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Beautiful New Faces 4

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/14/15

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Beautiful New Faces 4

Girlfriends Films

Genre: Newcomers

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Director: B. Skow


Cast: Scarlet Red, Toni Ribas, Miley May, Clover, Whitney Westgate, Michael Vegas, Jodi Taylor, Karlo Karrera; Keisha Grey & Kurt Lockwood in bonus scene only

Length: 198:43 minutes

Date of Production: 4/17/2015


Extras: There were trailers and a 44:08 minute long bonus scene from Beautiful New Faces 2 starring Keisha Grey as described below.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Beautiful New Faces 4 was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films. Using high definition cameras, Skow set forth to provide an upgraded experience from his award winning “Brand New Faces” series that I always appreciated. Mike Towers likely handled the camera along with Skow, and Hashiell Dammett was probably the editor (the show cut out before any credits rolled), allowing Skow to interview the ladies without dealing with all the ongoing issues involved. There was no continuous company watermark on the screen and while certain portion of the footage looked like a filter was used to soften the image, the overall look of the show was solid. The aural components were likewise well done, the 2.0 Dolby Digital encoding added in during post production to limit the background noises, the vocals heard reasonably well in most cases, few ambient noises disturbing the flow of the show other than some wind noise or the muffled vocals of the first scenario.


Body of Review: B. Skow needs no introduction on the pages of XCritic, the talented director having had his praises sung loud and often by a multitude of critics as well as having contributed some blogs here himself. His current distribution deal with Girlfriends Films has allowed him to break free of his former corporate chains and offer up a wealth of variety in his works of late, some of them truly outstanding. His latest venture is called Beautiful New Faces 4, a showcase for attractive newcomer ladies to strut their stuff akin to his infamous “Brand New Faces” series but without the gimmick of the “contract” signed regarding a performance as a “first”. Personally, I prefer seasoned performers that are not always looking at the camera instead of a partner, that have learned to enjoy the sex, and that do not equate screaming at the top of their lungs with having a fake porn orgasm but the allure of a fresh newcomer drives much of porn even today. The listed ladies in the single disc show included Jodi Taylor, Scarlet Red, Miley May, and Whitney Westgate; none of them anything close to meriting a “new” status though each was fuckable in her own way. The back cover described the movie like this: “These are the best new girls in adult. Each one so different from the others. The things they have in common though are what makes Beautiful New Faces so special. Each girl loves sex, loves to show their body, wants to please their partner, and they all have great personalities.” The company press release then said, in part: “Beautiful New Faces 4” showcases cover girl Scarlet Red, as well as Miley May, Whitney Westgate, and Jodi Taylor. They are the best new girls in adult entertainment. Each one is extremely different from the others, but it’s what they have in common – a love of sex – which makes “Beautiful New Faces” so special. Each of the girls – Scarlet, Miley, Whitney, and Jodi – has a limitless passion for sex. They love to show off their young, naked bodies, and they want so badly to please their partners. The girls discuss their desires in intimate interviews before each scene. “We’re very particular when it comes to casting this series,” said B. Skow. “It’s not enough for the girls to be beautiful and new – they have to truly bring something unique to the table. I want their personalities to shine through, so when a fan has finished watching the scene, they feel as if they had a genuine connection with the girl.” Skow added, “Each of these girls has that ‘it’ quality that makes you pay attention when they walk into a room or when they get in front of the camera. They each have the potential for a really long and successful career in this industry.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:



Scene One: Scarlet Red, a tall blond cutie who has been in porn since 2013 and has over 60 credits to her name per the IAFD, was up first in the show, the director finding the bubbly lady to be a bundle of enthusiasm and energy with a nice ass, followed the established formula of an interview, some strip tease, and then a scenario type scene with studly Toni Ribas. I liked Scarlet’s positive nature and abundance of sexual confidence, her perpetual smile the icing on the cake as Skow maintained more of a personal conversation than a strict interview. She had a nearly bald beaver and small natural tits, the sex portion of the scene starting around the 27 minute mark. Toni was laying in bed wearing his suit when Scarlet approached him in her long black dress, her beautiful pleading eyes not convincing him to play with her as she slowly removed her top. They exchanged some verbal banter as she continued revealing herself, Scarlet slowly crawling in bed to hover over him and start unfastening his pants, then his shirt to warm him up (note: the vocals were a bit muffled here). They kissed and she then worked her way down to slob his knob, her enthusiastic throating of his soon turgid pecker and nuzzling of his nuts leading to some hand to gland friction that finally tripped his trigger. She mounted him for some active vaginal riding and he slapped her juicy ass, her cookie getting bright red as they continued to the point where he gave her a squirting orgasm by hand before more plowing took place. Toni was beet red by the time he rubbed one out on her twat again, sweat dripping down his face and chest as she blew him one last time, the gal milking his balls dry of semen with the hand assisted hummer as he held her hair on the small bed, the gal backing up to sit on his face as she let his junk flow out of her mouth.



Scene Two: Miley May, a lean blond with pretty eyes that has been in porn since 2013 and accumulated over 35 credits to her name per the IAFD, was up next following the general formula in a basement apartment before working with the infamous Clover. Miley had pretty blue eyes and her haircut seemed to emulate that of her mainstream idol, this gal no more a “new” performer than anyone else in the show. Her itty bitty titties came out early as she played along with Skow’s suggestions, the beige love seat the freckled gal sat and laid upon as her panties mysteriously disappeared in one of the edit points. She seemed very much at ease with the director during their conversation, her twerking and masturbating leading to yet another scenario. Miley was dressed again and Clover was half naked on the love seat, this scenario centering on him as a professional fighter who had just finished a fight. There was some wind noise but the sound was much easier to hear this time, their conversation leading to him asking her if a handjob was cheating; Miley taking it as a joke while he salved his hurt hands in a bucket of ice water. They made out a little and he used one of the ice cubes on her chest before she peeled off most of her attire, her animal print panties last to go after he gobbled her gash, some fingering taking place as the combination of the couch and her skin overwhelmed the camera to wash them out briefly. He then tore off his clothes so she could fondle him, her lips wrapping around him to blow him in a playful manner soon thereafter. Miley was a moderately active vaginal rider after that, additional head some draining his dragon as he tossed off to her mouth, her superior eye contact as he delivered his sperm to her mouth nicely done.



Scene Three: Whitney Westgate, a skinny New Jersey gal who has been in porn since 2012 and has at least 80 credits to her name per the IAFD, was up next with Michael Vegas once the usual conversation with the director and tease montage was over. She rested on a cool bed as she described her relative lack of local friends in California, the tease showing her in a tight pink dress just as the talking nerdy part showed her in a crop top and blue jean shorts. Skow kidded with her a little but seemed earnest in his remarks, Whitney giggling a lot as she seemed surprised at his sheer candor, no canned and generic interview coming forth in this series. Her dance moves were polished enough to show she spent time as a stripper, the scenario involving Michael on crutches as the distraught guy hobbled up to the home. Whitney eased him into the bed and helped him undress, the gal finding a badge as she found out he had been shot, Michael looking rode hard and put up wet as she tried to comfort him. As she hovered over him, he made it clear he wanted her to “fuck him or something” so she lifted her dress to show she went commando, Michael immediately responding to her. They continued undressing and kissing before going down on each other, taking turns with her going first. She gave him a frisky hummer and they fucked a bit, the occasionally active riding leading him to taste her a bit. She seemed to overdo the amount of pleasure he was giving her by oral or his pecker, his hand diddling her more effectively a few times though she did seem to like when he rimmed her at the same time. Whitney then polished him off with a combination blowjob and hand job, his wave of manly fluids flying all over the two of them for her to massage into her skin.



Scene Four: Jodi Taylor, a redheaded booty babe that has been in porn since 2012 and has 150 listed credits on the IAFD, was then up last with Karlo Karrera. By this point, most readers will have long ago caught on that the “new” of the title was not akin to any other newcomer series but in fairness to the creative director, his interviews alone made them seem all new to me, his conversational tone less confrontational than his Auditions series but still probative in nature. She wore a maroon sweatshirt and gray stretch pants in her beach tease as well as in the generic bedroom, Skow’s “going deep” in their conversation taking her off autopilot to make her think. The tease montage and chat portions bounced back and forth, her sizable pubic patch observed even before she started commenting on how long the hair was getting. The beach styled setting by the volleyball court in the tease had her naked before long, the sex scene beginning when muscular Karlo spoke to her about his writings. He was so far out of character that I laughed, the hound dog bit (and black terrier) part catching me off guard too. The dogs loved the attention and it started getting really windy outside, Karlo’s paranoid character stranger than usual before they went to the house for the couple to clean up. That they wore clothes in the show furthered the weirdness factor, Jodi taking the initiative to strip before he joined her. The couple then ended up in a curious looking bed, Jodi wrapping her lips around his raging boner and trying to take half of him inside her soon showing his pounding her slowly with a tremendous amount of lube during the vaginal fucking. Jodi was largely passive during the penetrative portion of the scene and not showing any chemistry with him, the guy boning her until he popped a small wad of manly fluids all over the two of them.


Bonus Scene: Beautiful New Faces 2: Keisha Grey, Kurt Lockwood: Keisha Grey, the busty young lady featured on the front cover, was up first with a white top on and some torn blue jean shorts. Skow dug in early to try and trip her up from the usual rote interview questions, establishing a rapport with her as a tease montage played in alternating fashion with her sitting on the bed. Her adorable gap in her teeth was endearing just as her boobs and ass gave her that juicy look guys like me adore, a landing strip of pubic hair above her otherwise shaven snatch looking tasty too. Her sexual antics were shown next as she was stuck paired up with Kurt Lockwood, the guy playing an over the hill musician under a lot of pressure. While she looked less than half his age, she tried to calm him down with no short on, the guy refusing to have sex with her since it would weaken his legs, an old wives tale that she wasn’t buying into. Her shorts came off and all bets were off, his fingers probing her before some kissing led to him gobbling her gash, the gal slobbing his knob and some 69 before she actively rode his turgid rod. There was some additional oral and she drained his dragon to receive a facial of semen, Kurt’s usual charm shining through at the very end too (sarcasm intended).

Summary: Beautiful New Faces 4 by director B. Skow for Girlfriends Films took his previous formula and tweaked it enough to allow more variations but my biggest point of contention was that anyone would suggest any of the attractive ladies were “new” by industry standards. As such, I rated the movie as Recommended based on the selection of ladies including Scarlet Red, Jodi Taylor, Whitney Westgate, and Miley May but some may want to adjust the scoring as they see fit depending on your own take of the how new is new question. In short, Beautiful New Faces 4 was the latest industry starlet showcase series for slightly shot out “newcomers” worth knowing about, a broad selection of ladies included here rather than a group that looked much alike so pick this one up and see what you think.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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