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Just Mia

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/18/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Just Mia


Genre: Web-to-DVD, Mia Malkova

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Director: uncredited

Cast: Mia Malkova, Keisha Grey, Johnny Sins, Erik Everhard, Abigail Mac, Sami J., Georgie Lyall, Nacho Vidal

Length: 225: 26 minutes

Dates of Production/Release: See Below (3/20/2014 to 9/26/2014)


Extras: The best extra was the “bonus” scene described below starring Mia Malkova, Georgie Lyall, and Nacho Vidal but as it was incorporated into the movie itself, I gave less credit for it; the scene described below. There was also a pop shot compilation from the scenes, a photogallery, trailers, and web access.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Just Mia was presented in anamorphic widescreen as the scenes were originally shot by the directors of Brazzers for their various websites. There was solid lighting, decent camera work in almost all cases, and respectable editing to make the visual aspects of the production shine, some minor compression artifacts observed when watched on my big screen television. The aural components of the movie were offered up in 2.0 Dolby Digital, some modet but uncredited music opening each scene during the tease and during the credits, the vocals easily heard though with limited dynamic range.


Body of Review: Brazzers is an internet company providing a great deal of variety in the porn it offers up for sale, the company tied to certain controversies but you can look that up on your own if you’re interested. Their latest release coming in for review is called Just Mia, a set of scenes starring youthful hotty Mia Malkova. All six scenes aired last year on the company website but in porn vernacular, they were advertised as “previously unreleased new scenes” based on their not being release on DVD until this compilation, Mia looking fabulous in every scene. Brazzers website describes Mia like this: “This sizzling California cutie is absolutely out of this world. While at first glance she may look like the sexy, blonde, girl-next-door, this knockout is in possession of some seriously acrobatic attributes. Double jointed and a born gymnast, this little contortionist can bend herself into amazingly fuckable positions. Getting her start in early 2012 on Mofos (truly every sluts first step!), Mia has already worked her way to the top, and was featured both on Babes.com and as Twistys Treat of the Month in December 2012. With natural, bouncy C-cup tits, a cheeky innocent smile, and an insatiable desire for sex, Miss Malkova is pretty much every man's wet dream. Mia admits that in her down time she relaxes by playing video games and (try not to blow your load right now,) masturbating to her own scenes. We can't wait to lap up every scene this bendy blonde performs in.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Stretching Them Out: Mia Malkova, the hotty featured on the front cover, was up first with sexy Keisha Grey, the flexible ladies giving Johnny Sins an extra special workout as a form of competition in the class while he and the other men watched. The lesbian antics alone were worth watching but when they included him in their game oif one upsmanship, it became very heated, both of the ladies actively riding and maintaining solid eye contact. The gash gobbling, rimming, and knob slobbing led to some throating and balls deep boning, Keisha draining his dragon dry of semen to cum swap with a nasty kiss. The company said this about the ladies and the scene: ”This sizzling California cutie is absolutely out of this world. While at first glance she may look like the sexy, blonde, girl-next-door, this knockout is in possession of some seriously acrobatic attributes. Double jointed and a born gymnast, this little contortionist can bend herself into amazingly fuckable positions. Getting her start in early 2012 on Mofos (truly every sluts first step!), Mia has already worked her way to the top, and was featured both on Babes.com and as Twistys Treat of the Month in December 2012. With natural, bouncy C-cup tits, a cheeky innocent smile, and an insatiable desire for sex, Miss Malkova is pretty much every man's wet dream. Mia admits that in her down time she relaxes by playing video games and (try not to blow your load right now,) masturbating to her own scenes. We can't wait to lap up every scene this bendy blonde performs in. If you're a fan of the teen look, then you'll definitely have to take a peek at Keisha Grey's hot scenes. This little starlet is brand-new to the porn game, but she's already making waves for her huge natural tits and a bubble butt so juicy you could hang your coat on it. Just as sweet, her mixed Irish-Spanish skin is bronzed a sweet shade of caramel. Keisha's a huge fan of old-school classic rock, and loves skateboarding with her friends. Like you'd expect for someone who grew up in California, home of the wildest beach parties in America, Keisha knows how to have a good time. A perfect day for her involves soaking up the sun with her friends, then heading to a house party to finish the night off in style. Mia Malkova is the hottest yoga instructor in town, but when new chick Keisha Grey walks into her class and starts distracting all the dudes with her big natural tits, it's game on. Mia and Keisha tease the class, stripping each other down and even eating out each other's tight pussies before deciding the only way to truly decide who's hotter is through an impartial third party: namely, Johnny Sins and his huge cock! They crawl over to him on their hands and knees and then suck on his big cock, taking turns with the dick while they lick each other's pink little pussies. Johnny fucks both those flexible yoga babes in some of the craziest positions possible and then blows a big load in Keisha's mouth for her to share with her new best pal Mia.” 7/30/2014


Scene Two: Yoga Lessons: Mia Malkova was then up with Erik Everhard, the man portraying a yoga instructor that gave special attention to coital positions, her skin tight crop top and bright blue stretch pants looking awesome on her juicy ass. They began by stretching on their mats in the back yard location, Erik helping her to loosen up by rubbing her shoulders as his crotch was right in her face, a modified missionary position allowing his soothing hands to stroke her inner thighs. She then stood with her ass in the air and head down, Erik ripping her attire to savor her delicious ass, stuffing his face between her cheeks to get overtly sexual for the rest of the scene. She turned to kiss him and both did oral, the vaginal positions again showing her to be a solid rider with good eye contact, the ending doggy milking his balls dry of sperm that plastered her face. The company said this about her scene: “Marina (AKA Mia Malkova) is meeting up with a yoga instructor that her friend Linda hooked her up with named Arnold (AKA Erik Everhard) who has totally changed her life. Marina got sick of hearing Linda rave on and on about how great she felt after every session with Arnold and decided to finally give it a shot for herself. As soon as she gets there, Marina feels an instant connection with her instructor, and put herself entirely in his expert hands. He starts by loosening her up with a few stretches, but before long the sexual tension is just too much to bear, and Arnold tears a hole in Mia's bottoms just to get at that sweet ass and pussy of hers. He eats her out until she's dripping wet, and then she returns the favor with a nice sloppy blowjob. Marina rides that cock in position after position like a true Yoga master and then Arnold cums all over her sweet face!” 5/7/2014


Scene Three: Always Think Happy Thoughts: Mia Malkova was then up as a kinky nurse, patient Johnny Sins, clearly upset when he fall ill during a routine eye exam. He was wheeled away and hallucinating of Mia oiling herself up for him in slow motion, the wisps of pubic hair on her cookie all tasted before they engaged in a variety of oral and vaginal practices, her stripper nurse approach certainly making him feel “all better” as her ass centric tease led to more aggressive physical therapy. He nutted on her face and she kept her eyes wide open as his streams of manly fluids graced her face and tonsils, the ending to the scenario a bit weirder than the company is known for but interesting courtesy of Mia. The company said this about her scene: “Johnny Sins thought he was just in store for a routine eye exam, but when the doctor tells him that he's going to need emergency surgery, he starts to panic! As the surgery begins, Johnny does his best to think happy thoughts, and as his eyes get heavy, visions of Mia Malkova oiling up her sexy natural tits dance in his head. When he opens his eyes again, she's there watching over him, ready to make him feel better any way he needs. He worships her perfect perky bubble butt, oiling it up and rubbing her clit until her pussy is dripping wet. Mia gives him an amazing sloppy blowjob and then takes his dick deep in her creamy wet pussy. Finally, Johnny blows a huge facial load all over Mia's beautiful face! But the question is: was the surgery a success?” 8/10/2014


Scene Four: Role Play For Pussy: Mia Malkova and Abigail Mac were up next in a heated lesbian tryst together, their torn leggings and mesh lingerie enhancing their looks as they went to town going down on each other, pussy, ass, and boobs getting a lot of oral attention along with fingering of their perfect puckers.That there was some strap on dildo use was a bonus too, though it was not as polished a scene as some of the others. The company said this about Abigail and the scene: “Abigail Mac is a busty brunette with a serious exhibitionist streak. She loves to strip down slowly, revealing her incredible body one beautiful inch at a time for the horny dudes watching at home. From her beautiful big brown eyes to her long and slender legs, she's a true beauty through and through. She's got a nice round ass, a gorgeous pair of big fake tits, and soft supple lips that are just perfect for eating pussy. And when it comes to eating pussy, Abigail Mac knows what she's doing! This bisexual beauty loves the ladies almost as much as she loves performing on camera for her adoring fans. So whether she's indulging herself with a sexy female masturbation session or fucking some of the hottest bisexual babes on the planet, lesbian lovers can't go wrong with the unforgettable Abigail Mac! Abigail Mac's roomie Mia Malkova has a hot date coming up, and Abigail doesn't approve. As far as Abigail is concerned, the two sexy sluts don't need men for anything, least of all getting off. To prove her point, she busts out her favorite strap-on for a little role playing. She starts by rubbing, fingering, and licking Mia's wet pussy and tight little asshole to get her ready for the main event. Once Mia is dripping wet, Abigail shoves that big fake dick all the way up Mia's pussy until she cums hard. Mia returns the favor by pulling out her favorite dildos, a couple of big purple dicks with a suction cups on them. Those horny sluts stick them on their mirror so they can get a clear view of each other's tight little cunts as they ride their dildos all the way to a pair of intense orgasms that leave Mia seriously considering switching teams!” 3/20/2014


Scene Five: Sam’s Plaything: Mia Malkova and Sami J. then engaged in another lesbian tryst in a bed while wearing lingerie, both ladies looking fantastic though I would have rather seen more male on Mia action if you catch my drift. Both of them looked great and seemed to appreciate each other a lot, the tasting of various body parts and juices along with the use of a wand vibrator helping to get them off. The company said this about Sami and the scene: “If you think busty blonde bombshell Sami J looks a little too pretty for porn, that might be because she got her start as a Playboy TV Host and lingerie model. In the end, the big-titted MILF only made the transition to the adult entertainment industry when her natural cravings for fat cocks became too much to bear! We're all glad that she did, though, because this beautiful bisexual is one seriously hot piece of ass. From her gorgeous blue eyes down to her incredible long luscious legs, this horny hottie is destined to be a star, and if you take one look at the way this gorgeous MILF handles a wet pussy, and you'll surely agree! So make sure to check out the lovely Sami J in her Brazzers debut, the Hot and Mean scene, "Cell Mates" Every night making out-calls brings different exotic scenarios and new carnal pleasures to Mia's life. Tonight, what she thought was a routine encounter with a high-end john turned into something much more erotic. After emerging from the bathroom in lingerie he'd set aside for her, Mia saw her client had swapped in his beautiful wife Sami J to enjoy their session. Sami hasn't had the chance to fool around with many women, and she's incredibly eager to explore hot, passionate lesbian sex. Grabbing hold with both hands, Sami jiggled Mia's juicy bubble butt, teasing her way closer to her flawless pussy. Mia fingered Sami like a pro, working her pussy-hole and licking her clit before the ladies broke out the vibrator and took turns trading intense orgasms.” 9/11/2014


Bonus Scene: Spilling The Gardener’s Seed: Mia Malkova, Georgie Lyall, and Nacho Vidal were up last in what was billed as a bonus scene though it was included in the main movie as part of the running length. There was a doofus guy serving as the hapless husband while gardner Nacho serviced both ladies once they confronted him about his porn past when watching porn on the internet and clearly seeing Nacho as a participant. Mia was the sexual aggressor her and Georgie jumped in, both gals double teaming Nacho before he gave both of them a lot of hardcore love, the oral and vaginal work leading both active riders to have fun with Nacho though some anal or other stunts would have been more like the performer I have come to acknowledge over the years. The company said this about Georgie and the scene: “Time and time again, some of the finest tits in the industry have come our way via the United Kingdom, and Georgie Lyall is no exception to the rule. With an all natural pair of big natural 32F tits, this blonde bombshell is one of the hottest new busty British babes to come our way in a long time. And with a succulent thick booty to match those big tits of hers, this buxom blue-eyed beauty is impossible to resist! Priding herself on her "filthy mouth", Georgie's signature Glaswegian brogue makes every syllable that passes through her supple lips extra erotic. Getting her start as an exotic dancer and erotic chat girl, Georgie honed her seductive skills to perfection before making the jump to fucking on film. All of that hard work and training certainly paid off, and one look at her smoking hot Brazzers debut will show you why! Even when she's not busy fucking and sucking the biggest cocks in the business, Georgie is a thrill seeker, listing her favorite hobbies as paragliding and sky diving! So if you're ready for an all natural British babe who's even more perverted than you, look no further than the one and only Georgie Lyall! With a limp-dicked husband like hers, it's no wonder Georgie Lyall's got her eyes on the hunky new gardener. She'd never act on her horny desires, though, without her slutty best friend Mia Malkova pushing her to jump on that strange dick. Only when Mia realized the gardener was wildman porn star Nacho Vidal pursuing a legit career did Georgie have the balls to help herself to that cock. With an open mind and an open mouth, Georgie dove on that shaft, deepthroating the length of it with her best friend adding her wet mouth to an unforgettable messy blowjob. Lucky for these lusty ladies Nacho had enough dick to go around, he pounded Mia so hard her bubble butt shook and jiggled, and gave Georgie the kind of raw fuck her husband was never able to provide.” 9/26/2014

Summary: Just Mia by Brazzers earned a rating of Recommended from me based on the strength of the six scenes and Mia Malkova’s amazing body doing a lot of kinky sex tricks with other men and women. In terms of body of work, Mia has shot almost a dozen other scenes for the company, more if you include foreign versions and behind the scenes material, so a higher rating could have been achieved by making this a double or triple disc collection, perhaps additional volumes in the series taking that path in the future. Mia was the hottest babe of the show but she was joined by a solid sexual cast such as Keisha Grey, Abigal Mac, and other appealing women, even the men including guys like Erik Everhard, Johnny Sins, and Nacho Vidal so fans of Mia Malkova may just find that Just Mia was the kind of showcase fans can appreciate even if they have a membership to the website so check this one out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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