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My Friend's Hot Mom 44

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/4/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


My Friend’s Hot Mom 44

Naughty America

Genre: Web-To-DVD, MILF

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Director: Uncredited


Cast: Syren De Mer, Alan Stafford, Brandi Love, Tyler Nixon, Tiffany Mynx, Seth Gamble, Ava Addams, Chad White, Briana Banks, Bruce Venture

Length: See below for individual scene running times.

Dates of Production: See below for the original release dates.


Extras: There was a slideshow and some trailers as well as a short interview with Tara Holiday lasting 5:17 minutes (again).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: My Friend’s Hot Mom 44 was comprised of five scenes shot for the internet to be compiled into this release for Naughty America. No directors or technical staffers were credited but most of the scenes looked competently handled, some of the lighting and camera work in need of polishing up but the editing appeared to be okay. The scenes were finally presented in anamorphic widescreen, not just chopped to look widescreen, a major upgrade from what the company has offered on DVD. There was nothing on the DVD that was not released last year online for the company website so I tried to list links for those who are members but suffice it to say that it was middle of the road in terms of visual excellence compared to companies that rely heavily on the physical disc medium, the video bit rates hovering in the middle 3+ Mbps range much of the time. The aural qualities were similar in that I could hear the vocals plainly enough on my home theater set up but the music and ambient sounds found on higher end works were not as interesting here.

Body of Review: Naughty America is a huge internet company that provides some really solid web scenes on their multitude of themed websites. They are also known for taking said scenes and releasing them on disc, five scenes per disc being their standard, the latest of which I am reviewing is called My Friend’s Hot Mom 44. As expected, the idea was to showcase MILF’s getting frisky with various men, no new content added to round things out. With ladies including babes such as Ava Addams, Tiffany Mynx, Brandi Love, Briana Banks, and Syren De Mer, there was definitely some stroke potential here if the directors didn’t fuck it up with low end mopes or shitty vignettes. The company website described the premise of the show like this: “Now is the chance for you to fuck the MILF you've always wanted to -- your friend’s hot mom! Naughty America makes your dream come true with My Friend's Hot Mom. These mom porn videos feature hot, big tit MILF porn stars who are horny and wanting to fuck their sons' friends. Join today to watch mom porn videos on your iPad, tablet and mobile device, too!” The back cover described the movie like this: “Do your friends have hot moms that you fantasize about, or do you just wish they did? Either way, we know you love MILFs and horny older women, and we guarantee you'll find the hottest moms and the sexiest MILFs around right here on Naughty America's original show, My Friends Hot Mom.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Syren De Mer, a well spoken redhead with a firm ass, was up first as she took on Alan Stafford, the man portraying her son’s old buddy that fixes up homes. She wanted an expert opinion for her remodel but decided his turgid rod in her mouth and pussy was a much more pressing matter. Syren may not have been my first choice as a dream gal compared to a cast otherwise filled with ladies I have found nearly irresistible over the years but she showed some energy and enthusiasm with active riding and eye contact as she drained his dragon of semen. He plastered her face at the end of the scene instead of her nearly bald beaver that had just a wisp of pubic hair, her smile showing how into the scene she was. The My Friend’s Hot Mom website described the scene like this: “Syren De Mer ran into her son's old friend Alan at the farmer's market the other day, and she invited him over since he remodels kitchens and she's thinking about getting a makeover. What she didn't tell Alan is that she also wants to get fucked really hard by him, but he figures it out when the MILF grabs his dick and pulls out her big tits! The idea of a kitchen remodel never felt so good...” 23:30 minutes 9/10/2012


Scene Two: Brandi Love, a blond bombshell with a fetching face and killer body, was up next as she delivered some cookies to her son’s loft but only his friend Tyler Nixon was around. There was a surprising amount of establishing footage of her in the city this time, a very nice touch by the way, her ass getting a lot of attention as she walked up the stairs. Tyler was working out in his skimpy shorts and she kept looking as his chubby, his laundry all in the washer (don’t I know that feeling) as one thing led to another, her red satin top enhancing her large boobs much like her stretch pants hugged her generous ass. She made the first move after he established her son wouldn’t be around and he was single, his attraction to her reciprocated. She kissed him hard as he grabbed her juicy ass, her attire quickly disposed of to show her g-string nestled deep inside her ass. He was rock hard by the time she knelt down to slob his knob, her ginger touches and light hand to gland friction nearly causing an early withdrawal of his sperm though she was careful to make him last. He gobbled her gash and fingered her when it was his turn, her active vaginal riding quite inspirational as was her dirty talk. The scene ended after he took her in doggy, her ass shaking like crazy before she turned around to get his manly fluids all over her face. The My Friend’s Hot Mom website described the scene like this: “Brandi Love is in New York City visiting her son, but when she goes to his apartment, she only finds his roommate, Tyler! Turns out that her boy went to the Hamptons with his girlfriend, so now Brandi only has a box full of cookies for Tyler. He gives her the rundown on the life in New York and their apartment, and when she finds out that he's single and that her son will be gone for some time, Ms. Love decides she wants to have some fun! She starts off by giving her son's friend a nice wet blowjob and then sits on his face so that she gets a nice, good NYC pussy-eating!” 34:43 minutes 9/14/2012


Scene Three: Tiffany Mynx, a redheaded legend for ass lovers all over the world, was back in a scene with a special guest star playing a pussy, Seth Gamble playing her son’s tennis playing pal that sent him scrambling. Tiffany played the concerned mother who discussed her son’s minor injury with Seth, his nearly naked form turning her on as she slowly started caressing his admittedly scrawny chest. Tiffany did what she does best and was all over him in moments, kissing him as she massaged his rapidly growing boner in the kitchen, the gal kneeling down to inhale him orally before he munched her neatly trimmed cookie and fucked her. She was a wonderfully active vaginal rider and her ass was as curvy as ever, the rippling as the couple fucked in various positions a huge turn on as she showed him how flexible she remains to this day. I admit to having a great deal of affectionate lust for the woman but she was very good in her role, I just hope to see more of her in the future. The scene ended in a facial and she gave some post coital head, a cum goatee on her chin as she bounced around the kitchen reviving my appreciation of her once more. The My Friend’s Hot Mom website described the scene like this: “Tiffany Mynx is watching her son Roli and his buddy Seth play tennis when Roli trips and falls, spraining his ankle! She runs to his side to help the little crybaby, and she and Seth walk him back to the house where he goes to his room to cry. While her adult son is blubbering over a rolled ankle in his bedroom, Ms. Mynx decides she wants to interact with a real man like Seth. She's so impressed by Seth's manliness that she wants to see his manhood! The redheaded MILF goes down on her knees to suck Seth's dick and fuck him in the kitchen!” 22:37 minutes 9/17/2012


Scene Four: Ava Addams, the amazingly sexy brunette bombshell featured on the front cover, was up next as she walked in on Chad White as her son slept. Her skimpy black and blue lingerie looked fantastic on her body and she wanted Chad despite being right next to her son. He turned her down before looking for her throughout the house, Ava masturbating on the bed as the two hooked up courtesy of her feminine wiles impacting his decision. From her sweet ass to her decidedly pronounced tits, Ava was a full package gal and she was sucking him off in no time despite his initial reluctance. Though he was not very large, she treated him like royalty with her mouth, hands, and eye contact, a titty fuck and active vaginal riding positions earning every drop of his liquid love, the gal a personal favorite these days for good reason. He finished up by blasting her boobs with seed, the gal disposing of him once she was done. The My Friend’s Hot Mom website described the scene like this: “Ava Addams has been carrying on a naughty tryst with her son's friend, Chad. The busty MILF bursts into her son's room, where Chad is sleeping on the floor, and plies him with her bra and panties, trying to get him to fuck her again. He tries to tell her that what they're doing isn't right, and that it needs to stop, but when her big tits flop out of her bra and she shakes her fat ass in his face, he has no option but to get a blowjob from her and tittyfuck her and drill her pussy into submission!!!” 19:02 minutes 9/19/2012


Scene Five: Briana Banks, a gorgeous blond bombshell that I haven’t seen in far too long, was up last and thicker than ever in the longest scene of the batch, the gal relying on moper Bruce Venture to console her after she confronted her cheating husband. The small talk was not his strong suit at all but Briana enjoyed his massage and willingness to eat her bald beaver and ass, their kissing exciting him before they boned actively in the home which started in a standing doggy. Briana was an active vaginal rider and her superior oral between positions didn’t hurt any more than her pretty eyes or dirty talk. Her marvelous ass was fluffier than ever so fans are in for a treat there too, the gal impaling herself on his cock a number of times before eliciting his nut all over her face. The sheer white outfit she ended up in at the end nearly caused me to lose it all by itself with how sexy she looked but Briana is another I have many personally fond memories of from years gone by. The My Friend’s Hot Mom website described the scene like this: “Briana Banks is upset that her husband is cheating on her. She tells this to her son's best friend Bruce, who is living with them at the moment, when he finds her looking sad sitting at the dining room table. He consoles her and massages her, helping to relieve her worries and stress. But he gets carried away and starts kissing her! Briana can't handle it ... until she sees Bruce's big dick! Needless to say the blonde MILF takes out all of her stress by fucking her son's best friend!” 33:25 minutes 9/21/2012

Summary: My Friend’s Hot Mom 44 by the uncredited directors of Naughty America was definitely fun to watch as various MILFs enjoyed the various five scenarios but there were scant extras, modest technical values, and a very repetitive manner in which the scenes unfolded sexually so I rated the production as a Recommended, the technical aspects polished up and the majority of scenes as strong as you will find from the company. Ava Addams looked great, Brandi Love was smoking hot, and the return of Tiffany Mynx and Briana Banks reminded me of many pleasant memories so even if I suspect fans will prefer to simply join the website instead buy a single DVD this was a volume with added value. In short, fans of MILFs could do much, much worse than My Friend’s Hot Mom 44, the quality of casting this time elevating the strokability and replay more than a little so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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