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When Pornstars Attack 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 1/28/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


When Pornstars Attack 4

Evil Angel/Mean Bitch Productions

Genre: Female Domination, Female Control

Director: Glenn King


Cast: Tory Lane, Isiah Maxwell, Layton Benton, Jack Vegas, Riley Reid, D. Snoop, Alison Tyler, Anthony Rosano

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Non-sex role: Glenn King

Length: 197:21 minutes

Date of Production: 2014


Extras: The best extra was the 6:52 minutes of extra footage shot by strapping a camera to Glenn’s head for a bunch of great booty shots, there was also a cast list, trailers, filmographies, a pop shot recap, photogalleries, and website links/trailers.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: When Pornstars Attack 4 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Glenn King for distribution by Evil Angel. The camera angles tended to favor the female domination theme and most of the gals were looking their very best. The overall look of the scenes showed better lighting and technical values, a company watermark displayed on the lower right hand corner. This latest spinoff title from the “Femdom Ass Worship” series I enjoy so often was a nice change of pace thematically, the subtle differences apparent at times. Unlike Glenn’s tightly scripted and controlled series, this one allowed the performers to let loose a lot more, the resulting dynamic working better for me, a guy that likes variety in his porn, rather than just the narrow vision of Femdom releases to date. The audio was presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo English but it varied in terms of clarity much like the video aspects of the production; the closer the camera was to the cast, the better the technical aspects were. There was no separation and the dynamic range was decidedly limited, the hollow nature of the vocals obvious from the beginning to end.


Body of Review: Glenn King is a fetish director releasing some of the very best femdom movies via Evil Angel, the technical aspects surpassing most of his peers hands down. His latest title making it to me is the just released When Pornstars Attack 4, a set of four lengthy scenes starring a cast of attractive ladies taking charge to get what they want, the scenarios less structured than the other series Glenn makes though this time he tried something new in tying the scenes together with a plot device. The women are still wild and needing sexual relief but they engage in more traditional forms of fucking and sucking even if they are demanding bitches on the prowl. The female cast this time included juicy Alison Tyler, gorgeous Riley Reid, the legendary Tory Lane, and Layton Benton for some added spice, the quality of the males varying more than a little here though the set was not always the exact same one each time. For my purposes, I like that the series loosened up over the rigid guidelines of Glenn’s other works, the ladies able to enjoy themselves on their terms rather than feel the need to follow the dictates of others. The company website described the show like this: “Femdom director Glenn King unleashes four ferocious vignettes of fearsome female sexuality in “When Pornstars Attack! 4,” cautionary porn tales of the havoc wreaked by a particular breed of insatiable slut. The plot concerns a pheromone spray that makes women insane with desire. Isiah Maxwell is bullied by bitchy secretary Tory Lane until he uses some of the special cologne. Tory’s suddenly consumed by an interracial hunger she can’t control. Next, black domme Layton Benton is about to torment Jack Vegas in a dungeon session, but the white executive uses the secret formula, compelling the sex-mad BBW to smother him with her huge, black ass. Horny janitor D Snoop gets his car washed by adorable, young Riley Reid, who attacks him in an eruption of interracial sucking, fucking and bare foot worship. Anthony Rosano hopes to impress his daughter’s voluptuous friend, beautiful Alison Tyler. The nasty results are more intense than he bargained for!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Tory Lane, a brunette bombshell extreme queen for years now, was up first as a demanding secretary busting balls at the company. She wore a revealing blue top and short black skirt with her yummy ass hanging out, slapping around the help before a special cologne worn by Isiah Maxwell turned her into a sex crazed hotty. Unlike similar scenes elsewhere where this would render her submissive to the man, she remained in charge to take what she wanted from him, starting with his black cock and mouth. She sat on his face and made him worship her from ass and titty to toe, Isiah gobbling her gash and ass as she left no room for discussion as to how things would play out. His turgid rod got rock hard after she tossed him on the desk, Tory slobbing his knob enthusiastically and passionately though they ended up on the floor as she roughed him up while actively riding his condom covered cock. The camera captured her big juicy ass in many angles courtesy of Josh Hunter’s camera work too, Tory on fire as she made him her own but gave him enough incentive to comply with her dirtiest little desires, her CBT stretching his testicles as she inhaled his erection looking painful but he was too into sucking her feet at the time. Tory also benefited from her use of dirty talk, her ability to stream a near endless amount of nasty talk enhancing the moment whether she was smothering his face with her ass, mounting his cock or otherwise using him as she saw fit. In the end, the fucking drained his dragon of semen, Isiah beating off all his manly fluids onto her back as she laid with head down and ass in the air, her awesome collection of body ink seemingly growing every time I see her.


Scene Two: Layton Benton, the beautifully thick and fluffy black woman featured on the middle of the left side of the front cover, was up next with Jack Vegas, the man applying some of the magic elixir before attending a BDSM session with her. She made it clear she was going to tear his ass up with a strap on dildo, beat him to within an inch of his life, and otherwise deny him so the scent of the cologne was certainly worth any price as he went from being her complete bitch to something close but far more palatable as she forced him on the bench so she could suck his dick. The camera panned to show her healthy ass and Jack was in a far better place as a result of the trash talking lady being affected, her natural dominance still pouring out of her but allowing him to get some too. He ate her ass and snatch while following her commands, more oral by both of them leading to extensive foot worshipping before she choked him as she sat on top of his pecker riding it balls deep. Jack would continue to do as she said and provide oral to whichever body part she directed him too from her bald beaver to her shapely ass to her feet or tits, the loud gal a bundle of passionate energy to say the least. He then fucked the BBW until she demanded he cum on her back, Jack removing his protection to milk his balls dry all over her delicious ass.


Scene Three: Riley Reid, easily one of the most adorable young ladies to enter porn in many years, was up next selling car washes outside, janitor D. Snoop sneaking a dose of the pheromone spray before deciding the little hotty was well worth the $10 she was charging. Riley was wearing some skimpy blue jean booty shorts and a loose top, taking that off to show her itty bitty titties in a bikini top and then naked as she cleaned the car. Her sexual innuendos left Snoop ready to rumble too, Riley climbing into the vehicle to demand he take her back to his place as she pawed him and started getting demanding. They ended up on the small bed with him naked and Riley increasingly making demands, the guy fucking her hand and eating her ass through her shorts as she sucked him to a fully aroused state. He then ate her neatly trimmed cookie and ass with Riley giving head from time to time, her dirty talk all the more powerful because of how innocent she looked. She had Snoop wrapped around her finger to the point where he complied with every little demand she made too, the man rewarded by Riley slamming her tight hard body on his cock, the condom wrapped tightly as her sweet ass bounced him into her snatch rapidly. There was a lot of foot worship and face sitting her, Riley giving him a foot job or hand job to keep him compliant before some doggy pushed him over the edge to elicit his wealth of seed on her back, her ass in the air as she remained propped up on all fours ordering him to get the fuck out of the house.


Scene Four: Alison Tyler, the fluffy sized brunette featured on the right side of the front cover, was up last with award winning actor Anthony Rosano, the man finding the pheromone spray in Riley’s room. Alison towered over Anthony and was not at all interested in the much, much older man as she was looking for Riley, Anthony testing out the spray to find her much more receptive to his not so subtle advances when she got a whiff. Her boobs swayed under her tank top and terrific ass pressed against her shorts as she took what she wanted from him, yanking his pants down forcibly to gain access for an aggressive hummer. The thick beauty then took off her top and bra to smooth him with her magnificent tits, Anthony then ordered to go down on her at length from pussy to ass to toes, even rubbing his pre-cum on her toes so she could rub it on his face and have him taste it. For his part, Anthony seemed more than happy to savor his own juices, Alison rubbing her foot against his cock and teasing him a bit before they fucked, both of them active riders and both providing more oral, his condom slid on with stealth rather than as part of the scene like I prefer (a common failing in the series). I know many of you reading this prefer women shaped like Riley and I like her form too, to a point, but Alison took things to a whole new level while making him her toy to play with, the doggy too much for him in the end as he plastered his modest wad of nut on her back.


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Summary: When Pornstars Attack 4 by director Glenn King for Evil Angel was a nice change of pace from the last and easily earned a rating of Highly Recommended, the idea to tie the scenes together this time something I hope to see expanded upon in future releases. The sexual dynamics of ladies taking charge but having as much sex as they deem they want an aspect too many directors in the genre fail to consider including, after all, as long as the shots are called by the dominant woman why limit her choices? In short then, When Pornstars Attack 4 may not appeal to everyone out there but it should again broaden the audience a great deal given the inclusion of sex as the ladies took charge to get what they wanted, the scenes providing some entertaining material along with the heated sex, the inclusion of Riley, Tory, Alison, and Layton all very solid choices as far as I’m concerned.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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