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She Loves To Swallow 2

Studio: Pink Visual Productions » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 10/30/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo

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Director: Unknown

Cast: Jasmine Byrne, Myah Monroe, Nikki Blaze, Kylie Haze

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 1 hour, 58 minutes

Release Date: 10/31/14

Extras: Extras included a bonus scene from College Wild Parties 23, Trailers, Slideshows

Condoms: No


Overview: I have had issues in the past when a studio releases footage as new but if you’re a close observer of porn as I am you know the girl in the scene has been long retired. Pink Visual is guilty of this but if it reaches its objective of getting me off I can excuse it as I’d like to believe the studio was saving its good stuff until the time was right. Jasmine Byrne, a one-time star in porn back in the mid-2000’s, and a personal favorite of mine as well as Myah Monroe who never became a star but was a more than decent utility performer, are two ladies long retired in case viewers aren’t aware. Kylie and Nikki I’d never heard of but based on their style of clothing, partner, my guess is their scenes are also more than five years old. Still, this was mostly a good collection of girls swallowing their first loads. Some take it like a pro others are disgusted but they all do it and do it pretty erotically.


Scene 1 Jasmine Byrne

It was awesome seeing Jasmine Byrne as she was one of my favorites until she left the business around 2007. Here she is looking good, tight and toned and ready to be boned. She’s mislead to think she was invited down by the guys to audition for a singing group but instead the guys are just going to try to get her into bed. When her partner shows her the bedroom Jasmine wonders why they have one in a studio but very quickly figures out what she needs to do to get the job. Jasmine is up for anything and quickly undressing, showing off her lovely tanned Latina body. After sucking her man off he starts banging her with Jasmine enjoying every inch of his cock pounding her tight hole. The two have a great chemistry and pull off an amazing opening scene. Just seeing Jasmine enthusiastically receiving his cock and riding it, with the look on her face, she’s all business and it’s quite an erotic, strokable sight to see. This is the kind of scene you go back and watch again and again. Jasmine takes his load without hesitation, the only girl in the film does, and closes it out by swallowing it all gladly.


Scene 2 Myah Monroe

Myah, a girl who was a favorite of mine because of how wild she would get does a nice job acting-wise pretending that she doesn’t like to swallow. Myah was always up for anything but you have to let the scenario work itself out. And Myah is quite good at dishing out attitude, some rules her man has to follow, but she does submit when she has a big cock pumping her tight teen snatch. Throughout the scene the cameraman who never shuts up reminds her that she needs to swallow and various other things but Myah is such a talented performer that she just ignores his shit and just concentrates on the dick that’s pounding her. She gives all who are watching her lots of sass and attitude but it appears genuine and it really does help make the scene erotic. Myah’s skinny frame looks good when the camera captures every inch of her sexy body. Myah is a fierce kind of fucker, the kind that could’ve been one of the dirtiest girls in porn during her day but this scene reminds us all what a good performer she was. When her man cums the cameraman reminds her if she wants to get paid she must swallow. She does reluctantly but swallows it and this reviewer is left wanting to blas a few loads himself.


Scene 3 Kylie Haze

Kylie has just met her partner, a long time male performer who likes what he sees. She seems not creeped out by him but even before they remove their clothes she really doesn’t try to get to close to him and seems to have second thoughts. She’s also very quiet throughout the scene, going through the motions but he seems to enjoy banging his stiff co-star. Honestly, she just seemed to be there for a paycheck and before we reach the midway point she’s somewhere else mentally. Kylie is a pretty girl but she just doesn’t have what it takes to be porn star or barely a porn girl. Still, the always talking director doesn’t make her leave until she swallows his load. She does then warns the director they’ll be having a talk after the camera is off. Kylie brings the mood, momentum and the part down causing this title to lose lots of point on the jerk-off meter.


Scene 4 Nikki Blaze

After the disaster of the previous scene Nikki turns up the heat a bit. No, I wouldn’t say Nikki could’ve been a star but your normal, everyday porn girl yes. She has an average body which she admits doesn’t do anything to keep in shape but she’s so cute. Her co-worker is willing to sell her his TV but she has  to agree to let him nail her. She agrees justifying it because it’s a really nice TV so she’s more than happy to have sex for the TV. Nikki lets her man take control, removing her clothing, making the first move, positioning her to the floor but there’s something sexual about this girl. While in mish the two look good together as he fucks her not so much in a porn kind of way but in a way that most people would. Still, it looks erotic and although Nikki is also quiet she has a nice aura about her. She certainly doesn’t zone out as she enjoys his cock going in and out whether she’s on top of bottom. He certainly can’t get enough of her as the two do have a nice connection. She’s reluctant to take a load but does so and has a look of disgust but she quickly wipes that look off her face as she starts to laugh. She may not have liked her first load in the mouth but she certainly did enjoy her sexual session and will be enjoying her new TV even more.


Summary: This title earns its Recommended rating with its two strong opening scenes and a nice and decent closing scene. I can certainly see myself stroking to these scenes. I like these simple gonzo scenes where there’s no glam, no long tease, just two people with good chemistry going at it and with just the good stuff included, all that other stuff left on the cutting room floor. The annoying cameraman who likes to talk during the scene adds nothing to the jerk off session and Kylie’s scene is so poor my advice would be t skip it entirely. Despite that one poor scene this title has some gems that we like are finally getting the light of day.

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