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Stepfather, The

Studio: Mile High Distribution » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/24/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 44 minutes

Date of Production: October 2014

Genre: Gay, Feature, Older/Younger

Condoms:   Yes

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Nica Noelle

Cast: Adam Russo, Casey Tanner, Connor McGuire, Ian Levine, Brian DeVilla, Darla Crane

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshots’ Over 3 minutes of Behind the Scenes; Photo Slideshow; Bloopers


Nica Noelle continues to churn out deep felt, passionate, sex-filled cock stories of man-on-man love and lust. The Stepfather chronicles the story of a young Casey Tanner who is gay and in the closet and is trying to figure out when to come out to his mother, Darla, and stepfather, Adam Russo. This flick has a heavy older man-younger man theme as our stars Adam Russo, Casey Tanner, Connor McGuire, Ian Levine and Brian DeVilla suck and fuck each other, covering their stomachs in cum. Conner and Casey’s flick opener is steamy as the jock-bodied Conner annihilates Casey’s ass. Adam Russo and Casey’s stepdad-stepson fuck session carries tons of chemistry, making it one of the hotter scenes of the movie. Overall, the production quality is great, the camera angles are good and the scenes are shot well. I recommend this movie. It’s another Nica Noelle storyline or taboo sex you're sure to get off to. 

Scene 1: Conner McGuire and Casey Tanner  

Casey’s mom and step dad, Adam Russo, have figured out that their son is gay. His mom has noticed the way he seems to have a crush on his friend Conner. She’s wondering if he will come out of the closet. Just then, Casey and Conner stop by the house and they decide to go upstairs to watch the game. But when they get into the bedroom, it becomes clear that it’s not the game they’re interested in. Conner tells Casey to get out of those pants and Casey quickly drops them, then drops to his knees to suck Conner’s hard cock. Conner helps Casey out of the rest of his clothes as the two keep kissing on each other. Conner blows Casey’s cock, turning him on as he lies back on the bed.

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Casey is already in missionary position near the edge of the bed and Conner stuffs his dick in Casey’s ass, massage his prostate with prick. Casey jerks his dick while Conner fucks him. Conner flips over and puts Casey in a cowboy ride then gets back on top of him missionary style and makes love to him. But the lovemaking soon turns to hard fucking as Conner pumps Casey’s ass hole then rims it. Casey twists into doggy position so Conner can plugs his hole some more. After another round of missionary style fucking, Conner pulls out of Casey’s ass hole and jerks off all over Casey’s stomach and cock.

Scene 2: Ian Levine and Brian DeVilla

Brian DeVilla’s could lose his job for what he’s about to do, but he doesn’t care. He’s so turned on by Ian Levine that he has to have him. He pins him on the bed and starts kissing him passionately, gripping his head and running his hands through Ian’s hair. Ian wants to suck Brian’s cock and he pulls it out of his pants while stripping out of his clothes. Ian really takes his time deep throating and swallowing Brian’s big, hard dick, licking up and down his shaft and tonguing his balls. After a long blow job, they start kissing passionately again while Brian works his meat up Ian’s ass hole cowboy style. Ian works his ass hole down around Brian’s cock until it’s all the way in. He bounces up and down on Brian’s prick while Brian pumps him from underneath. It’s one rock hard cowboy ride that Ian is enjoying.

Brian maneuvers Ian into doggy position then into missionary and fills his hole with cock, stroking it back and forth. Brian gives Ian a long rim job then he spoon fucks him which causes Ian to blow his load. Brian keeps spoon fucking him until he’s ready to cum, pulling out, lying on his back and jerking off, covering his stomach with jizz.

Scene 3: Conner McGuire and Adam Russo

Conner doesn’t like that his boyfriend, Casey, is spending so much time with his stepfather, Adam. Conner shows up at Adam’s house to confront him about getting to close to Casey but Adam asks him to leave. Conner leaves but comes back and lets himself in. He intends to make a point to Adam about staying away from Casey. Conner corners Adam in the bedroom and tells him that he knows he’s gay. He’s never been married and doesn’t have any kids. Conner forces Adam to his knees and forces feeds him his dick. Adam starts chocking on Conner’s cock but soon is sucking up every inch of his meat.

Conner gets Adam on the bed in doggy position and plows through his ass, banging his hole while gripping him around his waist and pulling him back into his dick. They take the action to a fast stroke spoon fuck on the bed and Adam is enjoying every thrust from Conner. While getting fucked missionary style, Adam blows his load, cumming all over his stomach. Conner is quick to follow, jerking his dick and cumming all over Adam’s balls.  

Scene 4: Casey Tanner and Adam Russo

Casey is upset that his stepdad didn’t remember that they were supposed to go out tonight. He storms off as Adam apologizes about forgetting they had plans. Adam follows Casey to his room to apologize even more and as he does, Casey leans in and kisses him. This ignites all the suppressed, taboo desires that’s been percolating between this stepdad and stepson all along. They want to fuck each other. Adam drops his pants and feeds Casey his cock, but Adam is interested in Casey’s tight asshole as he pulls him out of his jeans and underwear. Adam returns the cock sucking favor and blows Casey meat, kissing him all over his stomach and chest.

Adam rims Casey’s tight, pink ass, making him moan. With Casey all turned on, Adam plunges his dick up Casey’s ass in doggy position, kissing him while stroking him. Adam grabs hold of Casey’s ass and fucks him balls deep. Casey gets into missionary position to enjoy more of Adam’s hard prick. Casey cums while Adam’s cock is up his ass missionary style. After fucking him some more, Adam pulls out and jerks off on Casey’s chest.

Final Thoughts:

Nica Noelle explores the sexually tense world of stepdad-stepson desire and older man-younger man longing in her flick The Stepfather. Cockstars Adam Russo, Casey Tanner, Connor McGuire, Ian Levine and Brian DeVilla work their way through this world of daddy-son love told the way only Nica could tell it. This flick is full of man-on-man passion, romance and gritty sex as these hard-bodied beautiful men finally let their deep dark sexual desires breakthrough their masculine, tough exteriors. Casey and his stepdad Adam are getting closer and closer, spending lots of time together and it’s clear that Casey is developing strong feelings for his stepdad. While he’s getting to know his stepdad he keeps busy, fucking his secret boyfriend Conner. The love triangle thickens when Conner fucks Casey’s stepdad Adam and the two manhandle each other while Casey’s away. But in the end, Casey lets his desires win him over as he gets to know his stepdad’s cock really well. I recommend this movie. The fucking is hot, the guys are hard and the storyline is kinky. The scenes are shot in HD and no ass pumping action goes unmissed. The older man-younger man theme really comes through in this flick as these dads and sons blow their hot loads all over each other. 

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