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Anal Young 'Uns 3

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/9/15

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Anal Young ‘Uns 3

Evil Angel/LeWood Productions

Genre: Gonzo, Anal, Young Female Performers

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Directors: Francesca Le and Mark Wood


Cast: Keisha Grey, Mark Wood, Lea Hart, Alexa Nova, Audrey Holiday

Length: 157:59 minutes

Date of Production: 2015


Extras: The best of the extras was the 17:40 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, most of the footage amounting to either post scene interviews or photoshoots that showed both directors as active participants in the movie making process. There was also a cum shot compilation from the scenes, trailers, filmographies, photogallery, and some websites, a company trailer included as well as a cast list.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Young ‘Uns 3 was presented in 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen as shot by co-directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel. This latest outing of the team showed the continuing visual improvements of their works of late, the lighting similar, the camera work well done, the editing hitting the mark and the general visuals enhancing the look of the ladies. There was a company watermark on the lower right corner of the cover but as it has been pointed out before, the two directors have been fine tuning their visual elements to please their fans and this is the latest of such shows. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital, the vocals plainly heard throughout the show and no music or other distracting noises getting in the way.


Body of Review: Francesca Le and Mark Wood have been directing and performing in porn for years. Their latest collaboration with Evil Angel is called Anal Young ‘Uns 3, an anal themed movie where youthful cuties enjoyed getting their asses tapped, Mark boning them like he owned them in the upcoming fuck flick. The only reason I really wanted to check this one out was due to curvy babe Keisha Grey, the babe on the front cover, in a scene but fans may appreciate that the other three ladies, including Lea Hart, Alexa Nova, and Audrey Holiday, were all first timers according to the IAFD with no movies or scenes reported as released yet as of this writing.

The company website described the movie like this: “Hot, enthusiastic teens show precocious lust for hard-pounding sodomy in LeWood Productions’ “Anal Young’uns #3.” Curvy, gap-toothed beauty Keisha Grey seduces her professor, Mark Wood. When she lowers her brown-eye over his wood, her boobs bounce in time to the butt fucking, and Keisha whimpers swear words. Her righteous rump rolls, crack split on cock. Cute Asian-American Lea Hart wants to experience real meat (as opposed to her girlfriend’s strap-on), so Mark drills her rectum (and sucks her toes as she masturbates). The ass reaming makes lube belch from her butthole; as he porks her widely gaping anus, her open cunt queefs! Auditioning for Mark’s EDM dance production, brunette-next-door Alexa Nova twerks and contorts her natural body, stretching her feet behind her head, but Mark won’t give her the gig without a test drive on his casting couch. An ass blistering renders her helpless. Trim brunette Audrey Holiday learns the BDSM ropes from Mark, who leads the crawling, collared submissive by a leash. Marks on her skin show he’s not the first to spank her bare butt. Audrey tastes ass-to-mouth funk on his prick.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Keisha Grey, the juicy hot cover girl with big breasts and a fabulous ass, was up first teasing in the living room with Mark Wood, the guy finding a bunch of explicit nude shots from her on his cell phone, She came in and was flirty with her professor, the show moving into a tease montage where her dress came off and her panties soon followed as she caressed her ample bosoms and ass in the house and outside by the pool. She claimed this was her 4th anal scene in the BTS, the all too short tease over when she was on her knees slobbing his knob aggressively, focusing most of her efforts on the head while giving some hand to gland friction, the gal occasionally delving deeper though she had to interrupt her eye contact to do so. As the transition from the tease to the sex involved resetting her attire removal, he helped her out of her brown dress for Keisha to continue blowing him, her bikini undies tossed aside for him to gobble her gash and ass as she bent over though she seemed fairly unresponsive to his efforts until he started banging her. The opening volley of penetrative positions was vaginal but given the theme of the show, I knew that anal would take place too, Mark rubbing her perfect pucker around the 18 minute mark of the show to pork the pucker though Keisha was just as passive then too, switching to the reverse cowgirl lighting a fire in her ass to finally bounce on the rod. This dynamic continued with the rest of the scenes until around the 38 minute mark, she drained his dragon of sperm as Mark aimed at her open mouth. The company website described the scene like this: “Smokin' hot Keisha Grey sends inappropriate pics and teasing vid clips to her professor, Mark Wood. The curvy, gap-toothed beauty turns up the illicit seduction, massaging his cock through his pants. She gets his big boner in her mouth and he gets his face up her tasty ass. Mark fucks the natural-breasted, pierced brunette with the hair pie over her shaved labia, nailing her as she masturbates on the couch. Brown-eyed Keisha coos, 'Professor Wood, I'm ready for my ass fucking,' and when she lowers her lower brown-eye over Mark's wood, her boobs bounce in time to the butt fucking. He porks her ass doggie-style, making Keisha whimper swear words. Her righteous rump rolls, crack split on cock. The professor spunks the student's open mouth and tits.”



Scene Two: Lea Hart, a skinny Asian cutie with red hair, was up next with Mark Wood, explaining that although she uses a lot of toys with her girlfriend, she was very curious as to what the real thing felt like. She had a green top on her tits and black and green stretch pants, the two pawing each other before she jumped to the backyard for a short striptease. Per her comments in the BTS, this was her 4th anal and she had been doing anal for about 6 weeks, none of her other scenes reported as being released according to the IAFD. The tease over, she started peeling off her clothes to grant Mark better access to her body, her pink bra disposed of to reveal a couple of perky little boobs for him to suck and squeeze. Mark then dropped his drawers to show her his turgid boner, Lea kneeling down to smear her lipstick all over his pecker as she sought to take half of him inside her mouth with the hand assisted hummer. There were streamers between them as they pulled away from each other in teasing fashion and her eye contact was intermittent, the rough edges of the hummer like much of the last three scenes as they focused on newcomers. Mark’s raging erection was dripping to tear into her as she peeled down her pants and panties, the man giving her some head before porking her pussy in a standing doggy, Lea letting him do the bulk of the work in the vaginal positions before he started slowly drilling her tight ass around the 56 minute mark. Her legs were wide spread as she laid on her back, Mark kissing her feet as she rubbed one out, the pair finding the cowgirl positions suited her best as he continued to tap that ass until the 78 minute mark, her final blowjob milking his balls of semen as he fed her his spew to swallow. The company website described the scene like this: “Lea Hart, an Asian-American doll with dyed-auburn hair, poses outdoors in heels and tights over bikini undies. She tells director Mark Wood that she uses a strap-on with her girlfriend, but she wants to feel real cock. So Lea gets to, first in her mouth, and after Mark sucks her nipples, she feels his boner driving up her shaved-bald twat in a doggie-style fuck over the love seat. She tastes dick pussy-to-mouth. Mark spreads her asshole for a butt fuck; he pounds her rectum and sucks her toes as she masturbates. Lea takes an anal ride, with Mark gripping her cheeks, and sucks flavorful cock ass-to-mouth. Penetrating sodomy makes lube belch from her butthole; as the stud porks her widely gaping anus, her open cunt queefs. Mark spunks Lea's open mouth.”



Scene Three: Alexa Nova, a very skinny white girl wearing one of those silly animal hats, was up next on the couch with Mark Wood, the man trying to hire exotic dancers for a club production so he was holding interviews. He asked for proof that her phone video was her so she pulled down her red pants and knelt on the light green couch to show her pink g-string nestled up her tiny ass. That led to a short tease session where her limited dance moves came into play, the tiny gal swaying back and forth in her tall stripper shoes, some booty squeezing, and some twerking of sorts showed her need for classes but her bald beaver looked enticing enough. This was reported by the gal to be her 6th scene, how she was in porn a month and it was her 4th anal, her big skill being an ability to put her feet behind her head. Given the tease, Mark was wise to request something more to give her the nod, Alexa blowing him when he pulled down his pants. She seemed very ill at ease giving him head and her eye contact sucked more than her mouth did, the gal sucking on the top third of his modest member while her hand covered the rest as she gave a pained look. The passive vaginal plowing was weak and led to some equally painful anal around the 100 minute mark of the movie, the gal coming along over time to put some effort into it once she was completely warmed up but always looking like she was hurting, Mark dousing her face with his manly fluids around the 117 minute mark of the show before her silly hat was restored on her head. The company website described the scene like this: “Auditioning for director Mark Wood's EDM dance production, pale, longhaired brunette-next-door Alexa Nova twerks and dances in heels and red tights over tiny bikini undies. She contorts her natural body, stretching her feet behind her head, but Mark won't give her the gig without a ride on his casting couch. A face fuck makes nasty noises in her throat. Mark rims her cute butt and drills her pierced cunt doggie-style, making her groan. Blue-eyed Alexa sucks Mark's big boner pussy-to-mouth. She masturbates as Mark fucks her hard and chokes her. A doggie-style ass reaming renders Alexa helpless. Mark spanks her bouncing butt as he fucks it, and Alexa sucks cock ass-to-mouth. She kneels for a cum facial and swallows Mark's mess, securing the job.”



Scene Four: Audrey Holiday, another really skinny brunette in a first released scene per the IAFD, was up last with Mark Wood, as she followed the generic formula of spending a moment with Mark before some teasing and the guy showing her a few BDSM tricks as he abused her. She wore a bright red shirt and tight leather like pants, a collar and animal print blindfold in what became her 2nd anal scene (per her comments, it remains unreleased as far as I know). Her oral efforts were modest but she was learning from the man, Mark holding her hair like a gentleman as he fucked her mouth and she licked his balls. He then bent her over on the black lounging recliner to pound her passive pussy, her intermittent eye contact better when the blindfold was removed and the look she gave him as he started fucking her ass was classic (sometimes called the stink eye). She acted like she was a paraplegic from the neck down all too often, finally putting some modest effort into the action when she was on top; eventually kneeling down on the red carpet to let Mark nut in her open mouth as she looked at the camera, a stunned look on her face as she gingerly gave some post coital head and appeared to swallow his juices. The company website described the scene like this: “With a new job at a BDSM club, trim brunette Audrey Holiday learns the ropes from Mark Wood... Audrey poses outdoors in a midriff-baring top, tight leather pants and heels. Mark leads the crawling, collared submissive by a leash; he blindfolds and paddles her. She sniffs and sucks dick, generating spit strings and gurgling noises. Mark cock-whips her spit-soaked face. Marks on her skin show he's not the first to spank her bare ass! Deep sucking makes her eyes water. Mark slam-fucks Audrey's bald twat doggie-style and on her back. He spreads her for a butt-fuck, then sodomizes her on her hands and knees. Audrey masturbates as he porks her rectum. Climaxing a dominant fuck, Mark creams her tongue and Audrey tastes ass-to-mouth funk on his prick.”

Summary: Anal Young ‘Uns 3 by directors Francesca Le and Mark Wood for Evil Angel earned a modest rating of Rent It given the performances of the ladies present. Three of the ladies were brand new and it really showed, Keisha Grey far and away the best performer and that speaks volumes in itself. With passive riding, mediocre eye contact and an inability to throat Mark of all people, this was not the best release by the LeWood team at all, fans of brand new ladies almost certain to appreciate them more than I did this time. In short, Anal Young ‘Uns 3 had too many brand new girls without the requisite experience to make the most of their back door antics but this may prove a selling point for those into inexperienced ladies doing anal so check it out if this interests you.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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