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Doing It Again: Volume 1: Playful Awakenings

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 3/6/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

“Doing it Again” is the life stories of eight gorgeous transgender individuals and their initial confrontations with one another. There’s a greater emphases on the humanity of the couples while also celebrating their sexuality, and volume 1 is a compilation that leaves a lot to be desired. There’s a more serious approach here, but one that’s still enticing if ever given the proper treatment with the right director.

Drew and Hayley
Drew is a transgender woman and Hayley an Indian transgender, both of whom meet for their first time to commit to a sex scene. Here, the two meet under a book case, and Drew pushes Hayley in to the shelf kissing one another. Drew feels up hayley and the two begin kissing and smacking one another’s tits. Drew then goes down on Hayley, pushing her on to the couch, while Hayley recollects the awkwardness of the initial scene. They make out embracing, Drew feels up Hayley’s cock, and then proceeds to use a strap on to push in to Hayley’s mouth. She slips it on, and then Hayley begins fingering Drew to the brink of orgasm.

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Chelsea and Mo
Chelsea and Mo have been married for over twenty years and have adjusted to life with Chelsea moving in to his new sexuality well. They begin embracing one another and feeling one another up, and then slowly undress, making out, and embracing each other’s forms. Mo then uses a whip to guide her mate down on to the floor where Chelsea eats Mo out, as she stands, attempting to take in the vibrations and sucking. They then go in to a 69 position where Mo fucks Chelsea with a dildo, while being eaten out. Mo then kisses Chelsea and then fucks her ass with a strap on. The two end their love making with a make out session and a trip to the hot tub.

Lilith and Violet
Lilith and Violet venture in to more butt play and BDSM that doesn’t quite spell arousing to me, but they are two transsexuals that have had a relationship for many years devoted to dominatrix play. Most of their segment involves Lilith and Violet playing with various instruments of pain and inflicting anal torture on one another, while discussing their sexuality. It’s a boring and irritating segment bereft of arousal, and doesn’t really connect the threads between being a dominatrix and being transgender.

Azure and Juicy
Azure and Juicy are transsexual on the opposite spectrum of the sexual scope, as Juicy is a female transgendered individual identified as poly, and kinky, while Azure if a male transgendered individual that gets in to it with Juicy. The two kiss for a while before dropping on to the couch, and Juicy grabs herself a strap on before giving it to Azure anally. He then sucks her cock, as she scratches at his back and then straddles him cowgirl style, riding him long and hard.

The sex scenes are brief and the interviews are kind of boring, all in all “Doing It Again” is a forgettable compilation of badly filmed and brief segments that almost seems to want to be the opposite of erotic. I found none of it remotely interesting.

The audio and video are amateur, and for a film that pats itself on the back for humanizing the fetishized transgender community, it looks a lot like basement level porn.

There are trailers for other productions from the director, and extended segments that adds nothing to the movie.

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