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Fucked & Disorderly

Studio: Harmony » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/25/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Category: Foreign/All Sex/Fetish Wear



Cast: Lexi Lowe/Samantha Bentley/Rio Lee/Tiffany Doll/Georgie Lyall/Omar Wiliams/Marco Rose/Jonny Cockfill

Director: Strangelove

Extras: Photo Gallery

Release Date: 7/11/2014

Runtime: 2 Hrs 17 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Strangelove's 'Fucked & Disorderly'!


*Scene 1:

Lexi Lowe/Omar Williams

The premiere scene in Harmony Pictures' Fucked & Disorderly begins in a bar setting, where Omar Williams plays the role of an undercover cop who spots Lexi Lowe snorting lines of coke in the bathroom stall. The introductory segment is short and sweet, ending as Omar presents his mammoth sausage to Lexi, and she falls to her knees in obedient fashion. The bj that follows is solid, showcasing the blonde bombshell going deep on Omar and testing the limits of her throat in perfect porno fashion, leading into a doggie style fuck that initiates the sex. The fucking throughout this scene gets better and better as it progresses, showcasing a solid energy from Omar and Lexi and a good chemistry that we all know is the centerpiece for a well-translated fuck-sesh. Positioning moves through a lot of what is considered to be the standard, with the intensity that ultimately unravels being anything but standard. Lexi's expressions and overall presence are incredible throughout it's entirety; with the final moments consisting of Omar pulling his dick out of her from a missionary fuck, and spraying her body with a generous load of dickspit as she holds open her tongue in hopes of a couple squirts reaching it. A great scene here overall, I have to say that Lexi Lowe is really starting to come into her own as a pornstar. I reviewed her first boy/girl scene a few months ago and her perfomrances are leaps and bounds above what they were only that short time ago. I look forward to Lexi's future, she was great here. 



*Scene 2:

Samantha Bentley/Mike angelo

Anal, ATM


Samantha Bentley is next up, with her scene opening up as she walks into a pub and sees Mike Angelo shooting pool. As usual, Samantha has a presence through the introductory segment that is unavoidable, dressed up like the sluttiest (and hottest) of biker babes as she struts through the bar smoking a cigarette, teasing Angelo in the coming moments. Without any words, action sets in after Mike whips out his dipstick and Samantha crawls across the pool table and gives a throat-fucking blowjob that is just incredible (I've ran out of adjectives to use for this girl, really). The bj gives way to a hardcore doggie-style fuck on the table, where Mike pries apart Samantha's face for leverage and bangs the living shit out of her pussy before she stands over him to get some reverse cowgirl style fucking in. Sex is on-point again throughout the scene, and it's really no surprise from these two; Angelo has been a top performer on the male side of the spectrum for some time, and Samantha is as good as she's ever been, which is actually saying a hell of a lot considering what she's done to this point. Anal sets in soon after the initial reverse cowgirl fuck, heightening the intensity as Samantha gives out some glorious gapes for the home viewers to drool over throughout. Things ultimately conclude after Mike seems to have fully ravaged Samantha's anus, leading him to blow out a massive load of dick juice over her face in a slow-mo cumshot, as the screen fades shortly thereafter. This was an an amazing scene overall, having the hardcore makings that pervs like me are missing in a lot of today's vanilla porn industry; Samantha Bentley is fucking rock solid, but if you've been reading my reviews lately, you already know that. 


*Scene 3:

Rio Lee/Marc Rose

The third scene begins as we see Rio Lee, who's in a fetish photoshoot of sorts, with the shoot doubling as a tease sequence before photographer Marc Rose puts down his camera and goes in for some muff munching. A short cunnilingus sesh gives way to some nice bj action, with Rio swinging to and fro while catching Marc's johnson-rod in her mouth, soon stopping herself to get a better handle on things. A nice, but slop-lacking blow-j leads into a missionary fuck from Rose, having strong elements from both performers, but not really translating as well as the scenes prior to this one. There's some machine-fucking action around the midway point, where Marc steps away from set to let Rio do her thing, but I thought the scene took a bit of a dive during these moments to be quite honest. However the final moments consist of Marc doing what he does best, churning out an absolutely monstrous cumload over Rio's face as she cradles his balls with her right hand to help him out. This was a shorter scene than those we've watched thus far, which probably did it justice because the action wore down rather quickly. The fucking cumshot was epic though. 



*Scene 4:

Tiffany Doll/Omar Williams

Anal, ATM


Tiffany Doll is the focal point of the fourth scene in the film, as it opens up with Omar Williams playing doctor in a debauched pussy probing with Tiffany dressed in classic porno schoolgirl attire. After some hitachi action and a slew of dildo examinations (anal and vaginal), Tiffany leans over to take Omar's jizz-whistle into her mouth, drawing out some decent dick-slop and giving way to a missionary style fuck on the exam table. Anal sets in quickly, with the screen fading into a reverse cowgirl ham-hole romp as the beautiful Tiffany looks on in lustworthy fashion. Sex is strong throughout the scene, showcasing Tiffany taking all she can handle while Omar relentlessly rams her dirtbox before blasting a thick wad of dick grease over her face in the closing moments. Tiffany is always a good watch, a seemingly horny-all-the-time babe that continually produces great porn scenes. Good stuff. 



*Scene 5:

Georgie Lyall/Jonny Cockfill

The final scene in Strangelove's Fucked and Disorderly begins with a caged Georgie Lyall, being held captive by a guy who might have the best name I've ever heard in porn, Jonny Cockfill. Classic. Jonny pokes and prods at his subject in the early moments, before plopping his dong through the bars and allowing his test subject to suck it, and eventually releasing her for good behavior, I guess. The blowie is decent, with model-esque Georgie giving some fairly strong deepthroats and dickslops in the process, as some light bondage play takes place in the following moments where Georgie is fully suspended on the wall as Jonny continues fondling her various pieces and parts. Things tend to run slowly throughout these moments with the sex ultimately speeding up the progression as Jonny pulls her off the wall, places her on a sex swing, and plows her pussy in a missionary throb-thumping. Some nice camera angles make the scene resonate better than it may have otherwise, but it does get a little better nonetheless, especially during the late reverse cowgirl action. Things cap off with Georgie cradling her luscious melons, whilst jerking Jonny Cockfill (I just had to say that name again) directly into her mouth for a non-visible in-mouth ejaculation. A so-so scene here overall, definitely not a great one to end the film on, but fans of Georgie will probably find some parts appealing. 



Strangelove's 'Fucked and Disorderly' from Harmony Pictures is a good enough film to recommend, with the main reason for it's satisfactory viewing being the talented cast of performers chosen for it. The technical aspects were noticeably less stand-out than we're used to seeing from Harmony, with some dark shots, curious camerawork, and a distinctly less-appealing resolution than many recent releases from the well-respected studio. I don't think that these things necessarily made it bad or unwatchable, but so much of the stuff we see from Harmony is so attentively filmed and carefully composed that it's noticeably offbeat when viewing one that isn't. Samantha Bentley was standout in the film, which is nothing new, and this might have been as good of a scene from Lexi Lowe that I've ever watched; most performances were strong, with my only concern being the final scene for reasons that may have been more relative than objective. Extras include only the obligatory photo gallery, as it seems Harmony is not budging on adding anything more than that to the special featueres menu, at least for the time being. It's a tough call, but I'll give this one a recommendation, mainly for performance and overall viewing. I think fans of Harmony will like it for the most part, with the understanding that direction and tech specs are a little dissimilar than we're used to seeing from them. Recommended.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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