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Trophy Wives

Studio: Harmony » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 4/12/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 34 minutes

Date of Production: January 2015

Genre: European; Romance; Anal; All Sex; MILF

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: full screen 720x480 or 1:5:1 (3:2).  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Kendo

Cast: Barra Bras, Aphrodite, Dorothy, Snow Angel, Kayla Green, Silvia Lauren, Sabbi

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Scene Selection


Award winning director Kendo has put together a 5-scene collection of hungry cougars devouring the dicks and pussies they come in contact with in Trophy Wives. Kendo plays off the theme that every man wants a trophy wife and these MILF starlets are definitely showcasing their sexual prowess in this flick. This flick is full of passion, teasing and sultry starlets the likes of Barra Bras, Aphrodite, Dorothy, Snow Angel, Kayla Green and Silvia Lauren who don’t hold back. This flick also features a girl-on-girl scene with Snow Angel and Dorothy and Barra Bras takes it up the ass for the team in her scene. The overall quality of this flick is excellent and the attention to production details is evident. Although the film quality is great the sex is a little slow in places and takes a while to heat up. The focus of the flick appears to be on the passion these beautiful European babes exude. Overall, I recommend this flick. I think it’s a great movie for couples.

Scene 1: Aphrodite and Guy

Aphrodite Is taking her time teasing her man as he sits in a chair watching her from across the room. She shows him her ass and tits then meets him on the bed where she starts sucking his fingers. She lies back as he spreads her legs open and licks her clit with his tongue. After making her pussy wet, he fingers her snatch, making her moan. Aphrodite sits up in the bed to face the guy’s hard cock in her face. She grabs hold of it and starts sucking him off, jerking his cock back and forth in her mouth. The camera captures the cock sucking action from all angles as Aphrodite grabs and licks his balls. She lets him fuck her tits then she goes back to sucking his cock. The guy moves her to her side where he penetrates her wet pussy in spoon position, stuffing his fingers down her throat while he fucks her. Aphrodite is enjoying every stroke of his cock in her pussy.

The spoon fucking continues for a long time with the guy sucking on her nipples while he fucks her harder and harder and while Aphrodite yells out louder and louder. She turns around and gets on all fours on the bed and lets the guy fuck her doggystyle, pounding into her pussy from behind. After getting her pussy slammed from the back, she decides to ride his dick cowgirl style, bounding up and down on her dick, getting herself off.  She climbs off and then sucks and jerks his dick until he cums on her face.

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Scene 2: Barra Bras and Sabbi

Barra Bras walks down a European street with Sabbi then ends up lying across a bed as he rubs her legs and back. With her getting more and more turned on, the guy moves his fingers between her legs and rubs on her pussy as she lies on her stomach. The guy pulls her panties off to the side and then fingers her pussy some more. He stands up and Barra works his hard cock out of his pants and sucks it slowly. She works her mouth down and around his cock deeper and deeper. She lies back on the bed and he kisses her neck and nipples before fucking her throat.  With Barra lying on her back, Sabbi opens her legs and plugs her pussy with his cock missionary style.

The missionary fucking gets harder and faster but Sabbi stops for a minute to lick her pussy, sending her into ecstasy. Sabbi penetrates her tight ass hole, fucking her up the ass while she lies in missionary position. This anal romance is turning Barra on more and more as she moans in pleasure with every ass pounding stroke. Barra decides to take control of the fucking now, riding Sabbi cowgirl style, bouncing her pussy up and down on his dick. Sabbi grabs hold of her ass cheeks while she rides him. Sabbi rides him right up until he’s ready to cum, sliding off of his cock then jerking his dick until he shoots a load in her mouth and on her face.

Scene 3: Snow and Dorothy

Snow and Dorothy enjoy each other in the only girl-on-girl scene in this flick. Snow Angel walks over to the bed to join Dorothy. She helps Dorothy out of her dress, stripping her down to her underwear and burying her face in her tits. Dorothy returns the favor by gripping on Snow’s tits and kissing on her. Both girls get themselves worked up with hot, passionate kissing and playing, slowing taking each other’s bras off and sucking on tits. Dorothy is licking all over Snow’s nipples, turning her on quickly. Dorothy kisses her way down Snow’s stomach and to her pussy, kissing all over it. She kisses her inner thighs and then focuses on her pussy, kissing and licking it, making Snow writhe in ecstasy. Dorothy works her fingers into the action as well, rubbing Snow’s clit then going back to licking and sucking on her pussy.

It’s time to turn things around and this time Dorothy lies back on the bed while Snow works magic with her tongue, lashing Dorothy’s pussy up and down and running circles around her clit. Dorothy is meaning and shaking and Snow gives her the tongue lashing of her life. The girls get themselves into sizzling hot 69 position with Dorothy on the bottom. Snow drives her crazy, licking and fingering her pussy. The pussy eating continues as the girls deeply explore every nook and crevice on each other’s bodies. Snow gets on all fours doggystyle while Dorothy positions herself underneath Snow’s pussy and dines on it. This finally gets Snow off as she cums on Dorothy’s face. The girls continue to kiss and rub all over each other as the scene ends.

Scene 4: Kayla Green and Guy

Kayla has her guy captivated as she stands in front of him in her lingerie slowing undressing and teasing him. She leans in so he can lick her nipples. She has big round boobs with perky nipples and the guy moves back and forth from one breast to the other, working his tongue around in circles on her nipples. He makes his way down toward her pussy and pulls her panties off to the side and starts licking her clit. Kayla grabs hold of the pillow as he continues to work her pussy with his tongue. She’s moaning now and gripping his head. He takes out his cock and feed her mouth. Kayla greedily jerks and sucks his dick while lying back on the couch with her legs spread wide open, showing her pink pussy. After deep throating him, she gets on all fours on the couch and looks back over her shoulder as the guy penetrates her pussy, moving back and forth in and out of her snatch, making her groan.

The doggystyle fucking gets faster and Kayla grabs hold of her tits while she gets fucked from behind. The guy pumps her pussy, making her limp in ecstasy. She fingers her clit while he fucks her. He stops for a second to lick her pussy and ass hole then stuffs her wet spot with more meat. Kayla lies back in missionary position and takes more dick deep in her pussy. The pair moves into spoon position for more pussy pounding then he pulls out and cums all over her tits.

Scene 5: Silvia Lauren and Guy

Silvia is in bed with her guy and the two are locked in passionate lovemaking. He slowly kisses on her neck and breasts while she strips him out of his shirt. The guy strips Silvia of all her clothes then kisses his way down to her pussy and buries his face in it, licking and sticking it with his tongue. He works his kisses back up her body and takes out his cock so she can suck it. Silvia gets on all fours to get a good handle on the guys cock, jerking and sucking it back and forth, trying to deep throat it.

Silvia is ready to fuck and she climbs on top of him cowgirl style and rides his dick. He pumps her pussy, making her scream louder and louder. The guy eats her wet pussy then moves her in missionary position and continues to fuck her, spreading her legs open wide. They move into spoon position where they keep kissing and fucking until Silvia decides to suck his cock again. After sucking all her pussy juices off of his meat, she gets on all fours again for some doggystyle action, slamming back into his cock until he pulls out and cums all over her back and ass cheeks.

Final Thoughts:

Every man wants a trophy wife and award winning director Kendo puts those carnivorous cougars on display in his flick Trophy Wives. These European starlets exude passion and they work their male and female prey into balls of ecstasy from scene to scene. Kendo definitely pays attention to production details, presenting a highly produced flick across five scenes that are shot and lit extremely well. This movie is good for couples because it really brings out the lust and passion between the partners in each scene and there is a lot of focus on the tease. Even though the sex is a little slow at times and takes a while to really heat up, I still recommend this movie. It’s good quality porn with a focus on passion and seduction.

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