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Anal Appetite 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/4/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Anal/POV+



Cast: Callie Calypso/Nicky Huntsman/Nina Noxx/Madelyn Rose/Leya Falcon/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Cinematography: Maestro Claudio

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 12/23/2014

Runtime: 166 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer fror Mike Adriano's 'Anal Appetite #3'!


Scene 1:

Callie Calypso/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM

The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's third installment of the Anal Appetite series kicks off with some candid talk between our director and the beautiful Callie Calypso. Callie boasts a little bit about her geographic expertise in the opening stages, before showing off the goods and getting down to business as Mike indulges in some trademark pre-sex ass munches to prepare her for the anal. After Callie takes a walk on Mike's trusty treadmill, he tongues her anus for a while longer, driving her to near retardation before he stuffs some gummy bears up her ass. COOL! Callie is absolutely wonderful throughout these early moments, giving out some massive gapes and asshole expansion before she dives on Mike's dick face-first for some cock-hungry dicksucks. The blowie is solid right off the rip, with Callie returning the favor by driving Mike into literal insanity as she chugs his choad relentlessly before mixing in some deep rimjobs for added effect. Sex soon sets in with a missionary style anal reaming as Callie dittles herself with a vibrator through the course of it, switching positions nicely at the alotted times while bridging the gap with some wonderful ATM cock chugs from Callie upon it's continuance. The energy that Callie exudes here carries the scene into miles more than what it would be otherwise, as Mike gives her what looks to be the fuck of her life before lacing her face with ball nectar in the closing moments. Bravo. This scene is outstanding with a capital outstanding. If Callie can bring us more scenes like this in the future I'd be certain to say that she could be a big player in the game come voting time. Good stuff. 



*Scene 2: 

Nicky Huntsman/Mike Adriano

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Anal, ATM


Super-cutie Nicky Huntsman encapsulates our view in the second scene of the film, with things kicking off as Mike grills her thoroughly about her short career thus far in porn. Nicky's dressed relatively casually in some tight jean shorts that perfectly accentuate her buttcheeks, eventually taking them off and shaking her goods for the home viewers. Nicky's vehement attitude combined with her absolutely adorable personality make this intro a fantastic one, chock full of pervy close-ups and choice views of the hottie as it moves forward. Action sets in with some energetic cocksucks from Nicky, trying her damndest to shove Mike's jizzwhistle as far into her throat as possible while he teases her lightly in the midst of it. The way that Mike sort of instigates her to try harder makes the scene shine on levels it never would have otherwise, as it sparks Nicky to really put in a great effort that translates fantastically in the viewing of it all. Anal sets in with Nicky beautifully bent over the couch, as Mike takes the plunge into her fudge tunnel lightly with a gradual intensity moving things along quite well. Nicky's mild timidness wears off quickly as the scene progresses, as she tosses out some outstanding gapes while lube dribbles out of her hole throughout. Things cap off with Adriano jerking his stick to completion over Nicky's buttcheeks, having an abrupt cut before the final screen-fade but things not really suffering from it in any way. This was another solid scene to say the least with some lovely light-hearted banter that assists in making it even better, showcasing an adorable Nicky Huntsman who I'm hoping to see a lot more from this year. 



*Scene 3: 

Madelyn Rose/Nina Noxx/Mike Adriano

Anal, ATM

Ohioans Madelyn Rose and Nina Noxx are the focal point of our third scene in the film, looking great in some casual, but cute outfits as they chat candidly with Mike in the introductory moments. The girls later strip down, with Madelyn eventually giving Nina some tongue-fucks to the butthole before the blowie sets in. Nina stays in a pile driver position through the early stages of the blowjob, with Madelyn making some decent attempts at getting Mike's cock down her throat before retreating to Nina's asshole for some hole licking to mix things up a bit. The early BJ also consists of some rimming from the girls, gaining a decent sloppiness upon moving forward before the anal sets in with Madelyn being the first (and only) to welcome Mike's meat-sword into her hole. Nina assists the two in matters by way of some ATM blowjobs and ass-licks, before Mike pulls out of a moaning Madelyn to spray his nut-sauce on Nina's face. Afterwards, he thrusts Madelyn's hole even harder, resulting in his second and final load of jizz being slathered over her buttcheeks to close it out. This was mostly a pretty good scene with some curious moments sprawled throughout; Nina wasn't a hindrance to it, but I didn't feel that she really added as much as she could have. 



*Scene 4: 

Leya Falcon/Mike Adriano

Foodplay, Anal, ATM


The final scene in Mike Adriano's Anal Appetite 3 begins as we see the gorgeously nasty Leya Falcon, sitting indian-style on the couch as she chats with Mike in the opening moments. Leya takes a walk on Mike's trusty treadmill for the introductory tease, eventually peeling off her daisy duke style shorts to show her ass to the home viewers. Some foodplay makes up the next few minutes, featuring Leya sloppily shoving sticks of butter into her asshole (as we've seen so many times in Mike's movies), before gushing out the melted remnants of it into a martini glass. The anal sex sets in abruptly as Mike jams his schlong into Leya's propped up asshole in a missionary style positioning, getting the daylights fucked out of her in the process. Things progress in the typical fashion that one would expect from having these two together in a scene, with Mike giving some relentless buttfucks to Leya before she comes up to give her 2-hole a breather and stuffs his dong into the nether depths of her throat for some outstandingly sloppified ATM cock chugs. Leya's efforts here are incredible to say the very least, resulting in her face getting absolutely wrecked with dick-spit as her eye makeup turns into a beautiful mess as it seeps down her cheeks. The scene progresses with an excellent intensity from both parties as more butter-up-the-ass takes place in the later stages, feeding all of Mike's harder and more aggresively nasty fans proverbial appetites in the process. Everything about this scene is fantastically translated to the viewer; from Leya's porno perfect tits bouncing wonderfully to the rhythm of the assfucks, to her energetic personality exuding off of the screen, it's great stuff. Things cap off with Mike jerking himself to completion over Leya's opened mouth as she swallows up the goods and blows a kiss to the home viewers before asking for some popcorn. Clever! Awesome stuff here, Leya is such a rockstar and always kills it in scenes like this. I loved it from the first second to the last. 




Mike Adriano's third installment of the Anal Appetite series is a splendid take on hot babes getting buttfucked, with a mainly strong comprehensive viewing that has a couple of standout performances from Callie Callypso and Leya Falcon. When it comes to consistently solid anal flicks there really isn't anyone who does it better than Claudio and Mike, and I think this movie speaks to that quite well. The level of intensity in the first and last scene in this film is among some of the best stuff I've watched in recent memory, and the rest of the film is nothing to shake a stick at either; I loved Nicky Huntsman's performance, and the overall viewing of this one speaks volumes on the amount of work that Mike puts into his movies. Extras include only a few trailers and web access, but the scenes speak for themselves here, which is why I'd give this one a high recommendation for what it is. Anal movies are rarely as great as this one from front to back, so with that in mind, I'd be sure to tell readers to make sure to pick this one up if they have yet to do so. Cool! Highly Recommended. 


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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