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Tight Asian Manholes 4

Studio: Third World Media » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 4/7/15

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Running Time: 2:29
Director: Darren Morgan
HD: Shot in HD
Studio  Third World Media
Number of Discs: 1
Year: 2012

It's "Tight Asian Manholes #4" a movie that most likely isn't as good as the first three films mainly because the men in the film look so uninvolved. Much as tried to get in to proceedings, it was kind of awkward to, since most of the men in the movie look confused and downright in pain most of the time. Mainly that can be sexy, but here it's unpleasant. The movie is shot in HD making for some clear picture and top quality filming, but otherwise it's mostly a bust.


Nom rubs himself down and strips down to his underwear, rubbing his cock. He then goes down on his mate, sucking him off and devouring his cock. Nom then gets reversed with his mate sucking his cock furiously, and jerking him off. Nom jerks off for his mate, who fucks him spread eagle. Nom them straddles him riding him cowgirl style, taking it in deep and hard, and then takes him reverse cowgirl style, taking the pounding from underneath by his mate. His mate then dominates him by fucking him on the bed, pounding his ass hard and fast. Nom takes it spread eagle, getting fucked up the ass, the two finally jerk one another off, cumming all over each other. It’s time to hit the showers for Bonk!


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Cartoon begins fondling himself and rubbing his cock, stripping slowly for the camera. I think the segment is black and white since Cartoon looks like a zombie, almost emaciated and confused. And I was turned off almost immediately. Cartoon and his mate begin stripping one another, and Cartoon takes his mate in to his mouth, sucking him off slowly and steadily, while he’s fondled from above. Cartoon then gets sucked off as his mate jerks himself off, and begins getting fucked spread eagle. Cartoon takes the pounding by jerking himself off, and rides his mate reverse cowgirl taking the hard pounding from below, anxiously, and moaning aloud. His mate then dominates him by leaning him over and fucking him along the floor, and Cartoon straddles his mate getting fucked hard from below. After getting fucked some more, Cartoon jerks off, cumming all over himself. But he seems to have difficulty cumming which makes the end of the segment frustrating and frankly boring. He then gets a facial before hitting the showers!

Bonk begins stripping, while getting fondled by the camera man. His mate then goes down on him, sucking him off and flicking his cock with his tongue. Bonk then goes down on his mate, eating his sack and sucking his shaft and head up. After fondling one another, Bonk gets spread eagle fucked, and seems to be in a lot of pain for most of the fucking. Seriously, either get people to be excited for the segments or move on. Bonk then rides him reverse cowgirl, and finally turns to ride him as he’s dominated from below by his mate. Bonk is then dominated from behind, taking it hard on the bed, and jerks off cumming all over his stomach. He finally sucks his mate off to climax, and gets a full on spread facial before hitting the showers! Thank goodness this one is over.

Winn begins rubbing his nipples and cock, and unclothes for the camera before munching down on some man hole that awaits him in bed. His mate lies still as Winn licks his hole and butt, and turns him around, jerking him off while licking his nipples. Winn finally goes down on his mate, sucking him off, and tears his clothes off while his partner plays with his crotch with his feet. The roles are reversed as Winn goes down on to the bed, and is jerked off by his partner, who then engorges his cock with his mouth. Win then begins jerking off his mate while fondling his own nipples, and rubs his own cock, before sucking off his mate. His mate begins sucking off his barely erect member, and then fucks him spread eagle. Win then rides him reverse cowgirl, before spinning around on his mate’s member, fucking him cowgirl. Win who likes to spin doesn’t fail in the DVD box’s advertising. He’s then dominated by his mate, who fucks his ass hard and fast, easing in to Win at first, and then fucking him rapid fire. Finally, Win gets fucked spread eagle, jerking himself off to a cream pie all over his stomach. His mate then jerks off on his stomach giving him a facial, and then its time to hit the showers!

The visual aspects of “Tight Asian Manholes #4” is great with clear photography and wonderful vibrant coloring and clear cut editing. There’s some distortion during some scenes, but otherwise the audio aspect is fine. The DVD is featured in a full screen format, and is in full color save for an odd shift over to black and white for the second segment. The movie seems to be stitched up segments from the Third World Website, so there is a watermark in the lower left hand corner of the screen the entire time, and an actual ad mid-way.

There’s an ad for TS third world porn from the company during the movie, but otherwise, there’s just a photo gallery and cumshot recaps from the movie.

“Tight Asian Manholes #4” is a boring and repetitive two and a half hours that seems hell bent on making us uncomfortable. While it’s cool Win can spin, it’s dull with most of the men look like they’re in pain or confused as to where the hell they are. It’s a Skip It.

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