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Wet Food 6

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 3/23/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Gonzo/Blowbang/Cum Swallowing



Starring: Casey Calvert/AJ Applegate/Alena Croft/Jenna Ivory

With: Rob Piper/Donny Sins/Jack Blaque/Moe The Monster/Alex Jones/Isiah Maxwell/Jason Brown/Chad White/Eric John/Chris Strokes/Chris Cock/Gavin Kane/John Strong/D Snoop

Director: Jonni Darkko

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 3/18/2015

Runtime: 180 Mins

Click on the photo above to watch the trailer for Jonni Darkko's 'Wet Food 6'!


*Scene 1:

Alena Croft

The premiere scene in Jonni Darkko's sixth installment of the Wet Food series begin with a 5 minute tease from beautiful big-titted blonde Alena Croft, moving forward nicely as she eventually lies as the centerpiece to a 12 cock salute (if I'm counting correctly). Things get moving after the guys rip her her pink top off, as she grips the first cock, stares at the tip of it, and slams it down her throat graciously. A bevy of cock-cramming deepthroats get the scene going pretty well, with a more prominent amount dick-slop getting tossed around at the 20 minute mark when Alena starts really getting after it. Things progress very well, with the representative 'head-hanging-over-the-couch' facefuck serving as the scene's 10 minute finale before the mouth-filling sets in. The final moments consist of Alena handling a multitude of cum slatherings, a baker's dozen if you're counting (for some reason I was, and apparently soemone came twice, hmmm). Eventually Alena gathers all of the cock-slop in her cake-hole, loudly gulping it down before the screen fades to black. I think this scene is solid overall, not only because of the way that it translates, but because I didn't initially see Alena Croft performing in this sort of scene as well as she does. It's quite a pleasant surprise, and I hope to see some related efforts from her in the future. 



*Scene 2: 

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Casey Calvert

The second scene in the film kicks off wonderfully, with the introduction lasting for only mere seconds but having everything that it needed to make it a strong one. The screen fades in as we catch a walkshot of the beautiful Casey Calvert, sluttily strutting by each of her co-stars in convincing goddess-like fashion, as she grazes over each of their chests with her fingers. A beautiful introduction that fades into Casey on her knees in the center of a 13 cock brigade. The dick-chugging gets underway immediately, as Casey's pink lips engulf any cock that's close to her mouth before the guys rip off her already revealing fishnet top as they poke and prod at her. Action is strong with a seemingly more controlled environment than what we saw in the first scene, showcasing a gasping and gagging Casey in all of her cock-whorish glory as she gives out some perfectly exaggerated throat-chokes in the midst of her face fucking frenzy. Casey pushes herself pretty well in the later stages, giggling playfully at points as the guys continue to wrangle her face like she's a plastic blow-up doll at a party full of prison inmates who just got released after 20 years in the hole. The scene ends in classic fashion, with a blatantly cock-drunk Casey being fed massive amounts of cum with a few unfortunate "friendly fire" casualites taking place throughout. She holds her mouth open through the whole thing like an absolute trooper, regurgitating the cum into a martini glass and swallowing it up to close the scene. Outstanding. Casey is a FUCKING rockstar, it's unbelievable to me that this girl didn't recieve a nomination for performer of the year last year; her consistency in her performances and ability to take a scene to the next level is second to none. 


*Scene 3: 

AJ Applegate


AJ Applegate kicks off the third scene in the film in a classic Darkko-themed tease sequence as she's topless, bearing a blinged out choker and leash around her neck with bright colored pink panties and black heels to complete the look. The scene kicks off nicely, moving forward with a quick message from AJ before the cocks advance into our view. She jams any piece of meat nearest to her down her esophagus generously as the stunt cocks alternate positions, holding her hair up at various points to properly accommodate her. Things progress well, with AJ sporadically wrapping her leash around her playtoys while being thwacked and thumped by a bevy of peen-I in the process. A conveniently placed dildo wand is snatched up early on, with the blonde hottie using it to heighten her experience as she rams mass amounts of dong into her cake-hole and gives a guyser-like squirt into the camera at around the midway point of the scene. The last position again takes place in the quintessential facefuck positioning as AJ hangs her head over a white couch and the guys take turns burying their dicks into her mouth. The scene caps off with our featured starlet taking her position in the center of the circle, as one guy gently grazes his cock over her forehaed throughout the entire face-blasting; certainly an odd gesture, but to each his own. Anyways, AJ is rewarded seperately by her male counterparts as they bury her face in jizz and she does the "hold and swallow" technique, gulping down her donation with one facial being sizeable and the rest being fairly average in terms of "coverage". The scene was pretty on-point overall, showcasing AJ in her typically strong form as she engulfed amass amounts of dick throughout. 



*Scene 4: 

Jenna Ivory


Platinum blonde hottie Jenna Ivory encapsulates our view for the final scene in the film, kicking things off with a tease as she's dressed in a dark lingerie piece with a garter and stockings to accentuate the look. The tease runs for around 5 minutes and is a little hollow in all honesty, but Jenna has no problem opening up once she falls to her knees and takes centerstage to a predominantly black 7 cock cavalcade. Jenna gets slopped up in a hurry as things open up, conjuring up some wonderfully exaggerated cock-chokes as her lipstick smudges over her stunt cocks while she stuffs and crams every single ounce of man-meat down her throat with a solid energy that runs the course of about 45 minutes in length. Jenna's reactions to the guys egging her on make everything in the scene better, especially near the final moments when she's looked to have had her fill. Things finish off with Jenna being a receptacle for her co-stars seminal fluids, swallowing up the remnants before burping up some sperm and creating her own moniker as the "Slurpin' Burpin' Whore". Cute! Overall I think this scene translated well enough for fans to fully enjoy, having the standard 45 minute runtime and featuring a girl that seems to work really well in harder scenes like this one. Dig it!




Jonni Darkko's 'Wet Food 6' from Evil Angel Video contained everything you could really ask for from a blowbang film, with most companies bowing out of the category as it seems like Darkko has all but staked his claim as the primary producer in the industry for the genre. The introductory scene with Alena Croft got things going marvelously, with Casey, AJ, and Jenna rounding out the cast well to make for a comprehensive viewing that is as good as you'll see from any blowbang film in porn today, bar none. The technical side of things is as strong as it is in all of Darkko's stuff, with a crystal clear picture and some nice camera angles to shake things up a bit and give viewers a nice variety. I don't really see why you'd be concerned with audio in a blowbang film aside from slight annoyances but there is a lot of banter throughout the frenzy of dudes if that's something that actually matters; ultimately I think it made for a fun atmosphere and a more classically themed blowbang as opposed to some director shushing everybody throughout the entire thing. Most importantly the girls seemed to enjoy themselves and gave off a good vibe, making my viewing of the film all the more better. Extras include only a few trailers from Darkko's other recently released flicks, with web acces to round it out. (There are BTS segments online from each specific scene, but unfortunately the DVD does no provide it as a bonus.) I'd certainly place this film on the higher end of the recommended scale regardless of what cateogry it lies in, noting that it should be placed even higher for those fans that find themselves in the demographic that it's made for. Fans of hot girls slopping up massive amounts of meat while pushing their limits to bury cocks deep into the nether depths of their throat are going to love this one without a doubt, so if you find yourself in that category don't miss it. Recommended



i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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