealing gasoline and food, to using men to feed her sexual appetite, Razor always takes what she wants. She has one last score to settle with the Reapers’ gang leader, Scar. In an effort to avenge the murder of her beloved husband, Razor will use every womanly advantage she has to seduce anyone in her path for retribution.” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Anikka Albrite, one of the sexiest blond booty babes of recent times, was up first in a chemistry filled tryst with real life partner Mick Blue, both of them wearing their futuristic warrior garb as they engaged each other at the beginning of the show. She slobbed his knob to the bone and he devoured her juicy ass like it was candy, moving to an abandoned wooden stall to vaginally fuck in an active manner that looked awesome given the way her ass cheeks rippled. He gobbled her gash between positions just as she blew him some more with nut nuzzling and hand to gland friction, her nearly bald beaver sporting a few wisps of pubic hair but barely enough to floss with. The tryst ended with a realistic vaginal creampie that she licked up, Anikka earning her reward having milked his balls dry of semen courtesy of her tight snatch and oral efforts.



Scene Two: Stevie Shae, the blond hotty featured on the front cover with the black mesh top holding the gun, and fuzzy haired cutie Veronica Rodriguez, the gal immediately beside her on the cover, were up next in a modest lesbian scene in the desert. It was night and their skin tight clothing looked sexy, the two peeling off clothing by the makeshift fire as they sucked boobs and pussy alike, a lot of caressing showing a connection between the two already established by the dialogue. There was a lot of gash gobbling and posing here but I wished it lasted longer.


Scene Three: Stevie Shae, dressed in a more conservative sun dress that fit loosely on her body, was up next on the beat up old couch with Ryan Driller in a flashback scene to establish how she came to become “The Ghost”. They kissed playfully and caressed each other in romantic fashion, Ryan giving her ample small kisses on her body to show she was more than a hot piece of ass to him. He lifted off her dress to reveal her tasty tits and spent some time warming her up too, gradually working his way down her torso to her bald beaver where he ate her out at length as she moaned in pleasure. Stevie then inhaled his turgid rod with a lot of enthusiasm, her g-string disappearing as she continued taking increasing amounts of him into her mouth. Stevie then mounted him in cowgirl variations for some active vaginal riding, this dynamic continuing until he eventually drained his dragon of sperm to deposit it on her wonderful ass.


Scene Four: Lola Foxx, Mischa Brooks, and Derrick Pierce then had a threesome on the sofa in the lair of the biker gang, none of them caring about the plethora of people present when the action started. Lola was the fuck toy the gang leaders took to enjoy, Mischa munching her crotch while Lola sucked Derrick off. The ladies soon shared his cock vaginally and orally in a variety of active positions, always taking some time for a bit of lesbian icing on the cake if you know what I mean. Lola throated Derrick nearly to the hilt and Mischa’s fingers were dripping with pussy juice as she continued pleasuring the gal, some nut nuzzling and spanking included as they continued doing each other. The scene then ended when the ladies knelt beside each other to share his dousing wad of manly fluids, cum swapping it together until the scene cut away.


Scene Five: Stevie Shae, taken into the sanctuary town by Tommy Gunn after a bit of a miscommunication, then showed him a good time in the secluded area he led her to. He had heard of her and was mostly surprised that she was so hot, Stevie tossing him down to the mattress for a kiss but soon working his manhood into her mouth with practiced ease. Her ass looked swell in the tight black pants she wore as part of her outfit, her whale tail g-string stimulating even before she doffed the pants to get some more love. Her oral lingered and was lusty to say the least, Tommy bending her over a railing to bang her tight cookie as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. She then assumed a position on top of him, light bounces getting her more excited as she gyrated her hips to grind on his thick pecker, a few more positions leading to the chest pop he beat off to her tits.



Scene Six: Abby Cross, portraying the daughter of the town leader (think: Mad Max 2 ala The Road Warrior), planned a double cross while her partner Ritchie Calhoun reassured her that he only cared for her. They kissed in the shabby shack they were staying in and he started pawing her boobs, her hand massaging his growing bulge as their clothing slowly came off. She dropped down to blow him while maintaining solid eye contact, teasing him by tapping his cock on her mouth rather than just polish him off quickly. She stroked his rod and then he steeled in between her legs to go down on her, Abby bending over to showcase her incredible ass as he drilled her pussy. There was more oral and additional penetrative positions, Ritchie launching his small nut of seed on her ass before he kissed her back.



Scene Seven: Eva Karera, a busty brunette in a green dress, was up last with Stephen St, Croix, after some glimpses of an orgy that included just a few teasers of action. The couple went off to their secluded portion of the red tent where she sat in his lap, his hand automatically dropping to her crotch as she played with her tits while they kissed slowly. He used multiple fingers to finger her and then sucked on her tits too, their mutual chemistry and eye contact making the scene work as she quickly sucked him off to impale herself aggressively on his pecker while sitting on his lap. This continued with anal after the vaginal warm up, more oral by both leading to more fucking in missionary and doggy, Eva sucking him clean before one last burst of cock in her ass and pussy left his manly fluids all over her lower torso.


"What do you mean you got your copy too late to nominate it for a ton of awards?"

Summary: Apocalypse X by director Jakodema for Digital Playground was a heck of a lot of fun, allowing ample room for the large cast to ham it up in porn style while still engaging in some heated sexual antics not often seen from the feature company. Comments of how this amounted to yet another porn version of “Mad Max” might have some merit given the use of specific camera angles and shots, overly used clichés, and elements seen in abundance in both grade Z Hollywood movies and porn alike but Jakodema and cast pulled it off far better than expected to earn a rating of Highly Recommended. If you want a lot of feature length fuck for the buck, the episodes were scripted together in tighter fashion this time, the efforts on both sides of the camera pulling it off in a way few others would even attempt. In short, Apocalypse X looked good courtesy of the establishing shots, the chases, the lighting, and camera work to make the sex better and the story more believable so you will want to give this one a look. Note: I did not have access to the original broadcast for comparison purposes so I can’t say that every bit of original footage from the web episodes was included but this was a preferred format to having the show stop every 25 or so minutes for yet another opening and ending credits session, the only obvious possibility for a cut would be the orgy sequence that was very brief before the ending scene, feel free to email me if you have more information.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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