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I Kill It TS 12: Monster Ass Fucks

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 5/10/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Running Time: 1:39
Director: Various
HD: No
Studio: Trans500.com
Number of Discs: 1
Year: 2015
Watermarks: Yes
Condoms: No during oral, Yes during penetration

It's "I Kill It TS 12," another title where trannies are attacked by a host with a giant cock and get their money's worth. This chapter is not perfect but still a good one if only to gawk at Paris Conty who is a tall drink of water I want a sip of.


Paris and Yazia

Paris and her mate take out one of the skeeping beauties who is napping on her bed, and carry her in to a room where Paris begins feeling up Yazia along with their parener in crime stripping her down to the buff feeling on her tits and sucking them, while Paris Conty, a big beautiful dark drink of water, begins getting felt up and her tits sucked. They all strip down feeling on one another and sucking each other’s tits, while their partner watches and forces them on one another. Paris whips out her hard cock and their mate whips out his and Yazia begins sucking on each of them, one after the other, taking them on like a pro. Their mate stuffs his big hard cock down Yazia’s throat while Paris undresses, titty fucking their lucky male mate. Paris sucks off her male mate while Yazia sucks on Paris’ hard cock, feeling herself up, and the three reciprocate along the bed. Yazia then gets her ass fucked by the gorgeous Paris, all the while sucking on their male mate. Paris then spreads Yazia eagle and fucks her from behind while Yazia has a mouth full of her male mate, and then they switch, with Paris shoving her hard cock down Yazia’s throats while Yazia is fucked from behind. Their mate then goes after Paris, fucking her big gorgeous body from behind hard and fast, while Yazia takes a mouth full of her cock. Finally the two finish off on Yazia’s face, giving her a full on double facial.

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Bia Bastros

Bia Bastros begins modeling for the camera, showing off her sexy fucking body and long hard white cock, rubbing on lotion for the camera man. She then saunters over to the bed to her male mate and biting in to her hard bulge under his pink underwear. Bia pulls down the underwear to reveal his large hard cock and begins sucking hard on it, revealing her large hard cock of her own, and rubbing his against her tits. Bia then takes her mate in slow and easy as he’s hard as hell and barely able to fit in to her hole. He then begins fucking her fast and hard, pounding on her deeply, and dominates her big ass, fucking her rapid fire. Bia then mounts him cowgirl taking him deep inside of her and rides him fast and hard with some difficulty getting his large cock to fit in to her. When they get the groove, the two find a sync, fucking hard and fast. She then rides him reverse cowgirl, and then fucks her ass from the side, gripping her tits and fucking her fast and hard while she gawks in amazement. He then dominates her, fucking her hard and fast, deeply fucking her, before finally unleashing his facial on her gorgeous mug.

Irina and Christhina

Irina and Christhina make a date to meet up with their partner and immediately begin fighting over his cock. Meanwhile, Irina begins sucking on Christhina’s little tits, while stripping down to reveal her own hard cock in the process. Irina and Christhina are having their own fun, fingering one another as the host comes in and begins shoving his cock down Christhina’s throat, taking her deep in to her mouth. The two then take him on, sucking his cock at the same time and enjoying his large shaft while he watches from above. Irina gets sucked off by Christhina while Christhina sucks off the host. They then switch down to the two girls sucking off the host again. Christhina sits on the host’s face while he gets sucked off, and begins fucking Christhina who sucks off Irina while getting her salad tossed. Christhina takes it fast and hard as the host fucks her from behind deeply, dominating her ass during the fuck session, and rides him reverse cowgirl while sucking off Irina. Irina can barely stand the host’s cock either, as she cries out and winces in pain while he fucks her from behind, taking it in deep with Christhina caressing her and kissing her. Christhina takes him again moaning and crying out before he finally emerges to pop off a double facial while the look up and grin beside one another. I think the girls would have had more fun with one another, they seem like they’re in pain for most of the segment.

Kelli Lox

This segment looks more like one of those prank segments where our host begins messing around with a Michael Jackson clone and a Sponge bob mascot before coming across Kelli Lox. Promising a good surprise for her, he pulls out his big cock for Kelli, and she invites the chance to suck him off, despite just meeting him off the street. He could be infested with STD’s but where’s the fun in reality? In either case, she begins sucking him off as he stands dressed in his clown suit, deep throating him. She undresses  dancing for him and strips down while he jerks off. She gives him a lap dance revealing her hard cock while she deep throats him forcing him down her throat. She straddles him riding him cowgirl and is stunned by his big cock, explaining her ass is tight, and begins riding him slowly at first. She’s barely able to take him and seems in immense pain as he fucks her from behind, sliding in to her hole and fucking her hard and fast. She moans and cries out in pain taking the punishment, and rides him reverse cowgirl taking the pain for the segment and laughing out of amazement whenever he complains about not being able to fit in to her hole. After finding difficult fucking her again, he finally shoots off in Kelli’s face, and reciprocates by allowing the sexy mistress to cum on herself.

There are no extras.

The audio and visuals are surprisingly high quality with great pictures and brisk colors along with some clear dialogue that can be heard by the host and his sexy transgender partners. There is a watermark in the lower right hand corner that can be distracting but not half as distracting as the endless book ends of website ads for Trasn500.com and the host’s signature sign off. We get it, he has a big cock.

A mixed bag of treats and tricks, the host’s less than appealing mug is compensated by sexy tranny performers, all of whom look amazing on the screen, particularly the tall bombshell Paris Conty, and the very sexy Kelli Lox. It’s Recommended.

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