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Special, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/19/15

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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--Web Scene/Digital Playground: Flixxx--

Category: Anal/ATM/Bathroom Sex

Director: KaizenXXX

Cast: Samantha Bentley/Mike Angelo/Marc Rose/Uncredited

Non Sex Roles: Reed Amber/Waiter (Uncredited)

Length: 28 Mins

Release Date: 3/7/2015



*Viewing/Audio Qualities:

The website allows for four choices in streaming, the first being 320 P (low), the next 480p, then 720 P, and finally the enhanced look of 1080p (True Life HD) which is the manner in which I chose to watch this scene, and what the screencaps you see here are created from. The aural components were very basic, the vocals blended well with the soft musical elements of the scene, with the company watermark quite noticable on the lower right hand corner of the screen at all times. There was no provision for downloading the scene directly, only streaming, for those that care, two choices provided in terms of how the streaming was allowed, either via HTTP or RTMP (regular or progressive streaming).



*Scene Breakdown:

  • 'The Special' is a specific web-based scene for Digital Playground, taking place in a restaurant where French porn superstar Mike Angelo is having a quiet evening with his significant other, played by Reed Amber. In the early moments we see Samantha being walked through the restauraunt, stealing glances from Angelo as he bickers with Reed about their recent relationship quandaries. The screen soon cuts away to where we see Samantha being hand-cuffed to a toilet in the stall of the mens room, smiling devilishly as the man leaves her and gives a subtle nod to the waiter, who then walks to a table. 


  • The scene continues as we see the waiter approching Marc Rose and a friend, with Marc choosing to order The Special. Marc is then escorted to Samantha Bentley's location in the bathroom stall, and without hesitance pulls out his shaft and she dives on his dong face-first. The premiere encounter features a BJ only, where Samantha gives some slopped-up deepthroats to Marc that lasts only for the short duration of 4 mintues before he blasts his dicksauce over her tits and kindly goes on his merry way. A nice little intro to this scene that is certain to be a good starter for what's to come.


  • Next, we see another male enter the bathroom as Marc is walking out, to which Samantha welcomes him with wide eyes as he uncuffs her from the toilet and stands her up in front of the stall. With no time being wasted, Samantha is now in a standing doggie style positioning while her second stud fucks her from behind relentlessly. Sex is pretty solid, reaching some intense points but ending again after only mere moments, with what the viewer could only imagine is an internal cumshot straight to the snatch. Another nice little tryst, but it serves as nothing more than a precursor of what's to come. 



  • The third segment is virtually where most of the scene happens, with the other portions being a teaser of sorts leading up to the meeting between Mike Angelo and Samantha Bentley. Of course, it kicks off with Mike asking for the special, as he's soon escorted to the bathroom. Mike is a little bewildered at the fact that the waiter has taken him into the bathroom, but comes out of it rather quickly once he figures out exactly what 'The Special' will entail. Things get underway nicely, with Angelo ravaging Samantha as she willingly allows him to poke and prod at her holes, progressing quickly as he feeds her his finger directly out of her asshole before plunging his nozzle into it. Action immediately reaches a high intensity, with Angelo furiously pumping Samantha's asshole as she soon shows her appreciation by sucking the ass juices off of his slurpstick wonderfully. This segment is captured beautifully; there's a few mirror shots where we get to see all of the action, but even the moments where Mike and samantha are in the stall translate really well to the viewer for being such an enclosed area. Things progress well, with position changes being bridged by some hard deepthroats and an overall intensity that seems to be commonplace when we see any scene that either of these two juggernauts are involved in. This encounter runs for the duration of the rest of the scene, giving us some incredibly great anal sex in several different positions, including a classic missionary anal reaming on the counertop that serves as the climactic point in this already fantastic scene. Things ultimately cap off with Mike jerking himself over a gorgeously open-mouthed Samantha, blasting a generous load of dicksauce as she laps it up with a smile. A great scene overall, but I would have loved to see more from these two than the 20 minute segment this scene gives us. Either way, Samantha has already proven herself as a top tier performer in the world, and Angelo continues to be a powerhouse.




KaizenXXX's 'The Special' from Digital Playground: Flixxx had a thoughtful structure, with decent acting where it was needed serving as a nice setup beween Samantha Bentley and Mike Angelo. This scene has all of the qualities a fan looks for when searching through the miles of drivel in today's saturated internet porn market, with sex being as authentic as it is rough, and captured well through attentive direction. I think it all translates pretty well to the viewer for the most part, but there were cuts during some of the sex that seemed a little unnecessary and may tend to frustrate people who just want to see the the action. That being said, putting Samantha and Mike together in scenes is a win-win for all of us, seeing as how performances like this seem to be relatively normal for them. If I were being picky I'd ask for a lengthier scene than what this one gives us; It became sort of obvious that there were parts of it that were cut out at the end, but I don't think it really caused the scene to suffer too much regardless. If you're a DP subscriber and you haven't watched this scene yet then you're fucking up in a big way, drop everything you're doing and go watch it. I'd highly recommend this scene to any and all fans of high intensity gonzo style sex; these are two pros that are well-versed in it, and this scene is merely a testament to that. Highly Recommended.  


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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