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Taboo Family Affairs Vol. 2

Studio: Other » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 2/23/15

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Alyssa Hart is the main draw for the DVD, and the title is already a best seller. She's the main draw for why I bought the DVD, so I won't damn you or your genitals any time soon. Some audiences love their barely legal or incest porn with young girls that look almost out of college. Just mature enough to look like the hot babysitter. Alyssa hart is a babe that looks barely out of middle school in some instances. Almost like the hot babysitter's... ward. In fact, on much of the covers and whatnot, she’s framed to look at least fresh in to fourteen, with men towering over her very petite frame.


Alyssa Hart, very legal, looks almost newly teen, and I think we’re going to be getting some other stars very soon with her ability to embrace the illusion that we’re watching a very young girl get it on with her dad or grandpa. I think she can keep this train rolling for a few more years, and she’s doing a great job of playing the part. It’s always good to start with putting your best foot forward since Alyssa Hart’s segment is the one many will likely go over to. Age unverified in the segment, Alyssa wants to have a sleepover but damned if her father will let her have one. She decides to persuade him the only way she knows how. She sucks his cock at first, taking him down on the bed, fast and hard with by consuming his hard cock.  

She then mounts him reverse cowgirl, riding him fast and hard, and arches her back to take in the full effect. Her takes her to the side pounding her pussy deep and hard, surprising Hart, and then pounds her from behind, entering slow and steady, with a thrust that sends her shuddering. After spreading her wide, he fucks her deep and hard until accidentally cumming in her. I love the last line that was kind of hilarious “Let’s hope I don’t get pregnant!”  I’m a sucker for pig tails and knee high socks, what can I say? And Hart really is the best, bringing in the combo with as much swagger as she possibly can. She has a small chest, but a tight large caboose, and that works in favor of her partner, who is her resident “Daddy” she’s trying to convince to give her a sleep over. She takes the pounding like a pro, and the fact she doesn’t really respond to much of the punishment save for a grunt and sigh makes the segment so much fucking hotter than it already is. Hart is a dynamo, and she allows her other girls to shine in this compilation.

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Bailey Paige’s segment is nothing to scoff at with her very gothic look working in favor of her fuck scene, while folks like Jenni Cox and Zoe Rae pull in their own incestuous segments. Page has knee socks! Page has knee socks, and is interested in talking to her uncle about her aunt. Her boyfriend is really quick in bed, and her uncle Pike might have the cure for the problem. After sucking and rubbing on his cock for a while, she strips down and reveals her taut chest, sucking him off some more.

Bailey has a big mouth so it works in her favor, and she begins to strip down even more as she sucks off her uncle’s giant cock. She mounts him backward cowboy with a groan and seems to love the pushing she takes, mounting and pumping him fast and hard. She takes it up a notch by planting her feet on his knees, pumping him hard and long, and he takes control grabbing her waist and fucking her ass. She rides him cowboy position for a while and takes him in deep from behind as he fucks her hard and slow at first and then quickly. She then lays spread eagle, taking him in deep in to her pussy, as he pounds her fast and hard, and then fucks her from behind again for a third time. She sucks him off until he finally finishes on her face, giving the two a bond in pearls. It ruins the barely legal illusion, but Paige’s body tattoos are really sexy, and she looks good taking it from behind and getting a facial.


Coxxx is sexy but way too self aware of the camera, which makes the illusion hard to get in to. She takes her mate’s man meat in to her mouth, and mounts him backward cowgirl, as he fucks her from under with hard thrusts. She takes him cowgirl style, with him under control of everything, fucking her from under as she goes along for the ride, and takes the pounding valiantly. He fucks her spread eagle, pounding on her pussy as she grunts and cries out, and takes his cock as well as possible, grunting and screaming as he pounds her pussy fast and hard. She can do nothing but lie back and enjoy. His cock is too big again as he takes her on the side, fucking her and then taking her again spread eagle. After sucking his cock, Jenni takes a facial from her cousin.


In particular I loved rubbing one out to Rae and Staci Love’s girl on girl finisher. The two are immensely gorgeous and I love to see the wild direction their sister on sister finisher goes. After kissing on the bed for a little while in their lingerie, Love fingers her sister and pops open her bra to kiss her sister’s own tits. After kissing and making out tenderly, and cuddling with one another, Rae feasts on her big sister’s wonderful tits, and Love spreads for her sister as Rae kisses her and fingers her pussy furiously. She finally goes down on her pussy as Love guides her head back and forth, feeling the tongue in and out of her. Finally Rae fingers her sister furiously, eating her out and fingering her as Love looks on aroused, and playing with her long hair.

They take the fun over to the walk in shower, where they pair make out in the water, feeling on one another’s tits. Rae dominates the moment this time around, as she plants Love against the wall, fingering her pussy out. After feasting on Rae’s tits, the pair make out with Rae cumming in the shower at last. Rae then bows to Love, eating out her pussy, as Love cums to Love’s lapping at her pussy fast and furiously. They make it to the bed again making out, and fondling one another, as Love eats out Rae raw, licking and lapping at her pussy while Love shudders and moans. After more back and forths, Love moans cumming allover the bed

There’s dialogue set up for four of the five fuck scenes, which works against the film’s favor mainly because they’re not very interesting and don’t follow the gimmick of family incest, save for Hart’s, which the sequel seems built around. It’s tough to make out preamble dialogue.

There’s a pop shot reel, and an image gallery of the girls doing what they do best.

Let’s face it, “Taboo Family Affairs” volume 2 is going to get more buyers than the previous and next installments, mainly for Hart who has the most enthusiasm and charisma to back up the barely legal mold that the movie thrives on and bets on. It's why I bought this title for myself. I hope she returns for another part of the “Taboo Family Affairs” series. Again, it all depends on how you like your barely legal stars: Almost a college senior or barely a high school sophomore.

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