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Adult Empire Unlimited

Studio: Other » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 12/8/14

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Adult DVD Empire Unlimited

Lets face it, the experience of stealing watching porn on a tube site is a miserable experience. Consuming your porn in 5 mintue blocks of often stolen cotent is like dumpster diving a fast food joint for your lunch. Yeah, you can do it, but do you really want to?

Sparing the long diatribe about why you should actually pay for your porn and how tube sites are worse than most suitcase pimps, lets just agree that deep down, you know that you're fucking someone (and not in a good way) when you consume pirated porn, the question is do you care?

This same dynamic used to be the case in the music space when services like Napster made stealing downloading music easy. Now there are services like Spotify and Pandora that let you legally and honestly listen to music.

That's what Adult Empire Unlimited is, it's Spotify for porn. For the price of 1 adult DVD you basically get a full month of unlimited streaming of adult video. 

The breakdown is: $24.99 per month for 1 month but if you buy a year it goes down to just $12.50 a month (and with the XCritic discount code you save 40% off that first month).

Content Library


 Empire Unlimited StudiosEmpire Unlimited Studio List

Empire Unlimited selection includes over 27K movies and 130K scenes. This is great if you are looking for raw diversity, but it's important to note that some of the major studios aren't included in this mix. With Empire Unlimited you do get standout studios like: DreamZone, Adam & Eve, Smash Pictures and Harmony. There are older titles from Digial Sin and New Sensations but there are some notable absences including Evil Angel, Elegant Angel and Digital Playground.

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Popular Titles

Sample of Popular Titles on Empire Unlimited

At first I was kind of disappointed not to see these studios, until I realized that I owned many of the key titles from them, and while it would be nice to stream them, not having them meant I was more likely to explore studios and starlets which I wasn't already familar with. I also ended up watching titles I'd never would have picked up on DVD and some of them I quite enjoyed!!

Content Quality:

Empire Unlimited Quality

Empire Unlimited offers many titles in four quality levels: Low Quality (for mobile streaming), High, DVD and High Def). The Empire Unlimited library has a fair number of High Def titles. For the most part, most of the titles at Empire Unlimited are at least at DVD Quality. The High Def videos that Empire Unlimited have look really good, even blown up on a larger monitor.

For the most part, on mobile I went with the Low Quality options as it often loaded faster and ran better on mobile. Low Quality is serviceable for most titles (some from the outlying studios looked bad no matter what resolution I tried, but I expect that to be more a function of the original studio than Empire Unlimited's streaming.)

Scenes vs. Titles:


Empire Unlimited Scene Breakdown

 Very Helpful Scene Breakdowns

One of Empire Unlimited's strongest suits is the fact that it presents its library from both a scene point of view and a title point of view. This means that many of the titles are broken down by scene, which is really handy if there's something specific that you want to watch from a title. These scene breakdowns often list the performers in the scene and how long the scene is. The performer is hotlinked to a search which is also great when you want to see something more from that starlet. 

Tagging and Searching:

Empire Unlimited Tags

Another really strong element of Empire Unlimited is vast number of options that there are to sift through the vast library. In addition to searching for something specific, Empire Unlimited has a wide range of tags which are handy when you aren't exactly sure what you are looking for. Again, the Empire Unlimited library is great for exploring stuff maybe you haven't seen, and so the way in which they allow you to seek and find is VERY helpful. I also appreciated the fact that there's an option to exclude Transexual, Bisexual and BBW content. 

Now, I'm not bashing on those genres (and Empire Unlimited has a huge amount of content to satisfy fans of all three of those genres, enough that it is actually a huge selling point if you are interested), but some folks just aren't interested in those genres, so having the option to exclude them is nice.

Beyond PC's and Tablets:

Empire Unlimited Roku

If you have a Roku, Empire Unlimited links seemlessly with the Roku. After an easy set up you get many of the key features you do on the web version and the quality is pretty solid. I'd REALLY like to see Empire update their web player so that it'll cast on Google Chromcast as it's much more portable and easier to take on the road.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Transexual, Bisexual or BBW Porn, Empire Unlimited is absolutely a no-brainer. You should sign up and enjoy perhaps the best catalogue of content in these genres. For those who aren't looking for those genres there are still a lot of compelling reasons to sign up. Empire Unlimited is a clear upgrade from trying to consume porn on the tube sites, and it has the variety and depth of selection that make it deliver an amazing fuck for the buck. In addition to Transexual, Bisexual and BBW porn there's a fair amount of barely legal / newcommer porn from studios who are pulling outside the same old talent pool. This means for folks who enjoy seeing a lot of fresh faces, there's a lot to enjoy.

Technically, Empire Unlimited is solid. I did have the occasional hiccup on mobile, but it wasn't enough to be significant. The truth is, this service is one major studio away from warrenting our top rating for sites. It's still an extremely solid Join It rating and if you go with the 12 month plan, it delivers well above the value of what you are paying. 

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