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FTMFucker's TBoys + TGirls

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 3/16/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Transsexual, Queer

Director: James Darling

Cast: James Darling, Venus Lux, Chelsea Poe, Rebeka Refuse, Jacqueline Woods, Ramses Rodstein, Puck Goodfellow, Jacques LeFemme

Length: 102 minutes

Date of Production: 9/12/2012, 1/19/2014, 2/17/2014, 6/7/2014

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery, a trailer for FTMFucker Volume 1, a trailer for Trans Lesbians, and website information for FTMFucker.com.

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Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: TBoys + TGirls is a film directed by James Darling and distributed by Trouble Films. This effort is an important one for adult films since trans men and trans women are paired up to create hot hardcore sex. In the adult industry, we hardly ever see these types of performers work together. It's important that they be seen having sex and interacting so that stereotypes and misconceptions can be broken down. In a quote from Kitty Stryker's press release titled FTM Fucker Releases Groundbreaking Trans Porn "Tboys + Tgirls", Mr. Darling puts it best when he says "This film is really important because it shows trans people loving each others trans bodies, and I hope this film shows that trans people are beautiful sexual beings worthy of respect and capable of really dirty hardcore sex.” This film also has mega superstar Venus Lux's first scene with a trans man.
Scene One: Rebeka Refuse is a horny woman who wants to get laid so badly. She decides to hire a trans man escort for her hour of pleasure. Handsome Jacques LeFemme arrives at her hotel room. They kiss as she sticks his payment into his jacket pocket. Some nice stuffiness develops as the pair make out on the bed. I like how the shade of her lipstick matches the color of her hair. Rebeka breathes harder while the man sucks her cute titties. Afterwards, she sucks Jacques tits with good determination. The stuffy atmosphere becomes more intense when the man kisses and sucks on the trans babe's panties. I could not wait to see him suck her dick. It was cool seeing the hot lady hump his hand. Soon, the trans escort provides a heated cock suck on Rebeka. I have to say that sucking her dick would be a delight. She then, pats her dick on his tongue quite a bit. That effort makes the cocksucker even more hungry for her meaty plaything. When the scene shifts to when we see Rebeka acting as the giver, she does a good job fingerfucking the escort's hairy pussy. Jacques squirms on the bed and breathes hard. Moments later, Jacques is stroking her dick rapidly. Some titty slapping by the man follows. Some spitting also occurs too. The stuffy atmosphere continues to be present. The titty play on Rebeka becomes rougher. Then, she titty fucks the man. Later, the trans cutie tells Jaques to spank her ass. Her ass gets more pink and red. A self-pleasuring session follows from the both of them. It leads to Rebeka cumming on Jaques' tits. The close-up shots of his pussy are hot. Before the cum shot of Rebeka took place, the combined effort of his clit rubbing and her fingerfucking activity makes him get off so well.
Scene Two: Sexy trans babe Jacqueline Woods and Ramses Rodstein are making out on the bed. She enjoys having him pinch her nipples and sucking them. He also likes to lick her body and spank her ass a bit. It does not take long until the hot woman is in doggie position so that the trans man can finger fuck her. I really enjoyed that it also did not take too long for Jacqueline to get fucked one way or the other. She is the type of woman who a man wants to have his dick inside of her quickly. The sex is pretty active and Jacqueline rides his strap-on with a lot of horny effort. Moreoever, Ramses is an active fucker too with a nice amount of titty slapping. I enjoyed looking at the woman's happy face when he played with her cute dick. Their kissing activity looked cute too. I wished there was more of it. The foot worship action added excitement. I would love to have the opportunity to pleasure her feet and toes some day. Ramses cocksucking delivery was a focused one. Jacqueline really felt his persistent fingerfucking much. You could tell from her flushed face. The cockriding was a turn on as I kept imagining being the one underneath her. Then, the hottie removes the fucking item from her partner and sucks on his sensitive hairy clit. Her oral and finger work made my mouth water. Her pretty face and sucking delivery got me so excited. It got intense watching him cum by her. I liked that Jacqueline never let up.
Scene Three: Chelsea Poe shows up at Puck Goodfellow's place. She wants to spread the Word of Jesus. The camera shots are good at focusing on Chelsea's hot legs. The religious woman becomes distracted by his inappropriate shirt and then, his yummy body once he removes it. I liked seeing the woman's turned on face as she anticipates his return. The guy's motives are purely sexual as he accidentally spills some water on her dress. Moments later, he notices her tattoos and makes his move to dominate her and strap her left hand onto the couch. I like how Puck and Chelsea react to each other in this scene. There's a naturalness to them. I also enjoyed Puck's comments to her. He puts on black latex gloves and removes her satin panties. The man shoves her intimate apparel into her mouth and then, fondles and sucks her titties. The fingerfucking activity makes their performance more exciting. Most people would probably prefer seeing Chelsea get pleasured, but for me, I get even more turned on when she is the one who is in control. Thus, her oral work were my favorites. She's that type of woman who you just want to lay back and have her pleasure you as well as stare at her legs and face as she continues to make you happy and hard.
Scene Four: Venus Lux and James Darling are sitting on a couch. She is excited to have this be her first time with a transgender male. The anticipation for their makeout activity is high. The attractive trans hottie runs her hand along the guy's crotch. He runs his hand on her thigh. They kiss gently and caress each other. When he sucks her nipples, Venus smiles affectionately. My mouth got wet when James sucked her tasty dick. Venus' mouth looked so yummy slightly opened as she took in his oral work on her. A 69 follows with James on top. The sight of Venus sucking his clit was totally hot. James provided a more driven oral delivery while Venus was more gentle. I enjoyed seeing James hump her mouth later on. Next, he applies solid oral on Venus' cock before the trans babe doggies him. Since he is a cute guy, James is a hot fuck. She works him over well in the usual array of sexual positions. Moreover, James is a performer who puts out. Even though he is the one being fucked, he still wants to put out pretty good effort. For this man, it's the total experience that matters. Meanwhile, I enjoyed watching Venus' dick fucking him. In the end, she pulls out from the mish position and cums a lot on his body. The final moments are shown in afterglow as Venus and James tell us what their favorite moments were of their performance.     
Final Thoughts: This film will always be remembered as the one where Venus Lux got to fuck and suck a trans man for the very first time. Her performance with James Darling could actually be nominated for Best Scene at next year's Transgender Erotica Awards. However, the most important thing that could come out of this production is that we could and deserve to see more trans men and trans women having sex on film together. People are missing out when it does not happen. The top go-getter standouts are Venus Lux, James Darling, Puck Goodfellow, and Ramses Rodstein. Moreover, hot oral sex is hot oral sex whether it's performed on a cock or a pussy. The variety of the sexual scenarios also made this production worthwhile and gave us a little bit of everything. The sex appeal of the performers were high. This film is a well worthy recommended trailblazing transgender production.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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