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Men Seeking Men

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/24/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Feature Running Time:  1 hour 54 minutes

Date of Production: September 2014

Genre: Gay, Feature; Affairs, Fantasy

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Nica Noelle

Cast: Jesse Colter, Nick Capra, Tommy Defendi, Matt Stevens, Ty Roderick, Davey Anthony, Ludo Sandor, Trenton Ducati

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshots; Bloopers; Photo Slideshow; Behind the Scenes


Nica Noelle’s Men Seeking Men is a steamy flick with dreamy cockstars who get tangled in episodes of unbridled man-on-man sex filled with hard bodies, hard dicks and hot tight asses. Noelle’s 4 scenes present 4 lust-filled stories of men exploring friendship, relationships and passion, discovering each other’s hidden desires to be kissed, sucked and fucked by a man they know and love. Sex superstars Jesse Colter, Nick Capra, Tommy Defendi, Matt Stevens, Ty Roderick, Davey Anthony, Ludo Sandor, Trenton Ducati play out long, passionate scenes of sometimes missionary style lovemaking and other times hardcore doggy style fucking that is a complete turn on. These guys and their bodies are worth watching again and again and the fantasy scenarios are ones we’ve all dreamed of. The opening scene with Tommy Defendi, who has just gotten out of prison, finally meeting his prison pen pal, Matt Stevens, is a cock hardener as this couple lets their pent up passions explode on film. You’ll also love watching Ludo Sandor and Trenton Ducati’s dick time as Trenton’s long-tongued rimming and fucking of Ludo gets hotter and hotter by the minute. I recommend this flick. It’s another great movie from Nica that puts real-life man-on-man fantasies on the screen to enjoy.

Scene 1: Tommy Defendi and Matt Stevens

Tommy has served long, hard time in prison and he’s glad to finally be out. Lucky for him he had a committed pen pal keeping him company while he was behind bars, and it’s finally time to meet him. They meet at a local bar and enjoy each other’s company, finally looking each other in the eyes for the first time. Tommy looks longingly into Matt’s eyes as he talks about how much he appreciated Matt’s letters while he was in prison. Tommy and Matt close down the place. They’re the last to leave and they make their way to Tommy’s bedroom to finish getting to know each other. They kiss passionately and deeply and soon get into some long-term cock sucking. Matt takes his time sucking Tommy’s hard cock, laying him back on the bed and deep throating his meat.

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With Tommy’s meat all wet and hard, he’s ready to fuck. He puts Matt in missionary position on the bed and stuffs his cock up his ass while shoving his tongue down Matt’s throat. Tommy massages Matt’s ass hole with his cock and Matt is enjoying it, keep his legs up in the air while Tommy plows through. The camera angles are great, showing Tommy’s ass thrusting up and down between Matt’s legs. Matt bends over in doggy position, putting his pretty, tight, round ass in place, waiting for Tommy’s dick. Tommy fucks him hard and deep, plowing through his sphincter. Matt goes for a cowboy ride on top of Tommy’s cock and soon shoots a hot load of cum all over Tommy’s hairy chest. Tommy jerks off too, cumming all over his own chest and on the pillow behind his head.

Scene 2: Jesse Colter and Nick Capra

Jesse and Nick have been on a dating site and they’ve arranged to meet each other in a bar. They’re at the bar each sitting alone, waiting for the other to arrive. Jesse finally walks over to Nick and introduces himself. Nick is even more impressed with the way Jesse looks. He’s even more handsome in person than his picture lets on. Nick is married but he has a strong desire for men and really wants to experience sex with a man. Even though his desire is strong he’s really nervous. Jesse tells him not to be nervous and explains that it’s time he experience what he’s been longing for all this time. They pair go back to Jesse’s place and begin to explore each other, first with long, passionate kissing while Jesse slowly unbuttons Nick’s shirt. The kissing is juicy and delicious as these guys take their time exploring each other.  With all of Nick’s clothes finally off, Jesse starts sucking his cock, licking his balls and squeezing his chest, completely turning Nick on. Nick returns the cock-sucking favor, licking all over Jesse’s dick before Jesse gets on top of him cowboy style and ride his meat. Nick jerks Jesse’s dick while he rides.

Jesse and Nick are grabbing, squeezing and pulling at each other while they fuck and it makes the scene even hotter than it already is. Their chemistry is great and they’re longing for each other and it shows. Nick fucks Jesse’s tight ass doggy style, gripping him around the chest and pulling him in closer and closer to him while he fills him with cock. The hard cock pounding continues with Jesse on his back with his legs up in the air and Nick’s cock buried deep in Jesse’s ass missionary style. Nick fucks him hard and grabs a hold of Jesse’s dick, squeezing and jerking it while he stuffs his ass hole. Jesse explodes in a shower of cum, shooting his load all over his chest while Nick keeps pumping his ass hole. Nick jerks off and cums all over himself as the two go back to their long, passionate kisses.

Scene 3: Ludo Sandor and Trenton Ducati

Trenton is working up a sweat in the gym as Ludo walks up. They’ve agreed to have their first date at the gym with a personal training session and Ludo is impressed with Trenton’s looks and body. Trenton beings training Ludo, helping him lift weights and get the right position and posture. Ludo is getting turned on just watching Trenton’s rippling muscles as he works out on the machines. Ludo finally makes his fantasy come true by rubbing and touching Trenton’s bulging muscles. They start kissing and soon Trenton is driving Ludo’s head down toward his hard cock. Trenton fucks Ludo’s mouth, gripping him behind the ears and thrusting his cock down Ludo’s throat. Trenton sucks Ludo’s cock too then eats his ass doggy style, burying his face between Ludo’s ass cheeks.

He fingers Ludo’s ass too then makes him finger his own ass before Trenton starts fucking him missionary style, plowing through Ludo’s ass cheeks making him moan. He kisses him on the neck then turns him over to fuck him doggy style. Ludo gets on all fours then fingers his ass, begging Trenton to fuck him. Trenton pounds him then fucks him in spoon position, telling Ludo to open his hole. Trenton puts him back in missionary position then fucks him until he pulls out and cums all over Ludo’s cock and stomach.

Scene 4: Ty Roderick and Davey Anthony

Ty and Davey meet up at a bar for a man-to-man encounter and Ty really doesn’t have a lot of time, he’s got to work nights this week. Ty asks Davey where he wants to go and Davey says he wants to go back to his uncle’s place because no one is there. They get back to the house and waste no time, kissing and stripping each other at the same time. Davey sucks on Ty’s nipples, turning him on. They get into more long, passionate kissing as Ty kisses Davey all the way from his neck to his navel. Davey has really been wanting to suck cock and he finally gets the dick he’s been waiting for as Ty guides his meat into Davey’s hungry mouth. Davey deep throats Ty, swallowing him all the way down to his balls and it’s got Ty turned on. Ty rims Davey’s ass before putting him in doggy position and fucking him from behind.

The camera gets close up on Ty’s cock slamming into Davey’s ass and his balls slamming Davey’s ass cheeks. Davey lies back and puts his legs up in the air so Ty can fuck him missionary style. Ty keeps up a steady stroke, plunging deeper and deeper into Davey’s tight hole. This missionary style fuck is never-ending and Ty keeps it going until pulling out and cumming all over Davey’s cock and balls.  

Final Thoughts:

Nica Noelle knows how to take real-life man-on-man fantasies and turn them into an on-camera fuckfest that burns up the screen. She’s done it again in her flick Men Seeking Men where our cock superstars Jesse Colter, Nick Capra, Tommy Defendi, Matt Stevens, Ty Roderick, Davey Anthony, Ludo Sandor, Trenton Ducati delve into their deep, dark testosterone-filled fantasies and come up sucking the cock and fucking the ass they’ve long been dreaming of. Tommy and Matt’s opening scene is a turn on as Tommy, who’s finally out of prison, meets up with Matt, his prison term pen pal, in a bar. The longing stares and soft spoken words lets each guy know the underlying passion between the two of them is real and unbearable. They’ve got to do something about it, and a trip back to Tommy’s bedroom is just the place to work through all their sexually charged, pent up desires. Trenton and Ludo’s scene is another passion filled tryst with lots of long rimming and hard fucking that will get anyone hard. I recommend Men Seeking Men. It’s a turn on to watch these secret man-on-man fuck fantasies come true on film.

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